22 Jan 2019

Fouls and Pads

Imagine you are watching the maincard in UFC and the referee is stopping the match when a submission move is applied. The match stops, a foul is given and the match gets a restart from a neutral spot. When the fight goes harder that's when the emotions are building in the viewers, that's the climax of the fight. Emotions build the hype and hype brings exposure, exposure brings views, fan bases and makes the sport richer. They understood how to improve, evolve and gain exposure between the Martial Arts and Boxing fans and competitors. Free flow fight, the opportunity to express and apply your fighting style at the maximum potential.

19 Jan 2019

First 2019 PAL TOP 8 event in WARSAW

PAL has announced a place and a date for the first stage of this year TOP 8. The event will be held in the capital of Poland, Warsaw on April 7th, 2019, in entertainment center “HULAKULA”. 

14 Jan 2019

The right to protest

It's 2019 and we move on quoting the paragraph in WAF Rules regarding protests: "There will be a 50 € charge to hear a protest. If the protest is UPHELD the 50€ is returned. If the protest is DENIED the 50€ is kept by WAF. All protests will be handled off the stage at the secretary table, 100€ penalty for breaking this rule".

13 Jan 2019

PAA, a new body in British Armwrestling

At the beginning of this year, on January 7th have been founded Professional Armwrestling Association (PAA), a not for profit association to support the growth of armwrestling in the UK and Ireland. Paul Maiden was elected the President, the Vice President  Stephen Kirlew, the Secretary Anthony Biggs, and the Treasurer Alan Milne.

11 Jan 2019

PAL confirmed the names for TOP 8

The locations and the dates have not yet been confirmed, but we know the names that will compete in this season in Professional Armwrestling League "Top 8". Yesterday PAL has announced the names of all eight participants for "Top 8" events. They were divided into two groups; the "Champions" and the "Challengers".

9 Jan 2019

10 Best Pound-For-Pound Men's Armwrestlers of All Time by world level experts

Who is the world's best men's arm-wrestler of all time, regardless of weight class?

It was the idea of Tomasz Wisniowski, he asked Engin Terzi and Eric Roussin to prepare the list but such list required the views of west and east, the eyes of yesterday and today. So Engin choosed to ask mostly to the people who have been around world wide as an athlete, coach, official and even expert level fan. There are experts who have been around world level for over quarter century such as Andrew Cobra Rhodes, Niyazi Kurt, Neil Pickup, Erekle Gurchiani, Atilla Csabai, Marian Capla, Haydar Gildil, Kazbek Zoloev, Marcio Barbosa.. and many of these are multiple times World Champion athletes. Also athletes and trainers who are near 20 years with Top of the World level pulling such as Devon Larratt, Janis Amolins, Krasimir Kostadinov, Ivan Matyushenko, Vladimir Petrenko. Then armwrestler or-and experts such as Eric Roussin, Kiril Bogdanski, Fabio Nimis, Tomasz Wisniowski.

We let them to apply their own criteria to select the Top 10 P4P Best Armwrestlers of All Time.

8 Jan 2019

Write about WAL / Armwrestling on B/R

"We’re on the come up! 
We are reshaping the way sports fans consume content, and we’re proud of the work we do and the team that represents the collective B/R voice.
Join the next generation of storytellers, provoking conversations at the crossroads of sports and culture."

7 Jan 2019

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (78) - TITANIC

Photo: titanic.wikia.com

A scene of arm-wrestling match in the movie from the 90's, Titanic. It's hard to recognise the actors who armwrestle, but the match between them, which was held during the party in a third class, were watched by the main stars of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprio (Jack) and Kate Winslet (Rose), and we also see director, writer and co-producer, James Cameron watching two men armwrestle (that drunk passenger that falls to the floor at 0:43). The movie was released on December 19, 1997.

6 Jan 2019

Vitaly Laletin plans to move to Super Heavy in 2019

Photo: Vitalii Laletin

WAF Heavyweight Champion (110kg), Vitaly Laletin said Armwrestlers ONLY at Zloty Tur World Cup / Vendetta 50 after party, that his is going to move to Super Heavyweight division in 2019. He plans to gain around 15kg in weight.

3 Jan 2019

WAF weight classes name proposal


Boxing, as a Nr.1 in combat sports family, in both Amateur (the other name, Olympic Boxing), and PRO (top four federations WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO) have use the "name" instead of "kilograms" for each individual weight category, which is much more prestigious way to present the champion, runner up, or other pretenders.