16 Nov 2018

Tsyplenkov and Larratt started fighting during press-conference!

Unexpected fight between Devon and Denis during the press conference, before their match at Vendetta 50, when the event organizer Igor Mazurenko told to bring the table to the stage.

13 Nov 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (75) - Bob Beck


An American actor, a face of CAMEL cigarettes in 80's, Bob Beck watching two tanned and fit men arm-wrestling at an outdoor table. An advert for Rolling Stone Magazine, April 23, 1987.

12 Nov 2018

Trubin strong, like Denis Tsyplenkov! Can't believe!

Another episode on ArmBestTV, Who is bigger, who is stronger by Igor Mazurenko. This time the KGs and the CMs of two participants of Vendetta 50, Dmitry Trubin and Levan Saginashvili was compared.

5 Nov 2018

Denis Tsyplenkov, Alexey Voevoda, Ilya Grachov - Exclusive duel!

Denis Tsyplenkov, Alexey Voevoda and Ilya Grachov during the sparring. The last preparations of Denis to his armfight with Devon Larratt at Vendetta 50, which will take place on Nov 17th, 2018, in Rumia, Poland.

2 Nov 2018

The 5 tier system of arm wrestling explained.

Speedy recovery and return to good health Referee Legend, Leonard Harkless

photo: Leonard Harkless

Denise Wattles, facebook message about Leonard Harkless helth condition (01.11.18):

"Leonard Harkless has been in the hospital since Monday. This morning he had successful heart surgery. He had 2 arteries that were 90% blocked and 1 completely blocked (out of 4). They put stents in the 2 that were 90% blocked and will address the other one later. He should be going home tomorrow."

1 Nov 2018

Armwrestling in GEICO advert

GEICO, a car insurance company in the United States has release a new advert for the brand with woman arm-wrestles men while shooting hoops.