29 Sep 2018

Trip to the tournament MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018 by IZMAN PRO

In this episode a vloger, IZMAN PRO / Illia Izman talks about his trip to Moldova for the tournament MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018!

He asked Andrei Pushkar about his opinion about the tournament grid, also he expersed his opinion about Yevgeny Prudnik, why he began to struggle with the tops worse. He also talked with Dmitry Trubin about his actual form. 

28 Sep 2018

Passing of John Parton

photo: www.gofundme.com

"In deep sadness I bring the news of the passing of a beloved father, brother, and son John Henry Parton. My father passed away today in Alaska we’re he has made his home for the last three decades. John has touched thousands of people’s lives through his faith and perseverance in God and his mission to spread the love of his son Jesus to everyone he knew. John was an 11 time World Armwrestling Champion and has held numerous National and State titles.

26 Sep 2018

Best Polish Puller by Year - Overall

A list of the top overall right and left hand Polish pullers through history based on the results of Polish Armwrestling Cup, completed by Tomasz Wisniowski of Armwrestlers ONLY.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (69) - Linda Jones

photo: www.coloribus.com

P4's Coach, Linda Jones featuring (arm-wrestle) in Puma's Fragrance TV commercial  from 2002. 

The Film titled ARM-WRESTLING was done by Greco advertising agency for product: Puma Woman Fragance (brand: Puma) in Germany, directed by Peter Kleine, Producer, Petra Beckamp. It was released in March 2002.

WAL 2018 Tribute - S.A.TV Productions

23 Sep 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (68) - Claudia Aros vs Vinnie Jones

print-screen: Bacardi Arm Wrestle

A Colombian actress and model, Claudia Aros arm-wrestles with a British actor and former professional footballer, Vincent Peter Jones in the Bacardi advert from 2015, directed by Howard Greenhalgh at Godman Films.

18 Sep 2018

Moldova Open Cup 2: Men’s edition – RECAP

photo: Tomasz Wisniowski / National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova 

Moldova Open Cup 2 – Men’s edition – Chisinau 14 September

The second edition of Moldova Open Cup promised a new leap in Armwrestling for the young but successful federation  and so it was. The federation together with Cobra Rhodes Productions managed to make a huge event, bringing the top athletes from all over the world to the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau.

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show | Season 2 Finale | WAL 406 Review

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show - Season 2 Final

16 Sep 2018

Armwrestling Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Edition - PAYOUTS

photo: Tomasz Wisniowski / National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova 


Andrey Pushkar has won in total the highest prize money of €19,000 (a victory in +95kg, and the 2nd place in the open category of left arm, and a victory in the open, and the 2nd place in the 95kg category of the right arm) at Armwrestling Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Editionin, which took place on September 14th, 2018 in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. Pushkar's student, and propably current the strongest left arm in the armwrestling world, Oleg Zhokh won €12,000 for the victories in the 80kg category and in the open cayegory, both left arm. Third place on the podium in payouts for Ievgenii Prudnyk with €7,500 for the 2nd place in open and the 2nd in 95kg category of right arm, and the 3rd place 95kg for left arm.

Exposure of the most famous loss in armwrestling!

12 Sep 2018

Moldova Arms: before AMOC 2: Men's Edition

Shots from the meeting before ARMWRESTLING MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2: Men's Editio. From the left: a Producer and a Host of Pound for Pound Armwrestling Podcast, Rayan "Blue" Bowen, a Vice president of the Judo Federation of Moldova, a President of the Fighting & Entertainment Association of Moldova, a promoter of MMA and K1, Dorin Damir, a Super Star of International Armwrestling; multiple world champion, Travis "The Beast" Bagent, a First Vice-President of FNSARM, Alexandru Grumeza, an armwrestling legend, a founder of Cobra Production, Andrew Rhodes, Vice President FNSARM, fitness expert and producer of Fitness Life, Grigore Taran, and the President of FNSARM, Marcel Darie.

11 Sep 2018

We invite you to be part of the super sports show: ARMWRESTLING MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2: Men's Edition

On September 14, 2018, the National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova (FNSARM) will hold a major international championship that promises to become the sport event of the year for Moldova and also one of the most mighty championships ever made in International Armwrestling!

Ladies and Gentlemen - We invite you to be part of the super sports show:


Since the project was designed, FNSARM had as an objective to host tournaments where the best athletes will have possibility to fight, regardless of their country origin.

Until now athletes usually could not afford distant journeys beyond the continent they represent, because of the modest awards offered to the winners.

According to upper arguments and understanding the problem, FNSARM has made efforts to make the prize pool a truly decent and attractive one: 70,000 Euros! Thus, at the moment of the announcement of the Championship, there are registered 200 athletes from 18 countries, including a team from the USA (the state that gave the world, Amwrestling in it's modern version).

As the announcement of the event immediately generated a special interest among all practitioners around the world, Andrew Rhodes (the legend of World of Armwrestling) offered a support  for this event through the Cobra Production sports promotion company, and also it's support in raising the level and the prestige of Armwrestling in the Republic of Moldova.

7 Sep 2018

COBRA Rhodes: "The people of Moldova want to increase their game in the sport of arms, so they have asked me to help them doing..."

Photo: Game of arms television show AMC network

A multiple World and National Champion, a true legend of the sport of armwrestling, Andrew COBRA Rhodes talks to Armwrestlers ONLY about his new project, The Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Edition

How it happened that in a small country in Europe, Moldova is organized such an event with money prize found of 70.000 euros, and the legendary COBRA Rhodes is a co-organizer of it?

- The people of Moldova want to increase their game in the sport of arms, so they have asked me to help them doing, so which I have gladly Accept.

Are you going to compete at the event, or you are going to focus only on the organization?

- I will not be competing at this event. It is strictly organiaztion and production on my end.

An event with 70.000 euros prize money.., so how much will be a starting fee for the athletes? I am asking, because from years in armwrestling an event organizers apply the same formula (with a few exceptions), that starting fee must cover the costs of organization of the event.

- We are very excited to be offering €70.000 to the competitors as a prize fund and really exciting is te fact that there is no registration fee for any of the competitors, it is open to all.

Final Part: Devon Larratt interview I WAL 406

Arm Wars founder, a voice of armwrestling, Neil Pickup has interviewed Devon Larratt after his lost match against Michael Todd at WAL 406.

3 Sep 2018

Legendary COBRA Rhodes at Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Edition

photo: Andrew COBRA Rhodes

In the middle of September this year, in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau will take place Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Edition, an armwrestling event with money prize found of 70.000 euros. It is organized by Moldovian Armwrestling Federation.

1 Sep 2018

The strongest hand in the world! MUST WATCH!

"If you think you saw everything in armwrestling, you got to see this!

Arm Nation: The Game on iOS® and Android® - Armwrestling Game by Pinnguaq, Indigenous developer team.

Montreal, Quebec — August 27th 2018 — Viewers are anxiously awaiting the release of Arm Nation: the TV Series this upcoming Fall on APTN in Canada. Meanwhile, in conjunction with Picture This Productions, Pinnguaq has just released Arm Nation: The Game for iOS® and Android® based on the characters from the upcoming APTN arm wrestling documentary series.

Arm Nation”: The TV Series brings you into the training, competitions and personal life battles of over a dozen Indigenous men and women who seriously train and compete in one of the world’s oldest sports: arm wrestling. The game teaches viewers and gamers alike that the sport is a long war of strength, strategy and intelligence. Learn how to counter basic arm wrestling techniques against the top arm wrestlers in the nation and unlock new characters with different sets of skills as well as exclusive Arm Nation: the TV Series video content.