28 Feb 2018

Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge 2018 - INFO

photo: ArnoldSportsFestival.com

"The 21st Annual Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge will determine who among the world’s top arm sports athletes has the most “pull” during the Arnold Sports Festival. Each year the best arm wrestlers in the world gather at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on the Arnold EXPO Stage for two days of armwrestling action.

Club Torture Classic 2018

"Hi Armwrestling family I am running an armwrestling comp with our club on the 8/9/18 there will be money prizes and supplements in the pro classes down to 6th place along with medals. Novice medals and supplements to 3rd place and same for the masters I will run a female class if there is enough interest, please invite people to the event and share it I promise you an amazing time bring back the old school vibe" -  Paul Maiden

08 September 2018
Madisen Hall, 135 Market Street, WN2 3AA 
Wigan, England

27 Feb 2018

Janis Amolins Australian Tour

"Australian Armwrestlers - this is an Armwrestling seminar you do NOT want to miss. All the way from Latvia, Janis Amolins is one of the most decorated armwrestlers in the history of the sport with multiple WAF, WAL and ZLOTY titles to his name in a career spanning over 20 years.

18 Feb 2018

Sergey Viatkin: "When I go to the table, I always smile, greet the opponent. I respect my rivals..."

photo: Disabled World Cup - Poland

Anna Mazurenko, an organizer of Disabled World Cup - Poland has interviewed Sergey Viatkin, a multiple European and World champion in PID 65 kg, a captain of the Russian Para-armwrestling Team, a trainer for the Perm Armwrestling Team (the region of Russia), one of the most, if not the most active and the best region in para-armwrestling in Russia.

Sergey, you are always cheerful and smiling. Always with a full bag of medals. How to make a team of champions like yours?

- Well, my smile always helps me to go to victory. When I go to the table, I always smile, greet the opponent. I respect my rivals, I have no aggression.

When fighting, I automatically smile... I do not know why. It's probably my personal... 

And when I feel like I'm winning, then I smile even more. I never have aggression and, regardless of whether I win or lose, I always smile. 

We have a very friendly team, we always win medals. As they say, one performs the way one prepares. 

When we go to world-class competitions, I always tell the guys that we need to justify the money invested in us. It is necessary to win one of the first three places, and not just to have a vacation. This is my task as a coach. 

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (41) - Susan Jones vs Gunilla Knutson

16 Feb 2018


photo: armpower.net

Report from National Armwrestling Championship of Russia for the Disabled, February 8-10th, 2018, Moscow by Yanuto Natalia, published on armpower.net.

"Traditionally, the tournament was held in the building of the Russian Paralympic Committee on Turgenevskaya Square. 158 sportsmen from 25 regions of the country participated in the competition. The fight was tough, uncompromising and very rich with great duels in all the classes and categories presented. We bring to your attention the short report of the participant of the Championship Natalia Yanuto who became the champion on both hands.

"My armwrestling in 2018 started just fine. As always, in a warm atmosphere, with old friends and also with newcomers. It was very joyful to see experienced armwrestlers, professionals, as well as athletes from the Paralympic sports, who took part in this championship. This time there were over 150 participants of the para-armwrestling Championship from different regions of our vast homeland. I would like to note athletes with physical impairment (PID, PIU) from such regions as the Republic of North Ossetia, Krasnoyarsk Region, the Republic of Dagestan, Perm Region, the Republic of Tatarstan, Moscow, Mordovia, Chelyabinsk Region, Moscow Region, Samara Region, Tyumen Region, Yaroslavl Region, Tver Region, Tula Region , Kemerovo Region, Sverdlovsk Region, Rostov Region.

Armfight live on ImpactTV

photo: FNSARM

Like any sport federation, Federația Națională Sportivă de Armwrestling din Republica Moldova (FNSARM) has one of the objectives to make Armwrestling more recognized in the general population and to display it as attractive as possible for those who are looking for a sport to be practiced personally or by their acquaintances. The emergence of the video content on TV, which renders the essence of this competitive sport, is still one of the most effective methods of advertisement. FNSARM considers that it is a special opportunity that the President of the Federation, Mr. Marcel Darie, managed to make an extraordinary investment in the organization and development of the television channel with Impact TV with national coverage. That's how we got an extraordinary partner who makes the federation's activity known as a whole, but it also mediates the success of our athletes.

13 Feb 2018

Natalia Glumova: "I want her to know how to lose and regain self control and go on working with double effort.."

photo: Disabled World Cup - Poland

An interview of Natalia Glumova, a mother of para armwrestler junior girl Nadezdha Vnenkovskaia from Russia by Anna Mazurenko.

"Anna Mazurenko: What does the champion's mother dream about?

Natalia Glumova: Like all mothers of the world, I dream that my daughter grows up to be a real person, kind, sensitive, grateful, purposeful. I wish her not to be afraid of difficulties and look for solutions instead. I want her to know how to lose and regain self control and go on working with double effort, achieve all that is dreamed of both in sports and in personal life. 

Champion at any age remains mother’s and father's daughter, but one should have friends at any age, friends with whom you can talk about everything without looking back and choosing words.

Anyway, as mother of the champion, I really want to go for vacation. From the moment my daughter started to armwrestle (2012) we spend all my vacations at competitions. Instead I would prefer to lie back somewhere at the seaside doing nothing! !! ;))

Women Arm Wrestling (World Championship FINALS 2017)

10 Feb 2018

Entry of the Federation of Armrestling into the team of the Putin Team

Photo: armwrestling-rus.ru

"Armrestling is, perhaps, the most democratic and accessible way to identify the strongest. There are no draws.

Behind the struggle with the rival is hidden every minute struggle with oneself. Sportsmen of the Russian Armwrestling Federation are not fighting "against". They fight "FOR". For a healthy generation, for the development of sport, for the future of Russia. For those values ​​that are also close to the leader of our state Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

8 Feb 2018


A great article on Armpower.net by Engin Terzi about how important disabled armwrestling is for all armwrestling community. 

The same like Engin I truly believe that as a community we should be obligated to support para-armwrestling, because in fact, in the long term we support ourselves.

"Armwrestling has been an organized World Wide sport for decades but still it did not get enough of respect that it deserves because of not being an Olympic Sport Discipline.

There are many reasons for our sport not being in the Olympics, some are our fault and some are the populist Olympic Committee’s fault. I am not going to discuss why we are not an Olympic Sport but I want to discuss about the closest possible way to reach Olympic recognition.

HCWW Episode 103: Ron Bath

In the newest episode of Hand Control World Wide, Jon Brown and Josh Grant interviewed armwrestling legend, Ron Bath.