31 Dec 2018


ArmwrestlersONLY World Armwrestling Rankings as at 31/12/2018 
Ranking updated after Zloty Tur World Cup 2018, Vendetta 50 & WEA GP 2018

Armwrestlers ONLY rankings list the Top 10 Armwrestlers from around the world in the Overall category for the left and the right arm.

28 Dec 2018

MOLDOVA ARMWRESTLING OPEN CUP 2 - The highest tournament payout of 2018

Eric Roussin of The Armwrestling Archives has updated the list of tournament events with the BIGGEST PRIZE MONEY, which includes a winner of each calendar year since 1972.

22 Dec 2018

Moldova a ripple in time

Going back on the memory lane 4 years ago, Moldova was represented by a small team with Alexandru Grumeza leading them to competitions in the nearby countries.

It's 2018 and they are hosting and organizing one of the biggest tournaments in Armwrestling as prizes and competition infrastructure. They stood quiet and they worked together, they knew how to choose and build a proper team. 

There are many things to be said about the competition, the longevity of John Brzenk at the top of the sport, the show and power combined in Travis Bagent, the transition from a world champion to a producer who inspired Moldova to level up of Cobra Rhodes (Cobra Production) and the evolution of the young but extremely talented armwrestlers who put up great fights such as Vadim Stetsiuk, Plamen Dimitrov, Daniel Procopciuc, or Elin Janenheim (who can compete both in Junior and Senior categories at the highest level) and all the other competitors who fought Armwrestling at his best.

Find a Club - BRAZIL

21 Dec 2018


Photo: Eduard Dimiean

Armwrestling evolves and the professional competitions got bigger with online and TV exposure.

The WAF rules have space for improvement and also rules for professional must be built to be used in professional competitions as a well known standard. 

20 Dec 2018

First photo of Oleg Zhokh from hospital!

Yesterday, on December 19, 2018, Igor Mazurenko has visited Oleg Zhokh in hospital. In this video material he shared an information about Oleg's current health condition and situation. 

18 Dec 2018

WEA Grand Prix 2018 - PAYOUTS

photo: WEA / Cobra Production / Tomasz Wisniowski


Travis Bagent opens the list with the highest prize money of €15,000 for a victory in Super-Heavyweight WEA IMPERATOR Title Match for left arm at WEA Grand Prix 2018, which took place on December 15th, 2018 in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. His opponent, Georgi Tzvetkov got €7500. Third place on the podium in payouts for the winners of FINAL 8, Alan Makeev of left arm and Petro Marharint of right arm, both won €5000.

16 Dec 2018

WEA Grand Prix 2018 - VIDEO

Four hours of video material from WEA Grand Prix 2018, the first event of new founded Pro armwrestling league, World Elite Armwrestling (WEA), which took place in Manej Sport Arena in Chicinau, Moldova on December 15th, 2018.

15 Dec 2018

Elin Janeheim: “I didn´t expect to get invited to a supermatch, so I got super happy and excited”

Photo: WEA / Cobra Production / Tomasz Wisniowski

The U18 world champion Elin Janeheim (-60kg) will today meet the U21 world champion Mihaela Lazari (-65kg) in a supermatch in Moldova at WEA Grand Prix 2018. They have never met before, and will armwrestle best of five for the Middleweight WEA Title. We have interviewed her before the match.

Elin has always liked sport where you measure strength since she was a little girl. She has played floor ball and soccer, but ball sports wasn´t for her. “When I was younger I used to armwrestle members of the family and friends before I found out that you could practice and compete in armwrestling for real”, Janeheim says.

11 Dec 2018

WEA: Grand Prix 2018 Press Conference - SCHEDULE

A schedule of Press Conference of WORLD ELITE ARMWRESTLING Grand Prix 2018, which will be held a day befor the first event of the new founded armwrestling league, WEA, on December 14th, in Chisinau in Moldova.

8 Dec 2018

Armfights Unleashed 3.0 USA East Coast Tour - Results

Ryan Bowen of Pound for Pound has organized a series of supermatches named, Armfights Unleashed 3.0, during his USA East Coast Tour, which took place on November 21 - December 1st, 2018.

All supermatches of "Armfights Unleashed 3.0" were the main events, held at four locations. At each event were also run left and right pro divisions at 176, 198, 220, 220, and open division for amateurs.

6 Dec 2018

WEA: Grand Prix 2018 - SCHEDULE

A schedule for World Elite Armwrestling (WEA) upcoming event, The WEA Grand Prix 2018, which will take place in December 15th, 2018, in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau.

30 Nov 2018

Help Oleg Zhokh

"Wednesday, November 14, 2018… Around 3 pm local time, it was reported that there was a terrible accident on the highway ‘Kyiv-Chop’. There were three passengers in the unlucky car. They were going to the airport to take part in the 18th International Tournament ‘Zloty Tur Cup’ in Rumia, Poland. But it was never meant to be. 

Oleg Zhokh, World and European arm wrestling champion, was seriously injured that horrible day. He fell onto coma and miraculously regained consciousness almost ten days after the accident. The car crash took lives of the other two. Andrey Pushkar and the driver, who was Oleg’s father, had no chances to survive. How hard it is to get back to this world and discover that your beloved dad and your best friend are gone. Despite the fact that Oleg is suffering from a number of aneurysms, hematomas and fractures, he behaves as a real fighter. But it is not without the help of his family, friends and fans.

27 Nov 2018

Best Workout in Best Armwrestling Gym in the World 2018 New York

Romania multipl armwrestling champ, Sabin Badulescu during the visit in the U.S. has visited an armwrestling gym basted near by New York. Together with the gym member, Dan Fortuna he showed and explained how to train on each equipment. 

25 Nov 2018

#armwrestling613.. Larratt's reflections after Vendetta 50

After return to home from Poland, Devon Larratt has posted a video on youtube in which he talks about his fight at Vendetta 50 with Denis Tsyplenkov, also he talks about the event and his plans for the future. 

24 Nov 2018


"At a press conference devoted to the “Zloty Tur 2018” World Cup, Igor Mazurenko presented to the public the Unified Rating of Professional Arm Wrestling (URPA), which the Professional Armwrestling League plans to launch in 2018, and also announced plans to hold in 2019 the first tournament of the top ranking division - “TOP 8” tournament. So, what is the top division of the ranking and what awaits us next year?

According to the official definition of PAL, the "TOP 8” tournament is the tournament of the highest division of the Unified Rating of Professional Armwrestling (URPA), which consists of a series of 6 round Vendetta armwrestling matches and in which the eight strongest arm wrestlers of the world will take part.

WEA: World Grand Prix 2018

"16 Armwrestling heroes will fight for adjournment of the Champion Cup on the right and left in the open class. It's also the time of title-fights for defining the champion in the lightweight men category and the welterweight women category.

16 Nov 2018

Tsyplenkov and Larratt started fighting during press-conference!

Unexpected fight between Devon and Denis during the press conference, before their match at Vendetta 50, when the event organizer Igor Mazurenko told to bring the table to the stage.

13 Nov 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (75) - Bob Beck


An American actor, a face of CAMEL cigarettes in 80's, Bob Beck watching two tanned and fit men arm-wrestling at an outdoor table. An advert for Rolling Stone Magazine, April 23, 1987.

12 Nov 2018

Trubin strong, like Denis Tsyplenkov! Can't believe!

Another episode on ArmBestTV, Who is bigger, who is stronger by Igor Mazurenko. This time the KGs and the CMs of two participants of Vendetta 50, Dmitry Trubin and Levan Saginashvili was compared.

5 Nov 2018

Denis Tsyplenkov, Alexey Voevoda, Ilya Grachov - Exclusive duel!

Denis Tsyplenkov, Alexey Voevoda and Ilya Grachov during the sparring. The last preparations of Denis to his armfight with Devon Larratt at Vendetta 50, which will take place on Nov 17th, 2018, in Rumia, Poland.

2 Nov 2018

The 5 tier system of arm wrestling explained.

Speedy recovery and return to good health Referee Legend, Leonard Harkless

photo: Leonard Harkless

Denise Wattles, facebook message about Leonard Harkless helth condition (01.11.18):

"Leonard Harkless has been in the hospital since Monday. This morning he had successful heart surgery. He had 2 arteries that were 90% blocked and 1 completely blocked (out of 4). They put stents in the 2 that were 90% blocked and will address the other one later. He should be going home tomorrow."

1 Nov 2018

Armwrestling in GEICO advert

GEICO, a car insurance company in the United States has release a new advert for the brand with woman arm-wrestles men while shooting hoops.

30 Oct 2018

New Armwrestling Rules | Armfights Unleashed Super Series

Ryan Bowen of Pound for Pound, an organizer of upcoming Armfights Unleashed, has updated everyone on the new rules being introduced that will be part of the series. The rules in Ryan's events will be basted on WAF rules, but as it's going to be a pro event, so the rules will be a bit different compere to the WAF rules, to make the sport more spectacular.

29 Oct 2018


ArmwrestlersONLY World Armwrestling Rankings as at 29/10/2018 
Ranking updated after WAF Worlds 2018.

Armwrestlers ONLY rankings list the Top 10 Armwrestlers from around the world in the Overall category for the left and the right arm.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (74) - Robert Fuller vs Burt Reynolds

photo: www.metv.co

An arm-wrestling match between Robert Fuller, an American horse rancher and retired actor, & Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., an American actor, director and producer. Photograph taken during the Reynolds visit on the set of TV Western, on July 28th, 1958.

28 Oct 2018


photo: eaf.armwrestling.com

At this year's WAF Worlds in Turkey, after the controversies that took place, The World Armwrestling Federation announced that Leonard Harkles, WAF Head Referee from The U.S. is removed from the position and the new, nominated WAF Head Referee is Eduard Dimiean, a master referee from Romania. King is dead long live the King...

"Executive Board, during the 2018 World Championship decided to remove from the position of the Head Referee Mr. Leonard Harkles. Furthermore the Executive board decided to ban Mr. Leonard Harkles for two years of refereeing in any WAF events or WAF members events.

26 Oct 2018

Simon Berriochoa: "I am very excited to announce that despite the above, USAF Armwrestling is alive and well, continuing to develop and serve the US armwrestling community.."

Message from Simon Berriochoa posted on facebook by Denise Wattles:

"Today it is with a heavy heart and much nostalgia that I unfortunately have to address an issue within our country’s sport. For some time now we have been struggling with an investigation within our board regarding multiple board representatives. Despite this investigation being supported by the World Armwrestling Federation and the North American Armwrestling Federation our two next step governing bodies, these board representatives continually refuse to cooperate, as well, they have illegally attempted to subvert and undermine this investigation, seemingly believing that they have no obligation to adhere to the legal investigation. This continual failure to resolve these matters legally within the investigation process has created an irreparable rift within the USAF board. As such we are left with no choice but to announce that the current USAF representative board is being dissolved in its existing form. Not USAF Armwrestling, that entity remains strongly intact, only the current board form is changing. I consider these people my friends, but in the end I am embarrassed by the level our country now resides at in this sport globally, subsequently action is required to fulfill our responsibility to serve the athletes of the USA and create a board that represents the armwrestlers and cooperate to the growth of the sport.


RUMIA, POLAND - November 20-21st, 2017

22 Oct 2018

My Armwrestling Precious

photo: Malin Kleinsmith / Elina Persson

After 24 years of training armwrestling, I am finally the World Champion in -65kg class. The worlds where held in Antalya, Turkey.

18 Oct 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (73) - John Cena vs Shaquille O'Neal

Print screen: jccrews

John Cena, an American professional wrestler, actor, rapper and television host, joined the Today Show and talked his new book Elbow Grease, and then arm-wrestled with NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal. October 9th, 2018.

15 Oct 2018


ArmwrestlersONLY World Armwrestling Rankings as at 15/10/2018

Armwrestlers ONLY rankings list the Top 10 Armwrestlers from around the world in the Overall category for the left and the right arm.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (72) - Steven Carlton vs Joe Frazier

Photo: GettyImages

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Steven Norman Carlton (he pitched from 1965 to 1988 for six different teams in his career) arm-wrestles with an American professional boxer, Joseph William Frazier (he competed from 1965 to 1981), and Philadelphia Phillies catcher, James Timothy McCarver (he played from 1965 to 1988 for four different teams in his career) as a referee, or he is helping Carlton to defeated Frazier.

11 Oct 2018

Should referees be treated this way?

photo: Armpower.net

A few days ago an "incident" occurred in the armwrestling world. At the Polish Armwrestling Cup, an armwrestler who was dissatisfied with a call hit a referee. He was immediately disqualified, but that did not stop his temper: he wanted to fight the referee and waited for him outside by the doors, shouting expletives.

WAF Head Referee, Leonard Harkless, has commented on this situation:

"The federation would need to discipline the athlete and should do so. That is beyond anything that I have seen in the past and should not be allowed to go unchecked" - Leonard Harkless.

It was a mater of time, I knew that Polish Armwrestling Federation will react accordingly, and it will be an example and serve as a caution for others. The last thing armwrestling needs is hooliganism, like sometimes occurs in football / soccer. Yesterday on October 10th, 2018, the athlete has been suspended for one year (starting from October 7th, 2018).

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show with John Brzenk | Episode 1 | Season 3

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show - Season 3 Episode 1

7 Oct 2018

A starting list for the WAF Worlds 2018

A starting list for the 40th World Armwrestling Championships, which will be held in Antalya, Turkey, on 13-20th of October 2018, hosted by Turkish Armwrestling Federation, represented by it's president Niyazi Kurt. 

29 Sep 2018

Trip to the tournament MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018 by IZMAN PRO

In this episode a vloger, IZMAN PRO / Illia Izman talks about his trip to Moldova for the tournament MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018!

He asked Andrei Pushkar about his opinion about the tournament grid, also he expersed his opinion about Yevgeny Prudnik, why he began to struggle with the tops worse. He also talked with Dmitry Trubin about his actual form. 

28 Sep 2018

Passing of John Parton

photo: www.gofundme.com

"In deep sadness I bring the news of the passing of a beloved father, brother, and son John Henry Parton. My father passed away today in Alaska we’re he has made his home for the last three decades. John has touched thousands of people’s lives through his faith and perseverance in God and his mission to spread the love of his son Jesus to everyone he knew. John was an 11 time World Armwrestling Champion and has held numerous National and State titles.

26 Sep 2018

Best Polish Puller by Year - Overall

A list of the top overall right and left hand Polish pullers through history based on the results of Polish Armwrestling Cup, completed by Tomasz Wisniowski of Armwrestlers ONLY.

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (69) - Linda Jones

photo: www.coloribus.com

P4's Coach, Linda Jones featuring (arm-wrestle) in Puma's Fragrance TV commercial  from 2002. 

The Film titled ARM-WRESTLING was done by Greco advertising agency for product: Puma Woman Fragance (brand: Puma) in Germany, directed by Peter Kleine, Producer, Petra Beckamp. It was released in March 2002.

WAL 2018 Tribute - S.A.TV Productions

23 Sep 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (68) - Claudia Aros vs Vinnie Jones

print-screen: Bacardi Arm Wrestle

A Colombian actress and model, Claudia Aros arm-wrestles with a British actor and former professional footballer, Vincent Peter Jones in the Bacardi advert from 2015, directed by Howard Greenhalgh at Godman Films.

18 Sep 2018

Moldova Open Cup 2: Men’s edition – RECAP

photo: Tomasz Wisniowski / National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova 

Moldova Open Cup 2 – Men’s edition – Chisinau 14 September

The second edition of Moldova Open Cup promised a new leap in Armwrestling for the young but successful federation  and so it was. The federation together with Cobra Rhodes Productions managed to make a huge event, bringing the top athletes from all over the world to the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau.

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show | Season 2 Finale | WAL 406 Review

The Pound for Pound Armwrestling Show - Season 2 Final

16 Sep 2018

Armwrestling Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Edition - PAYOUTS

photo: Tomasz Wisniowski / National Armwrestling Federation of Moldova 


Andrey Pushkar has won in total the highest prize money of €19,000 (a victory in +95kg, and the 2nd place in the open category of left arm, and a victory in the open, and the 2nd place in the 95kg category of the right arm) at Armwrestling Moldova Open Cup 2: Men's Editionin, which took place on September 14th, 2018 in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. Pushkar's student, and propably current the strongest left arm in the armwrestling world, Oleg Zhokh won €12,000 for the victories in the 80kg category and in the open cayegory, both left arm. Third place on the podium in payouts for Ievgenii Prudnyk with €7,500 for the 2nd place in open and the 2nd in 95kg category of right arm, and the 3rd place 95kg for left arm.

Exposure of the most famous loss in armwrestling!