29 Nov 2014


The 4x5 Sinar large format advertising photography for World Press Association. The image I produced had be created using newspapers and the way how I will approach it visually was left entirely up to me.

22 Nov 2014

World Police and Fire Games - History and List of Armwrestling Gold Medalists

The World Police and Fire Games are an international, biennial athletic event, open to active and retired police officers, firefighters, customs and corrections officers from all over the world. It is the world’s second largest multi-sport event, typically attracting in excess of 10,000 participants. Only the Summer Olympics attracts a larger field of competitors.

The concept for the World Police and Fire Games evolved from the California Police Olympics, which were first held in 1967. The Police Olympics were founded by San Diego Police Lieutenant Veon “Duke” Nyhus who recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among members of the law enforcement community. The Police Olympics were such a success that they became on annual event. In 1983, work began to create a similar event, but on a global scale. The inaugural World Police and Fire Games were held in San Jose, California, in 1985.

Abdula Eldarov Banned for Life from Armwrestling

The hammer has come down on silver medalist of 2014 Russian Armwrestling Championships for the right hand in 90kg cat., Abdula Eldarov. 

16 Nov 2014

Armwrestling Amusement Devices: The Best Machines in the Arcade

Coin-operated strength-testing amusement devices have always had a particular allure for me. Whenever I come across one at an arcade or a fair, I still feel compelled to try it out to prove to myself, and to anyone else who may be watching, that I’m sick strong. I always hope to reach the “He-Man”, “Gorilla”, or “Superman” level, but realize that depending on the machine’s setting, a less impressive result like “Loverboy” is a possibility.

I like grip strength testers, but my favourite devices are the armwrestling machines: specifically, the ones where you must grab a mechanical arm or lever and pull it down to hopefully show everyone that you’re the boss. I’ve seen and tried a few of these over the years, and thought it would be interesting to see just how many different types of these devices are out there. It turns out, there are quite a few…

15 Nov 2014

Leonard Harkless: "...I was very upset about, the referees should be left out of these discussions."

Read response of The WAF Haed Referee, Leonard Harkless  to The Vice President of European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) and The President of Russian Armsport Association (RAA) Alexander Filimonov about the Referee Funds, posted by Harkless on facebook:

"I will respond to the referee portion of this letter. The referee fund that is given to the referee panel is distributed to the referees for help in paying back some of the costs of travel for the referees. This is given out based on a point system. The referees get points based on their referee level and how many days they work. This system ensures that the Master level referees would get more travel money than the Senior level. The Junior level receives no travel money and is there to help in the staging area. This is a huge incentive for the referees to get better and test for a higher level.

13 Nov 2014

Letter of WAF President

A statement from the WAF President, Assen Hadjitodorov posted on the official WAF facebook page, World Armwrestling Federation WAF:

"Dear WAF members,
Dear Colleagues and competitors,

This is my answer to the mud that President of RAA throw on my name.

In the past there was people who did the same and now he decided to go on the same way too. 

Spreading lies and trying to convince you that I am the “bad guy” in armwrestling.

First of all the “WAF crisis” he is talking about, I consider is only in his eyes and in his head. 
My opinion is that since I was elected as WAF President in 2012, WAF is in a huge and fast growing progress. Only for two years of my mandate we achieved the goals we are trying to achieve 20 years and more.