19 Oct 2014

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (17) - Irene Mann vs Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley arm-wrestles with Irene Mann at the Eve Bar in Munich, Geramny, March, 1959.

7 Oct 2014

Worlds 2014 - Statement from WAF General Secretary, Mircea Simionescu-Simicel

At this year's Worlds in Lithuania, World Armwrestling Federation have encountered some problems with the Host Federation. After the event on armpower.net appeared several articles informing public about the problems, but it was a version of one side in the conflict. Alway, before I will build my own opinion I want to hear the other side version too, so I sent an e-mail to The President of World Armwrestling Federation, Assen Hadjitodorov asking for statement in this case:

5 Oct 2014

The History of the World’s Wristwrestling Championship - Part Two:1962 to 1969

In six short years, what had begun with a friendly challenge match at Gilardi’s Corner had evolved into the sport of wristwrestling, with established rules and a purpose-built table. By 1961, the annual Petaluma contest was known as the California Wristwrestling Championship, and people were traveling significant distances to attend the Friday night event. The growing interest was putting a strain on the tournament locale, and more and more spectators had to be turned away each year. It was time to move to a bigger venue.

Gilardi’s Corner

Following the 1961 contest, Bill Soberanes did some research and determined that a world wristwrestling championship did not yet exist. What better way was there to promote a contest than to call it a world championship? Bill, along with promoter Mike Gilardi and wristwrestling official Jack Homel, decided to form World’s Wristwrestling Championship, Inc. Mike would serve as President, Jack as Vice-President, and Bill as Secretary-Treasurer. The 1962 contest would be the first World’s Wristwrestling Championship, and it would be held in Hermann Sons Hall: the second largest auditorium in Petaluma.

Hermann Sons Hall

The 1962 March of Dimes World Championship Wristwrestling Tournament was scheduled for the evening of Friday, February 2nd. Bill, a columnist for the Petaluma Argus-Courier, was well positioned to promote the event locally, and significant efforts were made to promote it well beyond northern California as sports writers, radio, and television plugged the event in the week leading up to the tournament.

On the night of the contest, approximately 1,000 people paid the $1 admission fee to be able to watch the wristwrestling and to see the many area celebrities from the sports and entertainment fields (the event was billed as having the greatest array of sports celebrities in the history of Petaluma on hand). The event was officially opened by Everett Mantzen, the mayor of Petaluma. Thirty men were about to take part in a contest that would crown the inaugural World’s Wristwrestling Champion.

Like the contests that preceded it, the inaugural World Championship featured only a single, open, men’s right-hand division. Competitors’ elbows were set in a two-inch space. If the elbow left this space, a default would be given and the match would be restarted. Two defaults equalled a loss.

3 Oct 2014

Bill Cox

“I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of friends 
I have made around the World thru armwrestling”