1 Aug 2014

This Day in Armwrestling History... JULY DATES

July 1st, 1994

The Canadian National Stand-Up Armwrestling Championships are held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 198 competitors choose to spend Canada Day trying to win a national title. Many of the country’s top pullers are in attendance. The first place finishers include future Canadian Hall of Famers Perry Bruhm, Garth Carlson, Mike Gould, Gary Goodridge, Barb Schlegel, and Liane Dufresne, in addition to Denis Dubreuil, Michael Barrett, Pat Mastrangelo, Garvin Lewis, and Tamara Kelly.

July 2nd, 2011

“The Battle” Dutch Open Armwrestling Tournament is held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The setting is quite unique: the event is held within the walls of a former prison. Germany’s Christian Stahlhofen is the overall winner with both arms.

July 3rd, 2004

The California Harley Pull Challenge is held in Hollister, California. Presumably inspired by the popularity of Mike Bowling’s Harley Pull tournaments in Ohio, where a Harley Davidson motorcycle is awarded to the class champion who draws the key that matches the bike’s ignition, Bill Collins organizes a similar event on the west coast. Luke Kindt, Allen Fisher, and Mike Selearis each have two keys as they manage to win both their left and right hand classes. Eric Woelfel has the greatest odds, with a total of four keys (two for winning his classes and two for winning both overalls). The winning key turns out to be among the four he selects, and he becomes the proud owner of a new Harley!