27 Mar 2014

AO - VISNIA break

I would like to inform that I take break in updating of AO site, There is few things which resulted to my decision. I don't want to go into the details... All what I can say is: my motivation in updating the site has reached the point where I don't see  sense to continue this any more .

21 Mar 2014

Game Of Arms Reactions

Chronology of the Best Female Armwrestlers on the Planet (Right Hand)

Women have taken part in organized armwrestling competition dating back at least 50 years, when the Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championship first included a women’s division. During this time, many women have had tremendous success in the sport. This chronology is my attempt to identify who would have potentially occupied the #1 world ranking (open weight, right hand) throughout the years, had an impartial ranking system been maintained since the women’s competition first began.

15 Mar 2014

Ueli Bühler passed away

"To my bro and friend Ueli Bühler, RIP bro, so shoked to get this really sad news.   Wish you all the best to your new life my friend... we will miss you a lot"... this information appeared few hours ago on Pascal Girald's facebook page.

14 Mar 2014

Board Numbers - Game Of Arms IMPACT

If someone regularly visits the most popular armwrestling forum in the world NORTHEAST BOARD, easily can notice that week by week the number of new members increase. More increase can be seen after the premier of the first episode of Game of Arms on AMC, on Februray 25th, 2014

TRIP to Australian - Devon Larratt

photo: AAF

Devon Larratt posted on facebook a thanking comment to Australian Armwrestling Federation (AAF) for the opportunity to be and train in Australia on March this year.

Will we see Cyplenkov in the TOP 16?

In an interview for SutorSTRONG, Denis Cyplenkov explained the details concerning how his supermatch with Andrey Pushkar came about at this year’s Russian nationals. At the end of the interview Denis was asked about the TOP 16 event and he said: "There was a lot of talk about the TOP 16, but not much else. I don't need this anymore. I want to see a contract where everything is clearly explained."

Arm Wars "High Rollers" - Mr Olympia 2014

ARM WARS promoting info from Mr Olympia website:

"Arm Wars is the world’s leading professional armwrestling promotion, matching up the best armwrestlers from across the globe across 6 explosive rounds of combat and strength!"

3 Mar 2014

Game of Arms Q&A – Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes (Kansas City Rolling Thunder)

"No one in arm wrestling is more well-traveled than gourmet chef Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes, a 35-year veteran of the sport who’s been to six continents, appeared in Over the Top with Sylvester Stallone, and is notorious for winning David vs. Goliath matches at a compact 176 lb.

NO MORE payouts at UAL events for non contracted athletes

Why is it so hard to post results?

In every sport, winners should be determined through rivalries. Not every fan can watch a given event live, or later on TV or on the Internet because sometimes a conditional contract is in place which doesn't allow filming. But everyone who is a fan and supporter of the sport should have the opportunity to see the results after the event. 

GoA: Ep 2 - KC "ROLLING THUNDER" vs BR "ROUGHNECKS"... Which team will win?

The first season of the Game of Arms has no weight divisions (hope the 2nd will be have), so we don't know who will be fight against who in the respective matches, but we know the team members of both teams.