28 Feb 2014

Tough 176lbs class at ACAC 2014

ACAC co-director: Denise Wattles has informed on Northeast Board that at this year's Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challeng (ACAC) the 176 lbs class will attended Cobra Rhodes, Ron Klemba, both USA, Craig Sanders from UK and Crazy George from Canada. 

Find a Club - UK

Game of Arms review - Gary Roberts

Game of Arms not for Europe

Several days ago I been told by one of the athlete who takes part in the first season of Game of Arms that Europeans will be able to watch the episodes on GameofArms.amctv.com when they upload them. Day after the premier, the first episode was upload on AMCtv.com and we in Europe can see only this (pic above). Also I was informed that AMC is pursuing anyone sharing the pirated copy of the show, wich is the only way for us in the Europe and other places to watch the show. I removed the post and won't publish them more.

25 Feb 2014

What impact will Game of Arms have on armwrestling?

Though the organized sport has existed for close to 60 years, armwrestling has not reached a point where competitors can make a living just from competition. However, elite armwrestlers can earn some decent supplementary income. The recent emergence of armwrestling leagues has increased opportunities for top pullers to make money in the sport (i.e. a few thousand dollars), however the bulk of armwrestling tournaments still only offer non-monetary prizes, or perhaps a few hundred dollars to the winners. 


This Arm Wrestling Reality Show Will Make You Beg for Mercy

"Game of Arms is a raw, unfiltered look inside the world of professional arm wrestling. It is completely ridiculous—and so very fascinating.
“Arm wrestling is not a sport,” says one man, basically a talking bicep, in the premiere of AMC’s new docuseries, Game of Arms. “It’s a way of life.”

The man, a walking cloud of testosterone, says this with utmost sincerity. He is very serious about arm wrestling. And so are the other members of the New York Arms Control, a local New York City-based arm wrestling club that will compete against rival clubs from all over the country in the first season of Game of Arms. They are all so, so serious. About arm wrestling.

Game of Arms Invades the Studio

CGW - Auckland Armwrestling Championships

Game of Arms - one day to the premier

photo: Game of Arms / AMC

23 Feb 2014


Carolyn SNOW Fisher

Go ahead and I’ll pay the 10.00 bucks for you to enter. You’ll do great! Besides, you beat all the guys in high school already.” This was what Pam said as she urged her good friend Carolyn to compete. “It could’t hurt”, came the replay, “First place is a 50.00 gift certificate for a Western Shop and I really want cowboy boots!” So 30 years ago Carolyn Snow won her first tournament in a small town in Alberta Canada.

21 Feb 2014


Robert Drenk: "UAL contracted athletes will not be permitted to compete in any Non-Affiliated tournaments!"

Armwrestlers ONLY recommended on AMC's blog

AMC will be one of the sponsors of WAL

Mike West has posted a message on Norhteast Board from World Armwrestling League (WAL) director, Mike Bowling that AMC is now one of the sponsors for the WAL events. 

INTERVIEW: Game of Arms Q&A – Matt Renner (Executive Producer)

Emmy award-winning producer Matt Renner (Deadliest Catch) was searching for a new subculture to introduce to a national audience. He found it with the bone-crunching sport of arm wrestling in Game of Arms, a new original series premiering Tue., Feb. 25 10/9c on AMC.

Q: What did you see in the sport that makes it a compelling setting for a reality series?

A: It’s a story about ideologies coming to a head on a primal level. Someone working 100 hours a week for the man, then training — it’s that kind of passion and conviction that we were after. It’s like jumping on a horse in the Old West. “I’m going to travel 200 miles to beat this man.”

20 Feb 2014

Vasconcelos vs Čingule confirmed at Arnold Classic Brazil

Is there starting to be a snowball effect?

In January of this year, Armwrestlers ONLY celebrated its first anniversary. (Prior to this we had run the Armwrestling History Channel and Armwrestling 24h.) During those first years we every once in a while we would receive emails from people wanting to get into the sport: people looking to buy a table, searching for a local club to join, or interested in information on how to hold an armwrestling tournament, etc. But lately, since AMC has started to really promote Game of Arms, we seem to be receiving a lot more of these types of inquiries.

INTERVIEW: Game of Arms Q&A – Ethan Prochnik (Executive Producer)

Emmy award-winning producer Ethan Prochnik (Deadliest Catch) discusses what led Undertow Films to the underground sport of arm wrestling for Game of Arms, a new original series premiering Tue., Feb. 25 10/9c on AMC.

Q: How did the subculture of arm wrestling capture your attention?

A: When we started meeting the team members, it was the first time we saw characters who compared to the skippers on Deadliest Catch. There’s an old-school American gunslinger quality they both shared. These guys saw themselves as Olympians and couldn’t understand why no one cared about their sport.

19 Feb 2014


Meet Cobra from the Kansas City Rolling Thunder

Arm Benders Profile (Sacramento): Game of Arms

Meet the Sacramento City Team, The ARM BENDERS: Allen Fisher, Tom Nelson, Luke Kindt, Mike McGraw and Kenny Hughes. 

Steve Stanaway - BRUTAL

Pulling For Six Decades

Steve Stanaway was 23 when, on a lark, he and a buddy drove from Virginia to New York City to compete in the 1968 World Arm Sports Federation (WAF) Contest. With literally no arm wrestling training, Steve, who is now 66, placed second to the then heavyweight world champion, Maurice Baker, who, at 265 pounds out-weighed him by almost 70 pounds.

16 Feb 2014

Wrecking Crew Profile (Erie): Game of Arms

"FACEBOOK EXCLUSIVE: Once the Rolling Thunder comes in, stay out of their way. Meet the Kansas City team. "

Larratt pulled in California

Last week Devon Larratt  was in California,  U.S. During the visit, he trained at the UAL HQ and twice in San Diego. He attended a Game of Arms taping, but just to pull on the practice table, he won't appear on the show.

Heavy Promotion of Game of Arms

Less than two weeks left to the Game of Arms premiere on AMC. On facebook we can find many pictures showing big banners and billboards advertising the premiere on Feb 25th.

13 Feb 2014

Bragging rights

Of the three Supermatches at the 2014 MGC the match between Canada's John Milne and USA's Robert Baxter might have the most symbolic attachment to it.

Milne who trains with Larratt faces Baxter who trains with Brzenk know that this match is for a lot of bragging rights for both men and their respective teams. Like the other 2 matchups at the MGC it's a best 3 of 5 right handed contest. The signs point to John Brzenk and Bob Brown both being there to support Baxter while Larratt will most likely miss the tournament because of scheduling.


Arms Control Profile (NYC): Game of Arms

12 Feb 2014

Sign of Things to Come?

The great technology prognostication of Marshall McLuhan is the stuff of lore. When asked about his prowess to predict the otherwise unforeseeable he said: "All media has its unintended consequences." Sure, McLuhan was not talking about Game of Arms but his words certainly are predictable in this case. The "Game of Arms inspired workout" posted by Jimmy Smith on youtube is just the tip of the iceberg. At least that guy was not advising people to perform movements that were unsafe. With that said, I cannot help but think there will be people that will do that guy's workout hard, go to their local tournament thinking they can compete with the best and end up with a spiral fracture (the likely unintended consequence of armwrestling gaining a taste of popularity). Or start "underground armwrestling (LOL)" like in the show...also leading to spiral fractures.


Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (14) - John Cena vs Mark Henry

photo: WWE.com

Gladiator’s Night 14 - INFO

Gladiator's Night 14 
Salle de la Gare, 1870 Monthey, Switzerland - April 26th, 2014

11 Feb 2014

Supermatch: Gilbert vs Rousselle confirmed at 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC

Mike Gould has informed on facebook that one more supermatch will be held 2014 MIKE GOULD CLASSIC. The third rmatch in MGC schedule will also be Arm Melter Nitro Championship match, where for the right hand Christian Gilbert will face Conrad Rousselle, best of 5.