31 Dec 2014

Dzambolat Tsoriev Banned for 10 years from Armwrestling

In accordance with the RUSADA, the Disciplinary Committee of the Anti-Doping PAA decided to disqualify Dzambolat Tsoriev (St. Petersburg) - on 21 March 2014 to 20 March 2024. Source: www.armsport-rus.ru

5 Dec 2014

ESPN to Provide Exclusive Coverage of the 2015 World Armwrestling League

"ESPN reached an agreement with the World Armwrestling League (WAL) that provides the network with exclusive rights to televise the 2014 World Armwrestling League Championship and the 2015 World Armwrestling League season.

29 Nov 2014


The 4x5 Sinar large format advertising photography for World Press Association. The image I produced had be created using newspapers and the way how I will approach it visually was left entirely up to me.

22 Nov 2014

World Police and Fire Games - History and List of Armwrestling Gold Medalists

The World Police and Fire Games are an international, biennial athletic event, open to active and retired police officers, firefighters, customs and corrections officers from all over the world. It is the world’s second largest multi-sport event, typically attracting in excess of 10,000 participants. Only the Summer Olympics attracts a larger field of competitors.

The concept for the World Police and Fire Games evolved from the California Police Olympics, which were first held in 1967. The Police Olympics were founded by San Diego Police Lieutenant Veon “Duke” Nyhus who recognized the need to promote physical fitness and camaraderie among members of the law enforcement community. The Police Olympics were such a success that they became on annual event. In 1983, work began to create a similar event, but on a global scale. The inaugural World Police and Fire Games were held in San Jose, California, in 1985.

Abdula Eldarov Banned for Life from Armwrestling

The hammer has come down on silver medalist of 2014 Russian Armwrestling Championships for the right hand in 90kg cat., Abdula Eldarov. 

16 Nov 2014

Armwrestling Amusement Devices: The Best Machines in the Arcade

Coin-operated strength-testing amusement devices have always had a particular allure for me. Whenever I come across one at an arcade or a fair, I still feel compelled to try it out to prove to myself, and to anyone else who may be watching, that I’m sick strong. I always hope to reach the “He-Man”, “Gorilla”, or “Superman” level, but realize that depending on the machine’s setting, a less impressive result like “Loverboy” is a possibility.

I like grip strength testers, but my favourite devices are the armwrestling machines: specifically, the ones where you must grab a mechanical arm or lever and pull it down to hopefully show everyone that you’re the boss. I’ve seen and tried a few of these over the years, and thought it would be interesting to see just how many different types of these devices are out there. It turns out, there are quite a few…

15 Nov 2014

Leonard Harkless: "...I was very upset about, the referees should be left out of these discussions."

Read response of The WAF Haed Referee, Leonard Harkless  to The Vice President of European Armwrestling Federation (EAF) and The President of Russian Armsport Association (RAA) Alexander Filimonov about the Referee Funds, posted by Harkless on facebook:

"I will respond to the referee portion of this letter. The referee fund that is given to the referee panel is distributed to the referees for help in paying back some of the costs of travel for the referees. This is given out based on a point system. The referees get points based on their referee level and how many days they work. This system ensures that the Master level referees would get more travel money than the Senior level. The Junior level receives no travel money and is there to help in the staging area. This is a huge incentive for the referees to get better and test for a higher level.

13 Nov 2014

Letter of WAF President

A statement from the WAF President, Assen Hadjitodorov posted on the official WAF facebook page, World Armwrestling Federation WAF:

"Dear WAF members,
Dear Colleagues and competitors,

This is my answer to the mud that President of RAA throw on my name.

In the past there was people who did the same and now he decided to go on the same way too. 

Spreading lies and trying to convince you that I am the “bad guy” in armwrestling.

First of all the “WAF crisis” he is talking about, I consider is only in his eyes and in his head. 
My opinion is that since I was elected as WAF President in 2012, WAF is in a huge and fast growing progress. Only for two years of my mandate we achieved the goals we are trying to achieve 20 years and more.

7 Oct 2014

Worlds 2014 - Statement from WAF General Secretary, Mircea Simionescu-Simicel

At this year's Worlds in Lithuania, World Armwrestling Federation have encountered some problems with the Host Federation. After the event on armpower.net appeared several articles informing public about the problems, but it was a version of one side in the conflict. Alway, before I will build my own opinion I want to hear the other side version too, so I sent an e-mail to The President of World Armwrestling Federation, Assen Hadjitodorov asking for statement in this case:

5 Oct 2014

The History of the World’s Wristwrestling Championship - Part Two:1962 to 1969

In six short years, what had begun with a friendly challenge match at Gilardi’s Corner had evolved into the sport of wristwrestling, with established rules and a purpose-built table. By 1961, the annual Petaluma contest was known as the California Wristwrestling Championship, and people were traveling significant distances to attend the Friday night event. The growing interest was putting a strain on the tournament locale, and more and more spectators had to be turned away each year. It was time to move to a bigger venue.

Gilardi’s Corner

Following the 1961 contest, Bill Soberanes did some research and determined that a world wristwrestling championship did not yet exist. What better way was there to promote a contest than to call it a world championship? Bill, along with promoter Mike Gilardi and wristwrestling official Jack Homel, decided to form World’s Wristwrestling Championship, Inc. Mike would serve as President, Jack as Vice-President, and Bill as Secretary-Treasurer. The 1962 contest would be the first World’s Wristwrestling Championship, and it would be held in Hermann Sons Hall: the second largest auditorium in Petaluma.

Hermann Sons Hall

The 1962 March of Dimes World Championship Wristwrestling Tournament was scheduled for the evening of Friday, February 2nd. Bill, a columnist for the Petaluma Argus-Courier, was well positioned to promote the event locally, and significant efforts were made to promote it well beyond northern California as sports writers, radio, and television plugged the event in the week leading up to the tournament.

On the night of the contest, approximately 1,000 people paid the $1 admission fee to be able to watch the wristwrestling and to see the many area celebrities from the sports and entertainment fields (the event was billed as having the greatest array of sports celebrities in the history of Petaluma on hand). The event was officially opened by Everett Mantzen, the mayor of Petaluma. Thirty men were about to take part in a contest that would crown the inaugural World’s Wristwrestling Champion.

Like the contests that preceded it, the inaugural World Championship featured only a single, open, men’s right-hand division. Competitors’ elbows were set in a two-inch space. If the elbow left this space, a default would be given and the match would be restarted. Two defaults equalled a loss.

3 Oct 2014

Bill Cox

“I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of friends 
I have made around the World thru armwrestling”

1 Aug 2014

This Day in Armwrestling History... JULY DATES

July 1st, 1994

The Canadian National Stand-Up Armwrestling Championships are held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 198 competitors choose to spend Canada Day trying to win a national title. Many of the country’s top pullers are in attendance. The first place finishers include future Canadian Hall of Famers Perry Bruhm, Garth Carlson, Mike Gould, Gary Goodridge, Barb Schlegel, and Liane Dufresne, in addition to Denis Dubreuil, Michael Barrett, Pat Mastrangelo, Garvin Lewis, and Tamara Kelly.

July 2nd, 2011

“The Battle” Dutch Open Armwrestling Tournament is held in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands. The setting is quite unique: the event is held within the walls of a former prison. Germany’s Christian Stahlhofen is the overall winner with both arms.

July 3rd, 2004

The California Harley Pull Challenge is held in Hollister, California. Presumably inspired by the popularity of Mike Bowling’s Harley Pull tournaments in Ohio, where a Harley Davidson motorcycle is awarded to the class champion who draws the key that matches the bike’s ignition, Bill Collins organizes a similar event on the west coast. Luke Kindt, Allen Fisher, and Mike Selearis each have two keys as they manage to win both their left and right hand classes. Eric Woelfel has the greatest odds, with a total of four keys (two for winning his classes and two for winning both overalls). The winning key turns out to be among the four he selects, and he becomes the proud owner of a new Harley!

4 Jul 2014

This Day in Armwrestling History... JUNE DATES

June 1st, 1991

The 1991 AAA Stand-Up National Championships are held in Houston, Texas. A total of 130 competitors take part in this right arm only contest. The turnout is considerably lighter than for the 1990 event, which had more draw power due to the fact that the WAWF World Championships were being hosted in the U.S. later that year. Nevertheless, there is plenty of great armwrestling. An impressive performance is given by South Carolinian Chad Silvers, who while still a teenager wins his first AAA national title by taking the 132-lb class.

June 2nd, 2012

Devon Larratt and Tim Bresnan face each other in a Major League Armwrestling (MLA) supermatch at the Toronto Pro SuperShow in Ontario, Canada. MLA, founded by Ian “The Grippler” Carnegie, has a goal of providing top level North American pullers increased opportunities for professional supermatches. While Devon and Tim had had a supermatch back in 2005, with Devon easily winning by a score of 3 to 0, the MLA supermatch is a much closer contest. Tim takes an initial lead with a couple of quick pins, but Devon finds a way to battle back and manages to squeak out a 4-3 victory. In doing so, Devon keeps his #1 world ranking—a position he’s held since September 2008—and Tim Bresnan’s stock shoots way up!

Bonus Info: The MLA supermatch is held in conjunction with the Ontario Ironman Open: a single-class quintuple elimination right hand competition featuring cash prizes to the top 25 finishers! This event is won by French-Canadian great Sylvain Perron.

June 3rd, 2006

Day 2 of competition of the 2006 AAA National Championships takes place in Mason, Ohio. Armwrestling legend Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes wins his 12th AAA national title. New York’s Benjie Dwyer, Arkansas’ Michael Todd, and Indiana’s Harold Owens earn right arm national titles in addition to the left arm titles they won on Day 1. Floridians Amanda Wiseman and Beth Westberry also manage to accomplish this feat in the women’s division. Several pullers in attendance compete in their second national championship in less than a month (the USAA National Pro-Am Championships having occurred just three weeks prior). Of these, Rob Vigeant Jr., Steve Rau, and Harold Owens are able to secure national titles in both events.

1 Jun 2014

This Day in Armwrestling History... MAY DATES

May 1st, 1970

The 9th World Wristwrestling Championship is held in Petaluma, California. There is a record number of entries, as it is the first World Championship to benefit from significant television exposure. (The 1969 World Championship had been broadcast on ABC’s Wide World of Sports in January. This was the first time the sport had been featured on national television.) Exactly how big is the event? 37 states are represented and there is a total of 437 entries! 17-year old Petaluman Mike Dolcini wins the 175-pound division for the second year in a row. When he won the 1969 title at just 16 years of age, he became the youngest person to ever win a world title. Jim Pollock, a 34-year old insurance executive from Palo Alto, wins his third world title in the middleweight (200-pound) division. He manages to beat the very strong Steve Stanaway from Virginia in the finals. But the crowd is most pleased when 19-year old, 243-pound Jim Dolcini wins the heavyweight division, as it the first time a Petaluman wins the unlimited world title. The Dolcini brothers are understandably elated: the teenagers had just won two of the three men’s titles at the World Wristwrestling Championship, in their home town, and their matches were going to be shown on national television!

May 2nd, 1981

The first day of competition of the International Wristwrestling Championships is held in Chicago, Illinois. The event is organized by the International Wristwrestling Club (IWC) headed by Maurice Rioux. The IWC has only been in operation for approximately one year, and is already putting on huge tournaments. This particular contest features a total prize purse of $38,000! Pullers from 25 states and 2 provinces are in attendance. The event features left and right mirrored weight classes: the IWC is the first major armsport organization to do so. Dave Patton, Johnny Walker, and Cleve Dean all win their respective classes, with both arms. And the ladies lightweight right hand class is won by Fran Brzenk (John Brzenk's aunt), yet another member of one of the most successful armwrestling families in history!

May 3rd, 1968

The 7th World’s Wristwrestling Championship is held in Petaluma, California. The event receives more media attention than ever before, thanks to the Championship being featured in a Peanuts storyline during the 10 days leading up to the tournament. Charles Schulz’ comic strip is the most popular one in the world, which results in millions of people learning about Petaluma and the Wristwrestling Championship for the first time. A couple of teenagers shine on this day. John Brayton, a senior in high school, wins the 32-man lightweight class and 17-year old Jim Dolcini takes the 200-pound title by beating 1967 champ Jim Pollock in the finals. (Dolcini had lost to Pollock in the 1967 200-pound final at only 16 years of age!) Mickie Novis wins the Women’s Division for the second year in a row. And 1963 Unlimited Division champion Duane “Tiny” Benedix comes out of retirement after a five-year hiatus to become the first person to reclaim the Unlimited Division world title.

The final Petaluma-themed Peanuts strip is also published on this day. Snoopy had been training for the Championship, but in the end he is disqualified because he has no thumbs!

30 Apr 2014

This Day in Armwrestling History... APRIL DATES

On April 1st, 2014, a new daily feature began on the Armwrestlers Only Facebook page. Each day, information relating to the history of armwrestling is posted. The posts may relate to tournaments, pullers, organizations, etc. but they always relate to the calendar date. Each month, the information will be archived on the Armwrestlers Only website. Below are the posts related to the month of April.

April 1st, 1995

The sixth edition of the Golden Bear International Tournament is held in Moscow. Though the U.S. and Canada had been dominating this competition since the inaugural event in 1990, it was clear that the tide was beginning to turn. Pullers from Russia and other former members of the Soviet Republic were catching up to their North American counterparts, having had a few years to learn the sport and train for it correctly. In subsequent years (1996-1999), Eastern Europeans won the majority of weight classes.

April 2nd, 2005

The Battle of the Giants IV is held in Albany, Georgia. The Battle of the Giants had quickly become one of the biggest annual tournaments in the southeastern U.S. since it was first run in 2002. The fourth edition of the event has a large turnout with 195 total entries. Legendary puller Ron Bath wins four classes. Only Dave Randall was able to stop him from winning a fifth!

April 3rd, 1999

A young Travis Bagent shows signs of a promising future, winning both the novice and open super-heavyweight divisions of the Virginia State Armwrestling Championships.

27 Mar 2014

AO - VISNIA break

I would like to inform that I take break in updating of AO site, There is few things which resulted to my decision. I don't want to go into the details... All what I can say is: my motivation in updating the site has reached the point where I don't see  sense to continue this any more .

21 Mar 2014

Game Of Arms Reactions

Chronology of the Best Female Armwrestlers on the Planet (Right Hand)

Women have taken part in organized armwrestling competition dating back at least 50 years, when the Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championship first included a women’s division. During this time, many women have had tremendous success in the sport. This chronology is my attempt to identify who would have potentially occupied the #1 world ranking (open weight, right hand) throughout the years, had an impartial ranking system been maintained since the women’s competition first began.

15 Mar 2014

Ueli Bühler passed away

"To my bro and friend Ueli Bühler, RIP bro, so shoked to get this really sad news.   Wish you all the best to your new life my friend... we will miss you a lot"... this information appeared few hours ago on Pascal Girald's facebook page.

14 Mar 2014

Board Numbers - Game Of Arms IMPACT

If someone regularly visits the most popular armwrestling forum in the world NORTHEAST BOARD, easily can notice that week by week the number of new members increase. More increase can be seen after the premier of the first episode of Game of Arms on AMC, on Februray 25th, 2014

TRIP to Australian - Devon Larratt

photo: AAF

Devon Larratt posted on facebook a thanking comment to Australian Armwrestling Federation (AAF) for the opportunity to be and train in Australia on March this year.

Will we see Cyplenkov in the TOP 16?

In an interview for SutorSTRONG, Denis Cyplenkov explained the details concerning how his supermatch with Andrey Pushkar came about at this year’s Russian nationals. At the end of the interview Denis was asked about the TOP 16 event and he said: "There was a lot of talk about the TOP 16, but not much else. I don't need this anymore. I want to see a contract where everything is clearly explained."

Arm Wars "High Rollers" - Mr Olympia 2014

ARM WARS promoting info from Mr Olympia website:

"Arm Wars is the world’s leading professional armwrestling promotion, matching up the best armwrestlers from across the globe across 6 explosive rounds of combat and strength!"