The 50 Greatest Armwrestlers in History

In addition to the “Legends” and “Best Ever” exercises, it was decided that it would be interesting to compile a list of the 50 Greatest Armwrestlers of all time.

Using the initial list of eight legends, a panel of experts was once again consulted to come up with another 42 names to make up the “50 Greatest” list. Four of the same five experts were consulted, plus a new expert took part: Charlie Minell.

Armwrestling Legends - Men

In late 2010, an exercise was led by Tomasz Wisniowski (founder of Armwrestling24h, co-founder of the Armwrestling History Channel, founder of Armwretlers ONLY) to identify the “legends” of armwrestling. A total of 45 people took part, including top athletes, referees, and promoters with a wide array of experience and knowledge of the sport. Those involved were asked to provide an answer to a simple question: “Who is a legend in armwrestling?” No specific guidance was provided, and so participants could interpret the term “legend” as they saw fit.