28 Dec 2013


Richard Lupkes - The Pride of Minnesota

Richard Lupkes was born on October 5th, 1956. He grew up on a family farm. When he was 20 years old he started competing in local armwrestling tournaments, destroying farm boys and guys at bars. One  of his first serious armwrestling tests was at the WPAA World Championships in Kansas City in 1978, where he came second to Al Turner. That time he weighed 210 lbs. “I had the honor of pulling Mr. Turner at the '78 World finals in Kansas City at Worlds of Fun. Mr. Turner just pulled my arm right out of the cup with his amazing strength. If I would sweet talk my wife I could have her find a copy of a Sports Illustrated magazine with a picture of Al and myself in the finals. I also had the chance of talking to this great puller and greater gentleman at an east coast tourney years later somewhere around 1987 to 1989.” – said Lupkes.

Istanbul International Friendship Night - RESULTS

27 Dec 2013

Game of Arms, Travis Bagent - Trailer

"Game of Arms is a look inside the raw and highly competitive world 
of American arm wrestling. Yes, that exists."

Northeast Board Redesign Underway

New look, many changes, more possibilities to inform armwrestling world about your event or other stuff related to armwrestling.

Kurt Howgate's comment about the changes and new look of the best armwrestling forum in the world, the Northeast Message Board:

"As you may have noticed, the board has been updated with a new version of the interface.

I have added back several of the custom features I had on the 'old' board. However, there are a number of features that will require more time to get 'right' (such as country flags, location icons, various font & colors options, etc). 

I will continue to update the board over the next few weeks, as time permits.

24 Dec 2013

WAC: TOP 16 is a breakthrough in armwrestling

Message form the PAL facebook fan page:

"TOP 16 is drawing nearer every day. We should know the first fights’ results in May. Let’s explain a little the main idea of this project.

Our goal is to create a real group of professional armwrestlers – says Igor Mazurenko, the creator of TOP 16. – So far all the so-called “professional” tournaments had no right to be. Why? Because every contestant in them also took part in the World Championship and the European amateurchampionship, fighting lower – tier tournaments along the way. This was mostly due to the lack of finances, allowing any contestant to really go pro.

19 Dec 2013

Fight against doping in Russian Armsport Assosation

On December 27th a meeting of the Presidium of the Russian Armsport Assosation (RAA) will be held.

The main goal of the meeting will be to discuss problems associated with the results of the doping control of Russian athletes in 2013 at the European and World championships (6 positive results at EuroARM and 3 positive results at the WAF Worlds).

Strong Arm Tactics by James Retarides

Strong Arm Tactics is new book about working out and training for armwrestling. written by James Retarides. Currently its available in eBook verison on www.ebooktika.com. A printed version will appear at the beggining of 2014. 

5 Dec 2013

The Early Days of Wristwrestling in Petaluma: How a Game Became a Sport

1954 to 1961

The time was late 1954. Jack Homel, a San Francisco native and trainer for the Detroit Tigers, was living in Hot Springs, California during baseball’s off-season. While home, he liked to frequent "Diamond" Mike Gilardi's bar in nearby Petaluma. Jack had been involved in professional sports as a trainer for almost 20 years, and liked to boast that he had never lost a wristwrestling match, despite having faced hundreds of opponents including football players, boxers, strong men, steel workers, and longshoremen. Bill Soberanes, a columnist for the Petaluma Argus-Courier and regular patron of Gilardi’s Corner, heard about Jack’s wristwrestling exploits and learned that, via Mike, Jack had issued a challenge to anyone who thought they could beat him in a wristwrestling match. The story of the challenge spread, and before long, a candidate emerged: Oliver Kullberg. 

Oliver Kullberg was a 200-lb rancher from Lakeville, California (just outside of Petaluma) who had a reputation of being the strongest man in Sonoma County. He too had never lost a wristwrestling match. Recognizing the possible appeal that such a match could have among the local population, Bill took steps to get the match linked to a series of March of Dimes fundraising activities (a non-profit organization set up to combat polio). Gilardi’s Corner would sponsor the match. The contest would feature free admission and all would be invited to attend, however donations to the March of Dimes would be encouraged.

4 Dec 2013

How would you help AW grow?

"1. figure out what we are. nobodys done this in 50 years. either promote the Bad Boy bar image and everybody wear jeans and hats and boots..... or act like a sport and everyone dress and behave like an athlete. 

2. much bigger separation between Ams and Pro. you need to earn a Pro Card. 

3. shorten events to 3 hours max."   - Very well said John.