31 Oct 2013

Over the Top (Germany) - Results

Armed & Dangerous Episode 3 - ROCKSTAR VS BAMA BULL - UAL V

"NOVEMBER 2ND - THE OBSERVATORY IN SANTA ANA, CA - The Bama Bull (Justin Bishop) takes on Rockstar (Jake Smith) for sole possession of the UAL World Middleweight Championship belt. Visit http://THEUAL.com for more info on upcoming armwrestling events and news UAL V ep 3"

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30 Oct 2013


Boom ... more big news: 13 positive results at the WAF Worlds 2013. Some are in shock, while others aren't. Now everyone is an expert and knows how to change it... From 1998 the WAF President was from one of the countries of the WEST and officially everything looked okay (few positive tests), so armwrestling looked to be a clean sport to those outside the sport looking in, however many of those within the sport knew different. Now under a new leader from the one of the countries of the EAST, things don't look as good for the WAF...

In May of this year at EUROARM there were 12 positive tests, and now it has been announced that at this year's WAF Worlds there were 13 positives. Over 20 positive tests and some say this is very bad... I say Thank God: finally the time of "HOLY COWS" is coming to an end...


Quote from Engin Terzi: "People who complain about doping and asks others to do doping test, should do doping test in their country first.. anyone who thinks that only the top 3 who pick card, use doping is either ignorant or has bad intention..."



"Recently Alexander Filimonov received a letter from a group of Russian-language disabled contestants, in which they gave their proposals for the new disabled federation.

It’s incredible for this letter to surface at this time. Before the letter was published I had a meeting with the president of Asian Armwrestling Federation, Dzheyenbek Mukambetov in our office in the Olympic committee, in order to discuss the future of the new federation. We also had a conference call with Igor Mazurenko and Vladimir Petrenko about weight categories.


photo: Armpower.net

Few days ago The Doping Control Commitee has informed WAF Federation that at this year's World in Poland was 13 positive results of 40 made. Yesterday, the World Armwrestling Federation recived an info with nine names who tested positive. One of them is athlete representing Slovakia, Snezana Babaieva.

Positive Doping Results in Armwrestling since 2005

29 Oct 2013

Who is the real Gabriela Vasconcelos ?

Thiaguinho e Rodriguinho identify the professionals: break dancer, armwrestling champion andan artist to paint with glitter. 

Gabriela Vasconcelos's comment: "These two mentioned on the video are famous singers in Brazil and the game was basically find out who was the real Gabriela - armwrestler world champion so they asked 2 questions and asked us to show our biceps...

I truly believe, that one day I'll become a wORLD cHAMPION



Message from WAF-armwrestling.com:

The Doping Control Committee has received the A-sample results after the doping control at the World Armwrestling Championship in Poland / September 2013.

Following persons are under provisional suspension and are not allowed to compete in any armwrestling event untill a decision is taken about their case:

UAL 5, November 2nd, 2013

Information from official website of UAL:

"UAL 5 and see UAL's Finest Athletes weigh-in and face nose to nose / toes to toes, who knows what will happen.

Co-Main Event scheduled for 5 rounds left Arm World Championship, Jon "Big Sexy" Hoffman will face "Monster" Michael Todd at the Super Heavy Weight "Unlimited"

28 Oct 2013

PAL - $ 50,000 signet

Devon Larratt: "... I am for performance enhancer testing in our sport."

photo: PAL

Another Devon Larratt's opinion about the drugs problem in armwrestling, posted on facebook:

"I have shared my opinion on this matter many times, but I continue to get asked, so let me publicly clarify. I am for performance enhancer testing in our sport. I believe that the premise that it rests on is that these drugs without question give you an advantage in the sport, however the medical community believes there are negative health effects associated with them. In sport (which is not war) you can not expect people to sacrifice their health in its name. It is an unfair advantage. It is not a part of sports. I am not for prohibition of anything, but when users and non users mix, the effects do cross the borders of who is using and who is not. To think that anything can stop drug use in sports is crazy, I realize, but the direction can absolutely be altered. People talk about tested leagues etc.. There are many many issues in testing from effectiveness to financial. Perhaps a more realistic approach is to only test the very top position. If a league had a system where they were to only fully test the #1 spots, and any challenger to that spot, I believe this would have the best trickle down effect. People would shape themselves to know that if they would ever want to be on top it would have to be done clean. I am willing to do random testing anytime. If there was a league that truly embraced this concept, my decisions would be much easier."

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26 Oct 2013

Steroids problem in the WAF, the next episode...

Igor Mazurenko has informed on his fb profile, that another 12 athlets been caught on the doping control at the last WAF Worlds in Poland and the full results and names will be published on armpower.net on Monday.

In June at the European Armwrestling Championship 2013, 12 athletes have been found positive ( A-sample test results ) ... read about it here...

25 Oct 2013


photo: armpower.net / PAL

As you all know, the new face of PAL is an armwrestling legend: COBRA Rhodes. John Brzenk, who has attended the PAL events for many years, is now a UAL-signed puller. After over 30 years in this sport, he has finally signed a contract which will give him an opportunity to become known outside of the armwrestling world through television appearances.

On the Internet you can read about co-operation between the UAL and PAL... but the truth is the truth: those who aren't blind can clearly see that armwrestling has taken a direction where THE FIRST IS THE BEST. The UAL is and always will be an opponent for PAL in the world of armwrestling and in business. The appearance of co-operation between the two leagues will not change this fact...

24 Oct 2013

Support Turkish Armwrestling Federation

Message from Engin Terzi on facebook:

"Today i need help from you all.. because of some doping case in body building our government may close our federation which also has armwrestling along with body building..we would like to take attention of the government by TWITTER tomorrow evening between 19.00 - 20.00 with a hashtag #TVGFBFkapanmasın which means do not close Turkish body building fitness and armwrestling federation..if you write your comments in English with this hashtag then it will help our case..thanks in advance to anyone who will support us !"

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Armed & Dangerous part 2

Jake "Rockstar" Smith takes on Justin "Bama Bull" Bishop for the UAL Middle Weight Title
This is part 2 of a 3 episode series, leading up to UAL 5 on Nov 2nd 2013, Watch it Live on PPV @ TheUAL.com.

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22 Oct 2013

Drenk vs Nelson - message story

Kelli Nelson, a sister of Tom Nelson has posted on Northeast Message Board a PM which was sent by Rober Drenk to Tom Nelson.

So why Tom can not do this himself, why other members of the forum publish his messages ?... because Tom Nelson was removed from the forum for offensive, rude and full of curses comments to others members of the forum.


1st. KELLI NELSON'S COMMENT, a message from R. Drenk to T. Nelson:

"Your problem is you will never be a champion and ur pissed off about it. You may make a fool out of yourself on a reality show but you will NEVER be a top armwrestler as far as the World will see   UAL will be the only recognized professional league and you will not be a part of it so sit back and become a jersey shore star like "the situation" you pathetic little bitch! I've given you shots at Travis after you begged me to make it happen and he kicked ur ass like a little girl. Hahahahahaha go friendly urself Tom. I've tried being nice to you but ur acting like a baby so I'll treat u like one. Go cry to ur momma u flowerbed maybe she will hold you and make feel better."


"Hey Kelli - why dont we post the whole chain huh!!!!!

You and your poster child Tom Nelson need to get a life. Tom starts blowing my phone up trying to be buddy buddy after the last time he did the same crap in which I had to block him then he begged my partner to let him pull in the UAL event so I let it go. This time its way past letting crap go. Now he starts asking if Travis signed with the UAL and I didnt answer his question so he start mass texting me crap again...

1. you lied I didnt get to drive your ferrari   (big baby)

2. You said winners from UAL II got Super Matches at UAL III (give me a break - format changes)
3. You said you didnt have time to get my jersey with my name on it yet Harold and McGraws got theres... (dude really)
4. You said the King of the Hill was going to be filmed for Fox Sports (It was but things didnt work out the way we planned - thats life)

Is this for real? Have I not put forth effort and came through on enough to prove i'm a good promoter? Have some things not gone to plan, YES but most of everything I've said has and will. Am I perfect no but calling me a liar is ridicules.

Lets post the whole text chain so everyone can see what a fool Tom really is and how rude he was to me until he pushed me to my limits with 1000's of texts until I'm forced to block him.

THE NELSON family is NOT welcome at ANY UAL events. PERIOD"

15 Oct 2013


Conversation between Daytona Challenge organizer and arrived competitors