22 Sep 2013

WoA takes a break

Message from Charlie Minell:

"Hello Dear Armwrestlers
As you have noticed this website has not been of the quality that armwrestlers and the sport deserve. I have not had the motivation, time or energy that is needed to run a high quality armwrestling website, so for the good of the sport instead of shutting the site down it will be stripped into a clean link- and banner page to ensure that people that find their way to WoA through search engines and other links still can find the information they are looking for.

Episode #19 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – PREVIEW

Episode 19
On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Sunday Sept 22nd at 8 pm E.S.T my guest will be Justin Bishop and Ron Bath. Click here to listen to the show live at 8 pm E.S.T.

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19 Sep 2013


photo: Armpower.net

"It’s a scandal! That’s how Anton Gorin, a Russian journalist, described Vadim Akperov’s defeat

This situation raised a lot of excitement during the XXXV World Championships in Gdynia.

Vadim Akperov lost his match to Dawid Bartosiewicz. The competitors gripped up on the table several times on the day, and eventually it was Dawid who walked away victorious, which aroused great controversy among Russians.

Meet the Bama Bull (Justin Bishop)

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Portal Armpower.net informs today that Professional Armwrestling League (PAL) will open soon a new seat  in Las Vegas in the U.S. and an armwrestling Legend, Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes becomes a face of PAL.

"Now together with “Cobra” and other guys we’re doing something incredible to develop armwrestling" – said Mazurenko.

UAL 5 - the date confirmed

Today UAL posted a new banner for the UAL 5 and confirmed the event date , the January 11th, 2014. For more details visit www.TheUAL.com.

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UAL signs the contracts with another athletes

Yesterday UAL annonced that, one of the greatest armwrestler of all time, legendary Ron Bath is another who signed a contract with them. In the UAL plans is to contract more then 200 athletes, whose stories will apear in TV and they also will be fight for the money.

AO asked Bill Collins for more details about the athlet's contracts, what kind agreements the leauge offers them... "The contracts are confidential and I can't speak of them" - said Collins.

18 Sep 2013

AAA Stand-Up Nationals (1990 -1999) - RESULTS

Results of American Armsport Association (AAA) Nationals, years 1990-1999.

Episode #18 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – RECAP

Episode 18
On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio Sunday it was another great show Rob Vigeant jr gave us the lowdown on what he's up too and how pumped up he is about what's going on with the UAL. World Champion Bob Brown called in on the 2nd hour and shared his story on how he got started in the sport and his experience winning another World Title over in Poland at the WAF World Championships. Click here to listen to the Replay of the show

Info: Craig Soubliere

Matt Mask will debut at ARM WARS

Message from ARM WARS facebook fan page:

The ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" Card in Las Vegas, USA is stacked with Super Series debutants but its fair to say that none are potentially more exciting than towering Canadian Heavyweight Matt "HALLOWEEN" Mask. Mask's physicality alone dictates that he has the genetic tools to cause significant issues for most Pullers, that coupled with his genuine Raw competitive nature make him a Man to watch in the ARM WARS Heavyweight Roster. When Matt steps to the table in the opening Round of the Heavyweight "BATTLEGROUND" at the Mr. Olympia Expo on Fri Sept. 27th don't look away EVEN IF A CHILL RUNS DOWN YOUR SPINE !!! just be thankful that you are not one of the Men who will be standing across the table from him in Las Vegas & enjoy the fact that "HALLOWEEN" HAS ARRIVED A LITTLE EARLY THIS YEAR !!!

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15 Sep 2013

Champion Armwrestlers of Yore

Armwrestling has been used as a test of strength for hundreds, if not thousands of years. However it wasn’t until the middle of the 20th century that formal rules for the sport were developed and organized tournaments started to be held. An analysis of contest results from the past 50+ years resulted in the development of a Chronology of the Best Armwrestlers on the Planet. But before tournaments were held, who could have been considered the world’s best armwrestlers? Armwrestling displays by famous strongmen of the late 19th and early 20th centuries may provide clues.

The following seven men, in this author’s opinion, may have possibly been considered the best armwrestlers in the world at some point between 1870 and 1956. All regularly used armwrestling in strength demonstrations and/or were known to often accept challenges, and have either personally claimed to be unbeaten, or no known losses have been recorded.

Episode #18 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – PREVIEW

Episode 18
On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Sunday Sept 15th at 8 pm E.S.T my guest will be Rob Vigeant jr and World Champion Bob Brown. Click Here to Listen Live


Info: Craig Soubliere

14 Sep 2013

Episode #17 Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – RECAP

Episode 17
On A special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio last night my guest was Dave Chaffee hear what he's been up to and his big plans as he gets ready to compete in the Nemiroff Cup in Poland this coming November. Click here to listen to the replay

Info: Craig Soubliere

13 Sep 2013

WAF 2013 Armrestling. OSMANLI FERIT Cry

Referees are ALWAYS rIGHT... are hands can dance over around (22 sec), some of us before say "Ready GO" hold the hands on the top, others hold hands on the site of athlete hands... WE ARE REFEREES AND WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT... and you should be focused and wait for the "Ready GO".

WAF Worlds 1999 - RESULTS

Second year of the split in the WAF

ZLOTY TUR CUP / Nemiroff World Cup 2007 - RESULTS

V Nemiroff World Cup
Warsaw, Poland – November 30-December 1st, 2007

12 Sep 2013

Episode #17 Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – PREVIEW

Episode 17
Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Friday Sept 13 at 5 pm E.S.T my guest will be Dave Chaffee. Click Here to Listen Live

Cyplenkov at Nemiroff World Cup 2013

Nemiroff World Cup 2013... it's time to start announce the athlete names who will take part at this year's event in Warsaw, Poland on November 8-10th. 

WAF Worlds 2013 - Pascal Girard vs Oleksandr Tsvyetkov VIDEO

Lars Rorbakken confirmed at ARM WARS in Vegas in the 4 Man Heavyweight "BATTLEGROUND"

Message from ARM WARS fb fan page:

"GUESS WHO'S BACK !!! After an absence of more than 6 years from the Sport whilst pursuing his career in Professional Strongman, ARM WARS is delighted to announce the return of Norwegian Super-Heavyweight Standout, LARS "RAW POWER" RORBAKKEN to Professional Armwrestling & the ARM WARS Super Series. Lars will make his long awaited re-entry to Pro Pulling at ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" in Las Vegas, U.S.A. in the 4 Man Heavyweight "BATTLEGROUND" alongside Mike Ayello & Devin Mackin......BUT IN THE OPENING ROUND RORBAKKEN WILL FACE ANOTHER SUPER EXCITING ADDITION TO THE ARM WARS HEAVYWEIGHT ROSTER TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY WHO WILL BE MAKING HIS DEBUT IN VEGAS !!! WE DON'T STOP."

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Armwrestling's First Supermatch

In the late 1800s, strongman shows hit the peak of their popularity in Europe and North America. As a way to demonstrate their might, a handful of strongmen included armwrestling exhibitions in their acts, often taking on all comers. Over the next fifty years, a number of these men were claimed to be unbeaten, and thus world champions. Unfortunately, very few of these men ever faced each other in a contest, so determining who the actual world champions were from this era is an exercise in speculation. It wasn’t until 1946 that the first well-documented contest to officially crown a “World Wrist Wrestling Champion” took place.

In the early 1930s, a Los Angeles tavern owner by the name of Ian “Mac” Batchelor began making a reputation for himself as being unbeatable at armwrestling. Night after night at his bar he would take on all comers, in any armwrestling style (stand-up/sit-down, arm/wrist wrestling) using either arm. As the word of his ability spread, more and more challengers came to see if they could beat him. None of them could.

ZLOTY TUR CUP / Nemiroff World Cup (2000-2006) - RESULTS

On February 20th, 2000 in Gdynia, Poland was held the first Zloty Tur Cup. After three years the tournament has been given status of the World Cup, so the 2003 event was held as fourth annula Zloty Tur Cup and, also as the first World Cup. A year later the name was changed for the Nemiroff World Cup. During years 2000-2006 event was run on right arm only.

AAA Sit-Down Nationals - RESULTS

Results of American Armsport Association (AAA) Nationals, Sit-Down.


Between 2000 and 2009, a total of eight "Harley Pull" events were held. Six of these events, including the first one, were put on by Mike Bowling in Montpelier, Ohio. The two other tournaments were held in Hollister, California in 2004 and in Grain Valley, Missouri in 2006. While these two events offered a Harley Davidson motorcycle, they were unrelated to the original Harley Pulls put on by Mr. Bowling.

Below are the results from the Pro classes. Results are incomplete for 2004 and 2009. If you have the missing results, please contact us.

11 Sep 2013

Independent Worlds for Disabled Armwrestlers

photo: Irina Romanchenko

Portal Armpower.net informed today about new changes in WAF. Disabled athletes will be have an independent Worlds hold by the new body in armwrestling, the International Armsport Federation (IAF). The new organization will be headed by Aleksander Filimonov and run in accordance with the rules specified by the Olympic Committee.

Harris vs Garcia & Brown vs Kvamsdal confirmed at ARM WARS "REDLINE"

ARM WARS confirmed another two supermatches at The Arnold Classic Europe 2013. At ARM WARS "REDLINE" October 12-13th, in Madrid, Spain  "Kevin Harris / USA will face Juan Pedro Garcia / ESP and  Bob Brown / USA will be fight Asle Kvamsdal / NOR. Both supermatches on Left & Right Arms over 6 Rounds.

Strength training for Armwrestlers - the science of why you need it

Is gym training necessary for armwrestling success? well one very famous armwrestler says it´s not and that he have spent very little time lifting weights. “If you want to be good at armwrestling, just armwrestle” and that might be true if you are extremely talented. 

But as I will explain you can dramatically increase your arm wrestling abilities in the gym if you know how to do it. 

If you think about it i'm sure that you agree that arm wrestling training is very different from arm wrestling competitions, at least for most of us. In competitions you use explosive power and the matches are over in less than a couple of seconds for the most part. when we train however we do the matches slowly and build up lactic acid etc, i.e. not very explosive. And we are probably wise to do so or we would injure ourselves. In a competition you want to win the matches as quickly as possible to save energy for the later matches. So what you want is extreme explosive power. ( explosiveness is the ability to activate many muscle fibers fast and simultaneously) 

WAF Worlds 1998 - RESULTS

First year of the split in the WAF

Jim Williams - Black Power Man

I’ll never forget the first time I met Jim Williams. It was a sunny fall Saturday at Bob Hoffman’s annual picnic in York, PA. in 1970. Hoffman, coach of the famous U.S. Olympic Weightlifting team and founder/owner of the York Barbell Company, invited the world’s strongest men to put on an exhibition for anyone who wanted free food and good company.

Jim Williams, one of the featured strongmen, had already gained national notoriety in Hoffman’s magazine, Strength & Health, as the first man to beat Pat Casey’s 600-pound bench press. I wanted to see this giant of a man in action.

Williams didn’t let me down. First, he was immense. Standing about six feet tall and weighing 340 pounds, his arms measured 25 inches and his chest expanded to 62 inches. But my eyes popped when I saw him step up on the platform, position himself on the bench, and knock off ten perfect presses with 500 pounds. That was his warm-up.

An easy couple of reps with 600 pounds followed the warm-up, and then he had a failed attempt at 665 pounds. About a year later, he eclipsed that mark with a successful lift of 685 and went on to become the first man in history to bench 700 pounds.

Episode #16 Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – RECAP


On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio Sunday night my guests were Allen Ford and Marcio Barboza It was great show and both guys had great stories to shared it's really amazing what both of these two have been through to get to where they are today in this sport of arm wrestling.

10 Sep 2013

WAF Worlds 2013 - how the venue was prepared

WAF Worlds 2013 - highlights

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WAF Worlds1997 - RESULTS

1997 WAF World Championships
Guwahati, India

Travis Bagent vs Devon Larratt & Tim Bresnan - Tell Me I'm the Greatest!!!

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If FIFA doesn't use Replay technology... why WAF does it and ruin the sport of armwrestling ?


Natee Termparti: "I think the reason why FIFA doesn't use Replay technology in football is that they want the sport to be exciting. And the sport will be growing and growing. They know that people enjoy the excitement of the sport,not the technology, just like armwrestling. If football can use only 3 referees, then 2 referees at the armwrestling table would be enough. IMO, this Replay technology will ruin the sport of armwrestling in the long run."

9 Sep 2013

Volvo Trucks - Heidi on Power (Volvo Trucks Driver Gear | FMX)

Marcin Mielniczuk received John Miazdzyk Award

Over a dacade Marcin Mielniczuk helps in organization of the most important events in armwrestling world... quality & precision it's his trademark. His tremendous job done during all these years was appreciated at the 35th World Armwrestling Championships 2013 where he received an OSCAR in armwrestling, the John Miazdzyk Award.

Engin Terzi about WAF Worlds 2013

The 35th World Armwrestling Championships are over and it's time to summarize the event. Let's start from the living legend of this sport, Engin Terzi who competed in Poland last weekend and after the event as one of the first expressed his opinion about it on facebook:

"WAF organisation was very good but there were some problems.. for example camera reffing is not a good idea for the worlds.. elbow pads were the hardest ever I have seen.. your elbow skin can cause you to do tiny jumps.. other than this IMO ref's grip movement should NOT be a foul but a warning.. there was a great live broadcasting but because of the nature of our sport most of the finals were quick matches, or foul endings at ref's grip.. and once we had a GREAT MATCH (Ferit vs Trubin) then there was a hard work to find a tiny elbow move to end the match.. this was by far least exciting final matches broadcasting.. I am not criticising anyone.. all I am saying is that please for the GOD's sake make these elbow pads softer.. make moving on ref's grip a warning, not a foul.. we are harming the efforts of the athletes, we are destroying the public attention.. we all see that things need to change but we all sit and do nothing about it.. no need to argue with eachother..l ets spend our energy to change the things for the better of the sport.. please lets not wait for the next congress..this way athletes will not suffer anymore..

8 Sep 2013

WAF Worlds 2013 - VIDEO Finals Senior Right

VIDEO from the XXXV World Armwrestling Championships. Finals Senior Right hand.

info: VISNIA

WAF Worlds 2013 - VIDEO Finals Senior Left

VIDEO from the XXXV World Armwrestling Championships. Finals Senior Left.

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Barboza and Mask signed contracts with UAL

UAL informed on facebook that Marcio Barboza and Matt Mask are two the newest athletes who signed the contract with them. 

WAF Worlds 2013 - RESULTS

2013 WAF World Championships 
Gdynia, POLAND - September 4-7th, 2013

7 Sep 2013

Episode #16 Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – PREVIEW

On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Sunday Sept 8 at 8pm E.S.T my guest will be Allen Ford and Marcio Barboza.

Megan Belet & Ana Cheri - UAL ARM CANDY GIRLS

UAL has posted on the website a profiles of ARM CANDY GIRLS, Megan Belet  & Ana Cheri. 
To see the profile of Megan click here... and Ana's profile click here... 

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6 Sep 2013

Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – RECAP

On a Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio I had the pleasure to interview World Champion Allen Fisher its was a great interview Allen let us in on some of his training secrets and lot's a great info on his Nutrition. You can just hear it in Allen's voice how much he loves the sport of Arm Wrestling. Click here to catch the Replay of the show.

5 Sep 2013

WAF Worlds 2013 - RESULTS (Day 2)

2013 WAF World Championships 
Gdynia, Poland - September 4-7th, 2013

MONSTER Michael Todd on KATV Channel 7

Interview with MONSTER Michael Todd on KATV, Daybreak Channel 7, September 5th, 2013. 

WAF’s Night Marathon

Igor Mazurenko on Armpower.net about the WAF Congerss 2013

"WAF Congress was held before the World Championships. On the first day of the world championship, when all the teams already arrived in Gdynia, the WAF Congress began. The discussion started at 6 p.m. and lasted till 2 a.m. WAF, as usual, will publish the protocol, but before that let’s hear from Igor Mazurenko. Igor Mazurenko, President of FAP, Vice-President of the EAF.

It is necessary to divide the Congress into two parts: a working part, during which we discussed the rules, arrangements and various amendments to the Constitution, and the second part, which was to be devoted to the most important issues, in general to assess the former WAF management. But, to my great surprise, the most important part of the discussion on the former secretary of the World Federation and the financial report of the “former” WAF was moved to the end of the meeting. In my opinion, it was useless as everyone was too tired to listen.

That’s why the issue was not fully clarified. The matter was brought up, and people who believed that everything associated with Canada was sacred, started to have doubts. Yet, we did not dot the i’s and cross the t’s.

Nobody told Fred Roy: “You are guilty, you have to account for your actions and give back the equipment.” It’s sheer madness! From the very beginning there was a problem with the financial report. The WAF constitution states that every financial report must be approved by the Congress, not only accepted as a point on the agenda. The management somehow managed to avoid answering the question what they did with our money till 2006. They claimed to have forgotten to print out the report, or they would inform us about the expenses at the end of a competition. It cannot be like that. Words are not enough as far as serious settlement is concerned! We need bills, invoices, contracts.

WAF Worlds 2013 - Opening Ceremony

Gdynia, Poland -  September 4th, 2013

info: VISNIA

WAF Worlds 1997 - RESULTS

1997 WAF World Championships
Guwahati, India

Special edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio – PREVIEW

Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio Thursday Sept 5th at 3 pm E.S.T. with World Champion Allen Fisher. Click here to listen to the show Live 3 pm E.S.T.

Info: Craig Soubliere

3 Sep 2013


Message on NortheastMessageBoard posted by Bill Collins:

"Like anything else you can't make everyone happy.....At some point someone in this sport needed to take the lead and bring it to the next level....if you want it to grow! 

It comical hearing people say this sport will grow, not in the USA with how promoter are doing it, if you think other wise your a bit delusional! Or should i say as history repeats itself it's gone nowhere..USA had a few good runs but died quickly..

Promoters been chasing around the same 300-400 pullers for the entry fee, inside of 4 walls, the only one seeing the event are our customers, the pullers. How is that growing? 

My partner once asked me how do we make this sport popular and make it grow, the answers>>>vision, hard work, heart, integrity, balance and get it in front of a million people...UAL is doing that!

WAF Worlds 1996 - RESULTS

1996 WAF World Championships 
Virgina Beach, USA

Denis Cyplenkov: Armwrestling Master Class, September 2013 - PHOTOS