31 Aug 2013

Jim Dolcini - soon more info about the Champ

I just got information from Eric that last evening he had a phone conversation with Jim Dolcini, a 5-time Petaluma World Champion, early 70'.

Eric Roussin: "I was on the phone with Jim Dolcini. I got lots of info. I told him about some of the articles I've written, and he seemed very interested to read them. Some of the stories and memories he shared were very interesting, and I'll include them in his bio".

Live broadcast from WAF Worlds 2013

On official World Armwrestling Championships 2013 facebook page has appeared an information that from this year's WAF Worlds will be a Live broadcast from. It will start on wednesday, September 4th, 2013 at 9:00 and finish after the award ceremony and it will be repeated every competition day.

WAF Worlds 1992 - RESULTS

1992 WAF World Championships
Geneva / Switzerland

23 Countries in attendance
Over 300 competitors

30 Aug 2013

Supplements for Arm Wrestlers - Part 1 (Joint Support)

So let’s talk about dietary supplements for Arm Wrestlers. I know that many of you have joint and muscle pains that you like to get rid of, So let’s start with the popular supplements for these problems; Glucosamine, MSM and Chondroitin.  In the next article I will discuss other supplements like Creatine, protein powders, amino acids and some of the newer supplements for sports performance. 


Glucosamine is used to improve and protect the cartilage in our Joints. If the cartilage is damage or worn out bone will rub against bone causing pain. This condition is known as osteoarthritis. Glucosamine forms Glycosaminogycans in your body and they are an important building block of Cartilage. So the idea is that if you take Glucosamine you support the formation of cartilage.

Virgil Arciero


29 Aug 2013

ARM WARS "REDLINE" confirmed supermatches

Message from ARM WARS facebook page:

"On Saturday 12th & Sun 13th Oct. The ARM WARS Super Series will return to The Arnold Classic Europe in Madrid, Spain for the "REDLINE."


Michale Todd has new Visalus VIP website... where everyone can join in the 90-DAY CHALLENGE.

UAL signs the contracts with Athletes

"Just signed 8 new Athletes today! Congrats to those special Pullers... You know who you are!"... this information been posted today on UAL twitter.

Armwrestlers ONLY asked the UAL founder, Robert Drenk for more details to this information.

WAF Worlds 1991 - RESULTS

1991 WAF World Championships
Netanya / Israel
25 Countries in attendance
Over 300 Competitors 

ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" confirmed supermatches

ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" at The Mr. Olympia Expo, Las Vegas, USA, Fri Sept. 27th & Sat. 28th.

UAL 4, Part 2. Armwrestling

info: VISNIA

Marcio Barboza about UAL 4

A few days after the UAL 4, which was held in MGM GRAND in Las Vegas, NV, Armwrestlers ONLY has conducted an interview with one of the main actors of the evening, The Phenomenon Marcio Barboza.

Hi Marcio !
- Hi Tomasz !

What can you tell about the last UAL event in Vegas ?
- I would like to congratulate Robert Drenk, Bill and all the UAL staff for putting up such a great event in just a few days... I decided to show up and support because of their determination in honoring all the athletes that was going to be there.

Ok... and what about your supermatches with John ?
- My match with John was mega.... I had exactly 2 months to get as strong as I could be, so the result was ok, since I know John was in a great shape. I haven't see John that good in a long time.

28 Aug 2013

WAF Worlds 1990 - RESULTS

1990 WAWF World Championships
Houston, Texas / USA
14 Countries in attendance
 Over 180 Competitors 

UAL 4: MGM Grand - Las Vegas, Nevada / part 1 ... by PULLERVILLE

info: VISNIA

Devon Larratt: "...In my opinion Oleg is the stongest and most dominant pound for pound puller that I have ever seen..."

Devon Larratt's comment about UAL IV:

” Just wanted to share a few thoughts from the weekend. First I just want to give a Huge thanks to the Ultimate Armwrestling League. awesome job stepping up and making magic happen in a very short time. This was likely the best tournament I have been to, with the 190lb right handed class being the deepest class I have ever seen. Really cool to see that even after the rollercoaster ride we have all been on with the “world bar” event that most pullers came together and made the best of the weekend. Lots of good things comin from the west coast.. Met lots of people… good times..

Chronology of the Best Armwrestlers on the Planet

Ever wonder who was the best right-handed puller on the planet 30 years ago? 40 years ago? 50 years ago? Read on...

If Petaluma is recognized as the birthplace of organized armwrestling, then the sport is a little over 60 years old. While there have been many champions throughout the years, crowned at tournaments held all over the world, rankings that attempt to recognize the very best active pullers have been developed only recently.

This chronology is my attempt to identify who would have potentially occupied the #1 world ranking (open weight) over the past 50+ years, had an impartial ranking system been maintained since the first days of the organized sport.

27 Aug 2013


Message from UAL:

"Come out and join the UAL Staff & Pullers @ the UAL Grand Opening: Aug 31st 2013 from 11:00 - 5:00 open to everyone

We will have free food and drinks, UAL Merchandise give aways, open pulling on the UAL Promo Stage, introduction of our new staff, onsite photography so you Pullers can look the part with updated web pics and bios. Check out the UAL Championship Belts, UAL World Champion $30,000 Ring and more!

We will hold a $500 winner take all Top to Bottom single round Overall event @ 2:00 sharp, no cost to compete, show up, register, weigh in and pull ur A$$ off! This will be like the Lake Tahoe "Over All" event, Heaviest man down, last man standing takes the cash!

Come on out and show us who you are, we're going to be looking for Athletes for the upcoming TV Series! Filming will take place all month long in Nov. with airing in Jan 2014.

World Armwrestling Championship 2013 - NUMBERS

WAF Worlds 2013 in NUMBERS, information from Marcin Mielniczuk

Devon Larrat vs Oleg Zhokh Armwrestling Supermatch by PULLERVILLE

For videos please viste PULLERVILLE's You Tube channel.

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WAF Worlds 1989 - RESULTS

1989 WAWF World Championships
Athens / Greece  

21 Countries in attendance
Over 200 Competitors

26 Aug 2013

Episode #13 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

Re-cap of the show last night Sara and I explain what really happened with AAA not being a part of the Daytona Challenge. Florida’s own National Champion Casey Martin join me and we discuss the world of women’s Arm Wrestling and what she has going on. Big Richard Lupkes called in shared some of his training secrets and  Robert Drenk from the UAL on his way home with the UAL crew from Vegas Robert and Richard talked about Saturday’s great event. Richard was telling Robert he was glued to the computer watching all the action. Don Underwood had a phone issue so I will have him on next week’s show.


pic by VISNIA

WAF Worlds 1988 - RESULTS

1988 WAWF World Championships
Eskilstuna / Sweden

 22 Countries in attendance

25 Aug 2013

Episode #13 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio - PREVIEW

On Arm Wrestling Nation Radio this Sunday Aug 25th at 8pm E.S.T. I have another jammed packed show this week my special guest will be Casey Martin, Don Underwood and Richard Lupkes will be joining me. Also all the week’s news and happening’s in the world of Arm Wrestling a lot of things have gone down and I will have the scoop for you Click Here to listen to the show Live at 8 pm E.S.T.


Brzenk vs Barboza

John Brzenk and Marcio Barboza pulled a BEST OF 3 supermatch, both right and left handed.   

Right Hand:  Marcio put up a very good fight, but in this event we saw the return of John Brzenk’s right arm to top form.   In the second match Marcio attacked with a high, fast hit which looked like a flash pin but he was called on an elbow foul.   On the reset John Brzenk contained Marcio and won.  
John wins 2-0

Left Hand:  Marcio is known for his Left and he certainly brought it with him tonight.   Marcio’s incredible arm was too much for John in the first match.   In the second match John worked very hard to gain leverage advantage, but could not get control over Marcio with his hand alone.  Marcio wins 2-0.

Highlight of the Night

In an unexpected match, Devon Larratt agreed to pull Oleg Zhokh in a Left Hand Supermatch for $5,000 dollars!   Oleg had already won three classes tonight and earned the respect and admiration of everyone watching the event.  

VIDEO: Matches from UAL IV

Justin Bishop vs Janis Amolins - RIGHT

Ivan Matyushenko joins to Armwrestlers ONLY

I would like to inform that Russian Armwrestling finaly will have a representative on AO. A multiple National and World Champion, Ivan Matyushenko joins to AO team. Ivan will help us with the INFO about the most important events and pullers in Russia... 

VIDEO: Marcio Barboza vs John Brzenk - UAL IV

info: VISNIA

VIDEO: Devon Larratt vs Oleg Zhokh - UAL IV

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24 Aug 2013

WAF Worlds 1987 - RESULTS

1987 WAWF World Championships
London / England
17 Countries in attendance

AAA is OUT of Daytona Challenge Event

Message from Karen Bean:

"The Daytona Challenge Event has advertised $10,000 in prize money to be distributed to the armwrestling event. Due to the fact that we were hired to advertise and run this event, we wanted assurance that the prize money was indeed and in fact there, so we asked for assurances.

Simply, we asked that the prize money be made available prior to the start of the event Friday, October 3. The response we received was that H and H Fitness Promotions, Inc. would distribute the prize money on Saturday evening after the contest was finished.

We requested an assurance, especially due to the events pertaining to the Vegas event surrounding the prize money, and asked that the prize money be brought to the athlete's meeting Friday, October 3 at 9am to be counted out as a show of good faith.

23 Aug 2013

John Brzenk about UAL IV in Las Vegas.

Quick interview with John Brzenk before UAL IV in Las Vegas.

Hi John ! You fight in Vegas this weeked, maybe a few words about your upcoming match?
- Yea that was quick ... Robert moves fast.
Disappointed in the fall out ... But I'm ready to pull this weekend ! So was happy to do a super match with someone ... Glad Marcio said yes . Tried to get Devon and then Mike ... But a 250 plus marcio should be a large enough challenge for me ! I owe him lefty anyway !

Are you going to pull supermatch only or turnament also ?
- I'm still going to pull 220 and under class, both arms .. So hopefully I'll survive that without getting to banged up !

Live broadcast from UAL IV

UAL has informed on the website that from the UAL IV, which will take pace in MGM GRAND LAS VEGAS will be a FREE live broadcast. It will began at 11:00, August 24th, 2013. 

Supermatch Brzenk vs Barboza confirmed at UAL IV

The UAL has announced that at the event in Vegas this week will be held a supermatch between the best ever, John "The Perfect Storm" Brzenk and the best Brazilian armwrestler in history, Marcio "Phenom" Barboza. Match will take place after the Open event, for both arms, best of 3 rounds.

22 Aug 2013

Alexey Voevoda, Ivan Matyushenko – Practice table and Interviews (August 14th, 2013)

info: VISNIA

WAF Worlds 2013 - Congress Meeting Agenda

WAF Congress Meeting Agenda

"-Affiliation of new members.
-The approval of the reports of the President, Vice-presidents, General Secretary, Treasurer, Referee and sub-committee members.
-The filling in of any existing vacancies on the WAF Executive Committee.
-Selection of location of WAF world championship, other sanctioned championships and seminars.
-Modification of statutes, bylaws and rules.
-New business presented by affiliated member organizations.
-Review of audited accounts. Appointment of auditors

1 : From Canada President Fred Roy

1. Discussion on proper protocol for WAF constitution
2. Discussion on proper protocol and conduct of WAF Presidency
3. Discussion on lack of proper communication and recognition of the President’s office.

Episode #12 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio "The Man with the Plan"

"The Man with The Plan" it's a title of 12 Episode on Arm Wrestling Nation Redio, hosted as always by Craig Soubliere. This time in special Edion were  special guest Robert Drenk from the UAL, who talked about the event he's putting together for this Saturday Aug 24 in Vegas, and also Travis Bagent who explained his point of view to the all situation with the World Bar event. Big conversation between Travis Bagent and Robert Drenk, a lot of strong language... 

UAL IV - MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV

Aug 24th Sat 2013 - UAL IV

UAL IV @ MGM Grand is brought to you by Huntington Beach Ford

Open Class Tournament Men's Right Arm & Left Arm / 4 weight classes each
Ladies Open Tournament 2 weight classes

UAL IV this Saturday Aug 24th in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Message from UAL facebook fan page:

"The UAL is excited to announce UAL IV this Saturday Aug 24th in Las Vegas NV at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. In light of everything that has happened with another organization we have decided to hold an event last minute for those of you that traveled and spent your hard earned money to compete in this Sport! We understand there is a lot of confusion that is out there but rest assure UAL will hold an event. We are not at liberty to speak on behalf of the other organization all we know is they have cancelled an event that was scheduled to take place at Stoney’s Rockin Country on the same date. We have spoken to Stoney himself and he wishes all Armwrestlers nothing but the best. 

John Brzenk - Interview on Spain Armwrestler

How much time do you spend training and how did you get to know this sport and be interested in it?
- I spend about one to two days a week practicing on a regulation table with other good armwrestlers that live in the Utah area.
My father introduced me to the sport at the early age of thirteen. Even though I armwrestled like any other young boy at that age, it was my father who got me into the professional side of the sport.

What armwrestler do you admire most and why?
- I admire the wrestler who sticks with it. Week in, and week out. while still getting beat by most of their competitors. It’s really easy to stick with something if you have a talent for it, but it’s a real love and passion  when everything comes a little bit harder.

21 Aug 2013

Devon Larratt:"It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through..."

After the information posted by Allen Fisher that Vegas event may not happen, in internet appeared many comment  by people who waited for event, who booked the fly tickets, hotels etc. One of them who expressed his opinion on facbook is the Icon of supermatch format, Devon Larratt.

"It looks as though the Vegas event is falling through. I wanted to publicly apologize to anyone who considered taking me up on the wager, especially Denis Cyplenkov who i made proposals to directly. Under the current light i would have to believe that this match also would never have happened. It was never my intention to be involved in anything shady, or to hurt Denis or anyone who would have taken the challenge . I was naive to believes the claims that were made to me, when all the warning signs were there. Many reputable people spoke up early, and I continued to promote the validity of the event by publicly issuing the challenges that came my way. For this i am sorry.

Episode #12 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio "The Man with the Plan" PREWIEW

Special Edition of Arm Wrestling Nation Radio tonight at 9 pm EST. My very special guest will be Robert Drenk from the UAL he will be joining me to talk about the event he's putting together for this Saturday Aug 24 in Vegas… The UAL VEGAS EVENT tune in tonight you are not going to want to miss this one. Live Link to tonight's show at 9pm EST


Here's an idea for armwrestlers and promoters alike: All future events where piles of money are supposedly dropping from the sky should should show the promised payout in an escrow account, along with a single line contract that all cash is to be paid regardless of any and all circumstances.

The common theme for these too-good-to-be-true events is "it's our job as armwrestlers to support these events... it's up to US to make this happen... the sport will never blow up unless we support it"It's B.S. folks. Nobody throws out a bunch of money unless they fully expect to recoup that as a bare minimum.

It's a business, not charity.   


Another good news for fans of AO, John Wilson joins the AO. 

UAL event instead the Bar event ?

Proposal of UAL founder, Robert Drenk:

"Who would show up to Vegas if we were to put an event on aug 24th at MGM Grand, keep in mind it will be a last minute deal for UAL so not sure how pretty it will be... Prize money would be minor but for those of you that spent your hard earned money would have an event to pull at! Feedback quickly please"

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships may not happen...

Allen Fisher has posted on facebook a message from Marvin Cohen informing that the event in Vegas may not happen.... sponsor may have backed out. 

WAF Worlds 1986 - RESULTS

1986 sit-down WAWF World Championships
Calcutta, India

Ukraine 2013 - Cyplenkov, Tsvetkov, Sharkov, Mazurenko, Goncharenko

info: VISNIA

Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge - RESULTS

20 Aug 2013

UAL (1-4) - Results

Michael Todd withdraws from the World Bar Armwrestling Championships

Message from Michael Todd posted on facebook:

"I need to regretfully inform the Armwrestling community that after a last minute attempt from one of the investors to renegotiate my agreement, I feel that I'm left with no other option than to respectfully withdraw from the World Bar Armwrestling Championships this weekend in Las Vegas! I do hope that this is a stellar event & I wish everyone involved all the success in the World!



Carling O'Keefe I.A.C. - RESULTS

UAL, an e-mail story

Jonathon Hoffmann has posted on NorthEastBoard.com an e-mail story proving how serious plans has the UAL and what is the direction of the league from California.

"Being that I worked at Robert Drenk's mortgage company for about 4 years (and have since started gone my own way about 9 months ago) i still have stayed in contact with a few close friends over there.. One of them forwarded an email to me in great concern and wanted me to confirm if it was true or not (since I too keep in contact with Robert and am the only AW in the office) So I have included the email below so that everyone can see the legitimacy in the UAL and that all great things take time! Building an empire (or in this case a legitimate company) is a slow but rewarding process: 
From: Cole David
Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 1:23 PM
To: Jonathan Hoffmann
Subject: WTF is he for real?

Dude, is this serious? Is this whole arm wrestling thing really gotten this big or is this just BS??? You would know better than me since you go to all of his stuff… I just had no idea it was getting big enough to quit this company.. let me know champ!

p.s. tell the wife and little one Cole says "Hi"

19 Aug 2013

Richard Lupkes vs Michael Todd, ARM WARS in Las Vegas - VIDEO

info: VISNIA

Episode #11 Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

Had a great show on Arm Wrestling Nation Radio last night  my special guest Hunter Mann promoter of the upcoming Daytona Challenge www.daytonachallenge.com.

Todd Hutchings was awesome he's making comeback at the World Bar Championships in the 190lbs class. Todd is a true champion and has a great love for this sport of Arm Wrestling. Marvin Cohen also called in and talked about the upcoming World Bar Arm wrestling Championships Aug 24th in Vegas. If you missed the live show you can check out the replay here:

You can also download it off I-tunes I-tunes link for Arm Wrestling Nation Radio

info: Craig Soubliere

John Brzenk in ManSpace Magazine

Message from Australian Armwrestling Federation on facebook:

"ManSpace Magazine just released their August edition featuring a fantastic 4 page story on the legend of ‪armwrestling‬ John Brzenk during his visit to Australia back in March. ManSpace were kind enough to send us a whole box to distribute so if you'd like a free copy of the magazine email us at media@armwrestlingaustralia.com. First in best dressed!"

info: VISNIA