25 May 2013

ARM WARS @SkySports

A comment from ARM WARS official fb page: "Looks like TV deal for the USA is done #armwars #fightersinc #wedontstop also coming to @SkySports in the UK very soon!"

Arm Wars H/W Champ Devon Larratt talks! - part 2

"Arm Wars Super Heavyweight champion Devon Larratt talks to Neil Pickup at the Freakshop. Devon carries on his discussions with Arm Wars creator Neil Pickup. Devon talks about being on top, new challenges and new challengers!

The History of the World Professional Armwrestling Association (WPAA)

Steve Simons
In the early '70s, Steve Simons, an investment banker, caught the World Wristwrestling Championship on ABC's Wide World of Sports. He was so captivated by what he saw on television that he travelled to the WWC National Championships in Las Vegas in May 1974 and offered to buy the company from Bill Soberanes and Dave Devoto. Steve felt that he could improve armwrestling and make it grow by doing things such as offering monetary rewards to the winners, tidying up the rules, and running tournaments in different parts of the country. To his regret, Bill and Dave weren’t interested in selling. Undeterred, Steve decided that with his background in sports and entertainment, he had the ability to form a company and run an armwrestling tournament circuit himself. To get things off on the right foot, he partnered with Marvin Cohen, a college friend and armwrestler with experience in the sport, to form the World Professional Armwrestling Association (WPAA) in late spring of 1974.

Steve wanted to make a splash with his inaugural event. In mid-1974 he went to meet with executives at Busch Gardens, an amusement park in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. His pitch was that he was forming a new armwrestling organization and he wanted to run a national championship at the park in return for a couple thousand dollars to cover costs. The park would benefit from extra people who would visit the park because of the tournament. Park management agreed and the inaugural WPAA U.S. Pro Armwrestling Championships would be held on December 28th, 1974.

Poster for the inaugural WPAA event

A few weeks after his meeting at Busch Gardens, Steve’s friend David Mirisch gave the WPAA a big boost. David was a Beverly Hills publicist and Steve was a partner in David Mirisch Enterprises. David had a number of connections in the entertainment industry, and he was able to put Steve in contact with executives at CBS Sports. Steve, in his twenties at the time, went to the CBS meeting with pictures of everyday people in hand. He talked about how armwrestling was a sport in which people from all walks of life could compete and that if presented well, could really connect with spectators. He also talked about the Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championships (WWC) and said he could do better. CBS agreed to take a risk and made a deal with the WPAA paying the organization $10,000 for television rights to the 1974 National Championships.

15 May 2013

PULLDOZERS Challenge - Offcial website

Official website of Finnish Supermatch Armwrestling League, the PULLDOZERS Challenge is on now. The website is under adress: www.pulldozers.com. Follow the league on facebook here...

info: VISNIA

11 May 2013

Kovalchuk vs Terzi FINAL WITH REFEREE

If you are on face book then you can watch the match from EuroARM 2013 which clearly shows how the WAF rules kills the beauty of this sport. 

Below is a link to video from the final in 70kg betwen Alexander Kovalchuk from Russia and a living legend of this sport, the multiple WAF World and European Champion, Engin Terzi from Turkey.

Arm Wars H/W Champ Devon Larratt talks! - part 1

"Arm Wars Super Heavyweight champion Devon Larratt talks to Neil Pickup at the Freakshop. Devon talks about his injury, his training and when we can expect to see him back on the Arm Wars table!"


8 May 2013

Larratt vs Bortolato match confirmed at ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" in VEGAS

Neil Pickup's comment on fb: "Following extensive discussions with both Athletes over the last few weeks, we're proud to officially announce the first of the Headline Main Event Matches for the ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" Card at the Mr. Olympia Expo, in Las Vegas, USA on Sat 28th September. "NO LIMITS" DEVON LARRATT will return to The Super Series to defend his Left Hand ARM WARS Super-Heavyweight World Title Vs. reinvigorated +130kg. Brazilian Giant WAGNER "THE CAVEMAN CHRIST" BORTOLATO. ARM WARS Super Series in association with Fighters Inc........WE DON'T STOP !!!"

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Personal website of Geoff Hale, haleraiser.com

Visit a personal website of Geoff Hale on haleraiser.com

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Train with The CHAMP: CrossFit - Arm Wrestling 101, Rising Strength Part 1, 2 & 3

Part 1

International Federation of Arm Wrestlers (IFAW)

In 1966, Dick Tyler was a part-time bodybuilding reporter (credited with coining the bodybuilding contest term "posedown") and student enrolled in chiropractic college in California. He was also involved in the organization of bodybuilding events for Joe Weider of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB). This is the organization that has run the Mr.Olympia bodybuilding contest since 1965 -- the top professional bodybuilding contest in the world. Joe was constantly trying to increase the draw and exposure of his shows and regularly featured non-bodybuilding segments. Dick, always having had an interest in strength disciplines, thought armwrestling would tie in nicely with the bodybuilding events, and Joe agreed.

Dr. Dick Tyler, examining his very first patient

Although Dick had never actually seen an armwrestling tournament, he was able to contact Mac Batchelor and Bert Elliott, who were instrumental in helping to organize the initial event by providing advice on rules and logistics. Bodybuilder and television and film star Bill Smith also helped. (Bill is supposedly a two-time Petaluma World Wrist Wrestling Champion in the 200 lb class in the 1960s, although the official results from Petaluma do not indicate this.) Bert Elliott was a Californian body builder, weightlifter, and strongman who was most competitive in the '50s and '60s. He was most known for his prowess at the bent-press, a classic strongman feat. Mac had retired as the wrist wrestling champion of the world a decade earlier.

HaleRaiser.com - Rope Trainer (Post Workout)

Geoff Hale's comment: This is a 7 minute burnout using the Marpo Kinetics Vector Rope Trainer. This machine is great for your arms, back, chest, hand/wrist, and will increase both your strength and stamina.

7 May 2013

state championships

Anthony Letterio started on Northeast Board a thread: "IAF Florida state championships

... Dont forget will be having team award must be 4 -10 per team. Having a Heart of a champions award thats decided by venue host and my refs. Then a fan favorite award being decided by the crowd. Will have gift give a ways and a 50-50 drawing. Classes will be pro/open, novice/amature, ladies, kids, masters-40+. Two tables will be run till we get to finals. Order of the day kids, challenge matches, ladies, novice, open, masters. Friday early weigh in and reg. 6pm-9pm then day of 11am to 1pm. pro class-30.00 per arm per class, novice 25, ladies 20, kids 15. Tropies for all top 3 places. Open class to recieve title belts. Percentage of money intake for open classes goes to winners. Remember " Every champion was once a contender that refused to give yup" so all come out !! Willie Reagan will be posting our first IAF Florida rankings soon based on Olsen Tourney from Port Charlotte mid last year and the IAF Gulf Coast Championships from Nov. and this IAF Florida tourney. So you want to be ranked be here or forever hold your peace on the rankings. Be here to prove you spot! thanks all!"

Here is a question posted on facebook by Todd King from Florida, USA: "Why 2 Florida States folks? Why would Karen Bean be so disrespected? I'd like to hear some folks opinions agree or disagree? What do you think?" ... read all comments here...

6 May 2013

A comment of "armwrestling fan" in DISCUSSION GROUP

If you are on facebook you can read a post started by Vasil Nikonov in PAL DISCUSSION GROUP WITH JOHN & ENGIN.

Here is one of the comments of this group discussion's member, Besmir Elezi who come from Albania and call himself  "armwrestling fan":

5 May 2013

Brzenk free T-shirts from past events for free

John Brzenk's comments on Armwrestling John – Engin:

“ OK , so I was doing a little clean up today ! I have a huge box in my basement with t shirts from past events … Got to get rid of them … Was thinking of sending one t shirt a week to anyone that would want one on this board … FREE I’ll even pay for shipping  just need to figure out a fair method  

4 May 2013

NFA's relationship with XPTV has ended

A comment on facebook of NFA founder, Todd King:

Liliev confirmed as a opponent for Opperman at Champs 4 Africa Cup

(photo: armpower.net) According to information published at Iron World, Terence Opperman's oppponent in supermatch at "Champs 4 Africa Cup" will be a multiple WAF World Champion from Russia, Arsen Liliev.  


Over The Top was the biggest event in armwrestling history.  Beginning with the first qualifier in Beverly Hills in August 1985, the competition lasted a year, moved the length and breadth of North America and included qualifying events in Europe, Israel and Japan.  The finale came 25 years ago today, on July 26th 1986, with an 18-hour marathon tournament at the Las Vegas Hilton.  The following year came the release of the Sylvester Stallone film “Over The Top” which had inspired the creation of the competition.  The film featured many real-life armwrestlers and footage from the actual tournament.

But whose idea was all this?  How did it get quite so big?  And what was it like to compete in that colossal contest?  To mark its anniversary, I decided to seek out some of the stories behind the iconic moment of armwrestling folklore.

Unfortunately, the passage of a quarter of a century does take its toll on human memory.  When asked about Over The Top, the first thing many participants will tell you is a variation of “I can’t remember, it was 25 years ago!”  Luckily, this is often followed by a good piece of advice – “you should talk to Lori or Marvin”.

Marvin Cohen
In 1985 Lori Cole owned an automobile body shop in Oxnard, California, and had already won 6 world armwrestling titles.  In May of that year she received a call from Marvin Cohen, then working for the Cannon Group who were producing “Over The Top”.  Cohen was a pool and landscape contractor by trade, but had been recruited by Cannon to create the promotions campaign for "Over The Top".

When Cohen told her the film was going to be made, Lori was sceptical:  ‘I said, “I've heard that before."  ‘The screenplay was written in 1979, it's now May 1985.  And he said “you will never believe who is going to star in it…Sylvester Stallone". I could not believe it.  I loved Sylvester Stallone.’

Lori’s doubt quickly gave way to enthusiasm:  ‘Marvin said “do you want to be a partner in the promotion of the tournament and put on it with me to get armwrestlers parts in the film?”  I said “YESSSSSSS!!!!!”’

But the initial plans were much less ambitious than the eventual result.  ‘We were going to do a couple [of] little tournaments to show Cannon Films what armwrestling was all about,’ says Lori.    ‘Then everything kind of snowballed from there. We got involved with Cannon Films directly and we were able to use their offices in Hollywood. We started putting on tournaments, starting with the Beverly Hills event at the Hilton.  That was the only [qualifier] we taped…Then we decided to do tournaments all over the USA.’ (The footage from the Beverly Hills qualifier is available here.)

The decision to take Over The Top global was decided almost a year later, and resulted from an  unplanned encounter between Lori and Meneham Golan, the part-owner of Cannon Films who produced and directed the movie.  ‘I was getting on the elevator at Cannon,’ Lori recalls, ‘and Meneham saw me.  He asked me if I was working for him.  I told him “sort of – we use an office in your building.”’

Lori told Golan about the tournaments that had been organized around the United States,
Lori Cole
and Golan asked how they were going.  ‘I told him “Great!  But you never came to any of the tournaments and we are getting ready to do the last one in Reno this month…You really need to see an armwrestling tournament to do your movie.”’  Conceding that this was true, Golan readily agreed to go to Reno, Nevada for the final US qualifier. Then he made a suggestion.

‘He said, “do you know we have offices all over the world? Why don't you do tournaments in all of those countries?"  I was blown away.  I went to our office and told Marvin what just happened…Marvin went nuts.  We then started the whole process over again for the International Armwrestling Tournament Tour and the rest is now history. The greatest armwrestling tournaments of all time.’


"In 1986, at the age of 19, I heard about an upcoming contest called the Canadian Over-the-Top Arm Wrestling Competition. The tournament was being initiated for Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming movie called Over the Top, about an underdog arm wrestler. In order to bring some authenticity to the film, Sly decided to hold a series of national arm wrestling competitions around the world. Each winner would receive $10,000, a chance to appear in the movie, and a trip to Las Vegas to compete in the international finals against the world’s best arm wrestlers. The Canadian Over-the-Top Tournament was held at the Convention Center in Toronto and featured a field of about 200 of the nation’s most accomplished pullers. The tournament was structured in a double-elimination style, which meant that each competitor had to lose twice in order to be eliminated. I entered into the 196-238 pound weight class at 227 pounds, making me one of the bigger competitors and an early favorite to win the tournament.

Mission Improbable By Guy Lasorsa

Over The Top may be the greatest arm wrestling event ever. When I arrived at the Las Vegas Hilton July, 1986 I was cutting through the pool area and there on a lounge chair was Bert Whitfield and a few of his entourage. We said "hello" and got to talking arm wrestling and he mentioned he was pulling in the middleweight Truckers division . I wasn't sure how the truckers classes worked and how to qualify for the big truck prize that John Brzenk later won. It may have been just the heavy weight truckers class that qualified or an overall. I asked Bert who was here, and he said "who isn't here or coming," LOL.

I later met with Marvin Cohen in the lobby. Marvin is the man that organized and masterminded this great big event. When I asked Marvin how many were coming to the tournament he said a lot more than I ever thought or dreamed of. Marvin thought between 500-700 arm wrestlers would be competing and entering. These are not entries but actual competitors, something unheard of to this date in history. A friend of Marvin's said what we have here is an arm wrestler's Woodstock happening this weekend and I think he was right. I had never seen such a wild mess of diversity and fans especially when tying it all into the filming of the movie “Over The Top”

Just watch on Arm TV some of the rare footage of the actual tournament and you can  put your self in the atmosphere somewhat; it's something we have never seen or will again.

I met up with Johnny Walker a bit later and we talked for a little while. Johnny said "damn I here we got like 80-90 people in our class." I said "wow, but the good news is my chances of catching you in the first round is slim," we chuckled. It later turned out that our class the 195 lb Middleweight weight division had a total of 83 right hand entries..

Photos from OVER THE TOP

Sylvester Stallone during the filming

Lori Cole - Photos from Over the Top

John Brzenk "Over the Top" Finals Champion

3 May 2013

Bagent & Nelson Supermatch

Jonathon Hoffmann has informed on Northeast Board that on May 22nd, 2013 during the practice with Travis Bagent will also be held a supermatch between Travis and Tom Nelson for both arms best 2 out of 3. 

Bob Brown: CrossFit helps Utah man rise from depression

RIVERTON, Utah – A Utah man is crediting a local CrossFit gym with saving his life after years of struggling with depression.

On June 27, 2004, Riverton resident Bob Brown was riding his motorcycle near Emigration Canyon when he was hit by a car. Two weeks later, he woke from a coma, known know where he was, where he’d been and what lay ahead.

“I don’t actually have memory of it but I’ve had it recreated for me, I’ve been back up there, I’ve seen it, so I’m pretty confident I know what happened,” Brown said.
Suddenly the lifelong athlete couldn’t do things that made him happy, and he fell into a deep depression.

Training of Armwrestling #24 (Wrist) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train wrist using the knurling handle for winding on taps. Enjoy !

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All Niagara Armwrestling Championships - RESULTS