29 Apr 2013

Ivakin vs Karaskin PUB TARANTINO SUPERMATCH - video


Kiev, UKR -  April 28th, 2013

David Horne about Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013 organizer, David Horne about upcoming event.

"We've wanted to merge some armwrestling with a grip contest for a while now. So these 8 matches will take place at this year's 21st British Grip Championships, here at the Grip Factory in Stafford, England.

Gabi vs Sarah Arnold Classic Brazil Armwrestling Challenge - video

Part 1

Champs 4 Africa Cup moved on May 29th

(photo: Aletta Otto) As all we know the supermatch betwen Michael Todd & Terence Opperman was cancelled but the promoters who put a huge effort for the preparation of this event do not want to cancel it completly... and they working out to find a replacement. 

Armwrestling Matches in Professional Wrestling

“Gimmick” matches have always had an important place in the world of professional wrestling. As standard wrestling matches can become a bit stale, various types of competitions between wrestlers are used to keep the public’s interest. Wikipedia includes a long list of these types of competitions. Armwrestling matches are seen by many as a good test of strength and have therefore been used throughout the history of professional wrestling as a different way to show who the better man is.

While all armwrestling matches are staged in professional wrestling (i.e. the winner is pre-determined), a few wrestlers actually do/did have a background in organized armwrestling competition. The wrestler with the most successful armwrestling career is Scott Norton, who won the super heavyweight class of the Over the Top World Championship in 1986. (This tournament served as the competition backdrop for the Sylvester Stallone movie “Over the Top”.) Another wrestler, Leon White (“Van Vader”), made  it to the later rounds of the AWI NFL Super Classic armwrestling tournament on two occasions in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, during his brief football career with the Los Angeles Rams. Finally, Richard Rood (“Ravishing Rick Rude") also reportedly finished 6th in an AWI pro light heavyweight world championship in 1983, though this assertion has not been verified.

One of the first major professional wrestling stars to regularly use armwrestling matches to demonstrate his superior strength was Superstar Billy Graham. In 1973, he declared himself “the arm wrestling champion of the universe”. However, he did lose the occasional match, perhaps most famously to André the Giant in 1975.

Aside from being staged, armwrestling matches in professional wrestling differ from armwrestling matches in organized armwrestling tournaments in two significant ways. First, pro wrestling armwrestling matches are always long. Typically they last over one minute in length and feature a lot of  back and forth action. Long matches of this type are much less common in actual armwrestling. Second, very few pro wrestling matches are free of controversy. Many don't actually reach a pin -- either one of the wrestlers stops pulling in order to hit the other, or someone else interferes (which could involve any number of things). Of those that do end in a pin, there's almost always an excuse -- there was a distraction, the winner cheated/started early, etc.

Gabi wins over Sarah at Arnold Classic Brazil

(Photo: Wagner Meier / GLOBOESPORTE.COM) The multiple WAF World Champion, Gabriela Vasconcelos from Brazil won 5:0 with the other icon of armwrestling women middleweight division, the Swedish Sarah Backman. Match was for right hand and was held at the first Arnold Classic Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on April 28th, 2013.

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28 Apr 2013

Supermatch between Opperman and Todd cancelled

Michaeld Todd posted an information on Terence Opperman's fb informing about his backing out of from the supermatch between him and Terence. The match was planed on May 11th, 2013 in Witbank Maphumalaga in South Africa.

www.WorldBarArmWrestling.com clear UP of confusion

On Norheast Board Allen Fisher started a thread: www.WorldBarArmWrestling.com... which advertises upcomming event, the World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on August 24th.

Soon after his publication, the Norheast Board members started ask questions to clear up the inaccuracies which where on the main page of the website promoting the event. After many questions without the answer, Chris Ceci posted an information which gave more lights and cleared up the situation.

Gabi's photos from Arnold Classic Brazil 2013

Gabriela Vasconcelos posted on fb an album with photos from Arnold Classic Brazil 2013. You can find then here...

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Soghoyan vs Bishop supermatch - video

2nd Annual Appleton's Harley Davidson Pull Supermatches - Results

2nd Annual Appleton's Harley Davidson Pull 
Clarksville, TN, USA - April 27th, 2013 

Training of Armwrestling #23 (Biceps and wrist) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train biceps and wrist using the knurling handle for winding on taps. Enjoy !

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27 Apr 2013

Yukon Jack Arm Wrestling Championships

In 1987 and 1988, many events were being held across North America, but there were few major tournaments which really excited people. By this time the Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championships had been off the national airwaves for a few years and the prize money had dropped considerably due to lower attendance levels. The excitement caused by the Over the Top series of events had dissipated. WPAA events were not offering as much prize money as they did during the organization’s heyday. The sport was in need of something new. This came in late 1988 in the form of a series of professional events sponsored by a new brand of Canadian whiskey liqueur called Yukon Jack.

Heublein, a producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages, wanted to introduce Yukon Jack to the American market. The company had had past success introducing new products by tying them to sporting events, and so they hired Alan Taylor    Communications (ATC), a firm specializing in sports-based promotions, to select a suitable sport. Armwrestling was chosen. Sue Ritter, Heublein’s director of marketing for Canadian products said that Yukon Jack had a “rugged male outdoor feel” to it. The type of consumers attracted to it were usually ages 21 to 30 who tended to participate in a lot of outdoor physical activities.  Arm wrestling just seemed like a good fit.

In the summer of 1988, Wayne Catan from ATC got in touch with Ray Darling, who was an American Armwrestling Association Director and active promoter in the northeast US at the time, and asked if he would be interested in running a few armwrestling tournaments sponsored by Yukon Jack. Ray jumped at the chance. Corporate sponsorship was difficult to come by, and from their initial conversation, Ray immediately recognized the potential. These tournaments would promote both the sport and Yukon Jack, plus money would be raised for a well respected charity: The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Ray Darling
Two test markets were initially selected to determine the sport’s suitability as a promotional tool. The first test market was Albany, NY. Two events were held on back-to-back Friday nights in separate venues in December 1988 – “September's” on December 2nd and “Madden's” on December 9th. These events were promoted through a local media blitz, with official press releases and several newspaper articles. The entry fee was very reasonable. For just $7, competitors received a Yukon Jack t-shirt, plus a chance to try to win some money. Yukon Jack matched to the amount of money collected through entry fees and t-shirt sales, and donated the entire sum to the local chapter of the Mutliple Scleroris Society. Yukon Jack signage was prominent at the events, and there were Yukon Jack drink specials on offer.


Yukon Jack Championships - photos and flyers …

26 Apr 2013

Tullier wins with Ballinger at Michigan State Armwrestling Championships

Craig Tullier won 3:0 with Scott Ballinger in Light-Heavyweight Division (198 lbs / 90kg) supermatch  for right hand. This match was held at 22nd Michigan State Armwrestling Championships on April 20th, 2013 in Kalamazoo MI, USA.

Train with The CHAMP: inside stance

Devon Larratt's comment: "inside stance, great for pressing/commital hooking 1 leg braced on peg"

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Super Bras-de Fer (Paris) - RESULTS

24 Apr 2013

Cook vs Riehle - Another confirmed match for ARM MELTER 17

1975 NFLPA Armwrestling Championship

Halftime breaks in major team sports have always created an opportunity for television viewers to switch channels. Ideally, networks would like to maintain their viewing audience throughout these breaks, and they have tried different things to reach this objective. For the 1975 American football season, CBS Sports decided to conduct a National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) Armwrestling Championship and show these matches during Sunday game halftimes.

The idea for the competition came from Lori Saunders, a television actress most famous for her role on the TV     series Petticoat Junction. While watching an NFL game on television, she found the halftime activity to be boring. She felt it would be more interesting to watch the football players up close with their helmets off doing something like armwrestling. Through her connections at CBS (Petticoat Junction originally aired on the network), she was able to bring the idea to network executives, and they loved it.

CBS Sports already had some experience in the sport of armwrestling, having filmed the World Professional Armwrestling Association (WPAA) World Championships in December 1974. Their main contact in the sport was Steve Simons, President of the WPAA, and so they decided to give him a call. When asked if he would be interested in running armwrestling matches between NFL players for short segments during game halftimes, Steve jumped at the opportunity. He said he didn’t even want to be paid. This led to the NFLPA Armwrestling Championship being sanctioned by the WPAA and the association provided the table and referees.

23 Apr 2013

PULLDOZERS Challenge 2 confirmed matches

Supermatches in Tampere, Finland 25th of May

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships - Total Pay Out $30,000

Sarah Backman - A Closer Look

"Sarah Bäckman (born December 8, 1991) is a Swedish born, former eight-time World Arm Wrestling Champion. She also competed as "Spirit" on the Swedish version of the American TV show Gladiators (Gladiatorerna as it is referred to in Sweden). Watch out for this girl who will be taking it to the NEXT LEVEL........" - information from you tube (under video).

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Goodsell vs Wade confirmed at ARM MELTER 17


Smash Arms 2013 by S.A.TV Productions

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22 Apr 2013

Shots from the training with CHAMP posted on VISNIA PHOTOS

Photos from yesterday's traning with Devon "NO LIMITS" Larratt posted on VISNIA PHOTOS
April 21st, 2013, Blackburn, UK.  Follow VP www.visniaphotos.com, 

/ Tomasz Wisniowski

21 Apr 2013

Champions of Petaluma & WWC

2002 was the last year when the event was held in Petaluma. After 41 years of Annual World Wristwrestling Championship (WWC) the 42nd World Wristwrestling Championship was held in Reno, Nevada. Year     after WWC was held in Verdi, Nevada.

ARM WARS "VENGEANCE" Las Vegas Card options

Sarah Backman - Japanese TV, EPISODE 5

Sarah Backman's comment: My 5th arm wrestling episode in Japan! Aired on April 20th, recorded March 8th! ENJOOOOOY.. Love it!"

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$ 50,000 Super Match Todd vs Bagent

This information was posted by Allen Fisher on facbook and Northeast Board. The match will be right handed. 

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20 Apr 2013

WWC Petaluma - RESULTS

Janis Amolins Highlight

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The History of Organized Armwrestling - The Beginnings

Mac Batchelor crushing bottle caps

Armwrestling, in its basic form -- two people facing each other, grasping hands and attempting to force each other's arm down -- has been practiced by various peoples going back thousands of years. The exact origins are unknown and are likely to forever remain a mystery. One thing that is certain is that in more recent times, armwrestling (or "wirstwrestling", a term that was commonly used interchangeably to describe the same activity up until the mid-20th century) was a favourite strength demonstration among many strongmen. During the first half of the 20th century, it was not uncommon for a strongman to give an armwrestling exhibition where he would take on all comers, often offering a monetary prize to anyone who could put his arm down. Many of these strongmen had reputations of being unbeaten and called themselves "world" champions. Between the 1930's and 1950's, however, one man developed more notoriety for his armwrestling prowess than any other -- Ian Gordon "Mac" Batchelor.

Mac Batchelor was a 6'1" 300 pound Los Angeles bar owner and strongman who performed amazing feats of strength. Demonstrations of hand and wrist strength were his specialty. One such display included placing four bottle caps between his fingers and bending them simultaneously while making a fist! Mac also developed a reputation as being unbeatable in arm or wrist wrestling. Mac took on all comers, night after night -- seated or standing, left or right -- and never lost. One night he even took on the entire Los Angeles Rams football team, who had gone to the bar in the hopes that someone would be able to beat him. None of them could. Mac's proficiency led him to being invited to participate in a two out of three challenge match with 280 pound Earl Audet, another man who had a reputation of being unbeatable. The event occurred on December 16th, 1946 at the Embassy Auditorium in Los Angeles. The matches weren't easy, but Mac emerged as the victor and earned the title of "Wrist-wrestling Champion of America". In 1956 Mac "retired" from the sport with his perfect record, receiving a special award to mark this occasion at the Mr. USA contest held in Los Angeles. Though officially retired from the sport at the age of 46, Mac continued to take on tavern visitors for another several years.

Train with The CHAMP: flop wrist tactics

Devon Larratt's comment: "Flop wrist armwrestling 1)hard counter "kickback" vs an armwrestler giving up rotation to secure cup. 2) a- soft counter flop post vs premature pin attempt b- soft counter flop post to defensive flop press against a premature pinner with lack of inside commitment. 3)soft counter flop press vs an armwrestler with insufficent inside ability."

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19 Apr 2013

World Bar Arm Wrestling Championships

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Arm Wrestling - US Open 2013

Video  from US Open 2013 by PULLERVILLE

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The Carling O'Keefe Worlds

A piece of rolled-out foam that could be put on top of a regular table to simulate actual table dimensions. The rules are also described. This would be from the early '70s, when the non-competing hands were still being clasped. The Petaluma World Wristwrestling Championships also offered something similar.

In the early '70s, Fred Salvador was the Director of Parks and Recreation for Timmins, a remote city in northern Ontario, Canada. One day he saw the Petaluma Worlds Wristwrestling Championships on TV and thought a similar event would be perfect for the city. The city got behind the idea and he organized the first Canadian Wristwrestling Championships in May 1971. Little did he know that this would later be referred to as the birth of organized armwrestling in Canada.

The event featured the same classes at Petaluma (0-175, 176-200, and 201+ lbs). It was a stand-up event, with a very rudimentary table. Non-competing hands were clasped in the centre of the table. There was no prize money, but the first place finishers were given an all expenses paid trip to the Petaluma World Championships. The event mainly drew regional competitors, but it was enough of a success to secure a major sponsorship from Carling, a large Canadian brewery.

The 1972 event was renamed the Carling World Wristwrestling Championships and televised on CTV under the Carling World of Sports banner. Improvements were made to the table, and there were cash prizes to the top two competitors in each class ($500 for the winner and $100 for the runner-up). By 1973, the event was being called the Carling O’Keefe World Armwrestling Championships, the name with which the event is most remembered.

18 Apr 2013

Armwrestling History Channel moves to AO

The Armwrestling History Channel has been offline for awhile due to website complications. We are pleased to announce that all AHC content can now be found on Armwrestlers Only.

Armwrestling History Channel -  Section on AO

In the HISTORY section, the Armwrestling History Channel you will find information on the key figures involved in the sport since it's inception, including top competitors, promoters, referees, and activists. You’ll also find results from most of the elite armwrestling events from the past 50 years.

Researching armwrestling history is a hobby for the founders of the Armwrestling History Channel, Tomasz Wisniowski and Eric Roussin, and information will be regularly added to the site as it is uncovered. If you happen to have information that we are missing, please contact us.

Regular contributors play an important role in content development for the Armwrestling History Channel. Without the knowledge shared and assistance provided by them, many of the detailed articles could not be written, tournament results would not be as complete, and special lists (e.g. Top 50 Armwrestlers) would not be as robust. Tomasz and Eric would like to acknowledge the people who are and have always been willing to help.

Tomasz Wisniowski & Eric Roussin.

2013-14 "NAL" Calender of events!

Message from Travis Bagent on Norteast Board:


Tiete Arm PRO Fight Brazil, the championship organized by Eduardo Tiete.

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The World-Champion Arm Wrestling Couple

Allen Fisher's comment: "I must say KPBS TV San Diego did an amazing job of editing 3 hours of film footage down to this short 4 minute story! Excellent work; one of the best we have seen. "

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17 Apr 2013

Denis Cyplenkov at FIBO 2013 - VIDEO

Denis Cyplenkov promotes armwrestling at the Trec stand na FIBO 2013.

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Videos from the Canada vs USA Women's Super-Match Challenge posted on ARMSPORTVIDEOS.com

Videos from the Canada vs USA Women's Super-Match Challenge have been posted. You can check it out  on ARMSPORTVIDEOS.com.

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Who higher than Brzenk? TOP-5 strongest North American armwrestlers

A comment of Vasiliy Kuznetsov:

"Dear friends,

We are happy to introduce you a special issue of our weekly program ‘Iron Rating’ devoted to The Arnold Sports Festival. The main heroes of this program are such legends of arm wresting as Andrew “Cobra” Rhodes, Richard Lupkes, Travis Bagent, the UFC champion and a famous movie star Randy Couture.

Todd vs Cyplenkov - supermatch in August ?

Message posted on facebook by Allen Fisher: "Attention anyone knowing how to contact Denis or his Sponsors, please get this message to one or both of them. Thank you.

16 Apr 2013

USAA has resigned from the USAF

Leonard Harkless has posted this information on Northeast Board informing about USAA resigning from USAF.

"USAA and its' delegates have resigned from the USAF Executive Board due to irreconcilable differences effective April 15, 2013.

Chritian Binnie respond for it: "Leonard: I hope you stay HEAD REF of WAF"

Leonard Harkless:  "Thanks, I appreciate that.
No the two things are not related, I have been elected for 4 more years, the next election is 2016."

What prefers Brzenk in his preperation to the event: the table training or weights in gym ?

Engin Terzi's questions to John Brzenk on facebook group discussion:

"Do you believe that you would be more succesful with assistance weight lifting trainings such as majority of today's best athletes do (Rustam, Zoloev, Arsen) ? or is it opposite way that you think they would be more succesful with only table training strategy that you use ? So in short, do you believe that you are an exception of your method or you believe it can apply to everyone who really would put faith in it ? Please answer your thoughts in a detailed way.."

14 Apr 2013


The statement is copied from ARMPOWER.NET

"The Swedish Armwrestling Federation would like to clarify a few points regarding the discussion over the last few days concerning Sarah Bäckman not representing Sweden in the European Championships this year.
The Swedish Armwrestling Federation would like to clarify a few points regarding the discussion over the last few days concerning Sarah Bäckman not representing Sweden in the European Championships this year.

Ultimate Armwrestling League (UAL) - The Brazilian Team

Video of Brazilian Team from UAL III

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Train with The CHAMP - armwrestling rehab

Devon Larratt's comment to video: "A style of rehab training beneficial for armwrestlers who enjoy lots of table time in their training. a backpack is used do to ease and availability, it could be substituted for many other things. the weight is light, can be done multiple times a day on non training days to encourage healing. Exercise is somewhat specific for armwrestling, but primarily designed for general blood flow and convenience."

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12 Apr 2013

Nimis vs Vallenari at Contest Etrusco - Supermatch results

Contest Etrusco
Viterbo, ITA - April 6th, 2013

ARM WARS "Lethality" Trailer

Trailer of ARM WARS "Lethality" held at Show of Strength, Excel in London, UK on June 2-3, 2012.

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Richard Lupkes: Midco Sports Magazine - Armed With Heart

Midco Sports Magazine meet Richard Lupkes - one of the toughest guys on the planet and probably the strongest armwrestlers who ever pulled on the earth the four-time WAF World champion from Minnesota. In the age of 56 he is considering to train the bench press to break a world record... 

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11 Apr 2013

Sarah not allowed compete at EURO ARM & WAF WORLDS - consequence of restrictive rules or shot in the foot ?

photo: Robert Bjork

Sarah's comment on facebook"

"Good morning! 
I'll share some news, thoughts and opinions from myself right now. 

I'm sad and hating the Swedish system and federation… Turned out I'm gonna miss the most important championships of the year this year, 2013. European- and World Armwrestling Championships. I missed the Swedish Nationals, where you have to win or place 2nd to qualify for the team to represent the country. The reason I missed it was because I did an ARMWRESTLING-TV-job in Japan. With other words, making the sport GROW worldwide. 

That I won double golds at European- and World Championships 2012, only 5 months ago, undefeated - which no swede never has done before - doesn't count. No one cares. At least not my own country. I knew the swedish system but that doesn't make me think different. Swedish system and armwrestling federation SUCKS. 

I think my double-world-golds 5 months (2012) ago should make me qualified for this year's championships (2013). As I know, ANY OTHER sport has this system and as well countries. 

This should not only be for ME, but for everyone that is winning a world title the year before in ANY SPORT!

This just shows Sweden don't care about results in an international level of sports in armwrestling. And why would they, no one is getting paid anyway. But still… it makes me sick to my stomach and will for sure affect my motivation to continue doing this.

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013

Grip and Go! Supermatches 2013
Stafford, UK - Saturday 11 May, 2013

Kvikvinia vs Larratt supermatch in VEGAS this year ?

George Chochia posted a question to Neil Pickup on John & Engin facebook group asking about the possibility of supermatch between Genadi Kvikvinia and Devon Larratt.