31 Mar 2013


SUPERMATCH in Turkey (Organized by Nurcihan Gonul)
Izmit, Kocaeli, TUR - March 31th, 2013

Milne wins with Eakman at MGC

Five rounds were needed to emerge a winner in the supermatch, right hand between Canadian John Milne and Michael Eakman from USA held at the first day of this year's MIKE GOULD CLASSIC on April 30th. Match planned best 2 of 3 but it was changed to best 3 of 5.

Supermatch Leagues & Events

30 Mar 2013

Milne about his MGC match and opponent

This weekend, 30/31st March in Toronto, ON in Canada will be held on of the biggest tournament event in this year's armwrestling calendar, the MIKE GOULD CLASSIC. During the first day of the event will also be held a supermatch between local puller John Milne and American Michael Eakman, best 2 of 3, right hand.

John Milne's comment about the match and opponent.

live broadcast from the SUPERMATCH EVENT in Turkey

Engin Terzi has informed on facebook that will be a live broadcast from the SUPERMATCH EVENT, which will take palce on March 31st, in Kocaeli, Turkey. The event starts with Sarah Backman vs Egle Vaitkute match, then Victoria Illushina vs Carolina Pettersson and in the main fight: John Brzenk vs Krasimir Kostadinov. All supermatches: 5 rounds and for right hand,

UAL IV confirmed - July 2013

Comment of Robert Drenk on Northeast Board:

29 Mar 2013

John Brzenk about his upcoming match with Krasi

(photo: NAL) A few days left to SUPERMATCH EVENT organized by Nurcihan Gonul on March 31st, in Kocaeli, Turkey where in the main fight of the event, a legendary John Brzenk will face a Bulgarian multiple world champion, Krasimir Kostadinov in 5 rounds supermatch for the right hand in heavyweight division with the limit weight 100 kg / 220 lbs.

AO asked John how is his current form and where he see his chances for victory in this match?

$1,000 for the winner in 4-way supermatch at Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships

Information posted by Josh Handeland on Minnesota State Armwrestling Championships facebook page:

27 Mar 2013

UAL: "Team Brazil leave a huge impact at UAL III"

photo: TheUAL.com

Nimis vs Vallenari at Contest Etrusco

At Contest Etrusco which will be held in Viterbo, Italy on April 6th, 2013 will also took place a supermatch in Super Heavyweight division (+110kg), left hand organized by Supermatch Italian League. The number 1 in Italian ranking, Fabio Nimis will face Daniele Vallenari, ranked at 7th place. 

Mike Gould Classic 2013 - live broadcast

Jerry Milne has informed on facebook that from this year's Mike Gould Classic (30/31st March) will be a live broadcast on www.mgc.inthehook.com. On Sunday Sunday should start around 1:30 pm (local time)

UAL III - Winners in PRO divisions

photo: TheUAL.com

Winners in PRO divisions at UAL III

25 Mar 2013

UAL III - Robert Drenk On UAL Future

Just few miutes before the UAL III Gary Roberts of ARM TV has interviewed a UAL  founder, Robert Drenk asking him about the reason of his absent in armwrestling, about his plans in the future and TV contract.

Neil Pickup vs Bill Frank Arm Wars 1999


FitX John Brzenk Armwrestling Challenge

"March 10th 2013 at the FitX Sports & Fitness Expo in Melbourne, and the challenge was set to beat the greatest armwrestler of all time, John Brzenk, in an armwrestling match for $1000 cash. A huge thanks for our sponsors Bulk Nutrients and Volvo Skid Steer Loaders, and of course FitX for giving us the stage time to host this challenge in front of such a huge audience!" - armwrestlingaus.

info: VISNIA

Bill Collins's comment about the rules used during Jerry & Micheal Match


At the UAL III in the main fight of the event Jerry Cadorette lost to Michael Todd 3:0. After the match in the internet had appeared opinions criticizing Michael 's fight style.

24 Mar 2013

Marlena Wawrzyniak #gru

Marlena Wawrzyniak - Small introduction

Polish armwrestling scene

Marlena started the adventure with armwrestling in 2007 winning the OPEN class, right hand at " Debuts 2007", the Polish Championships for Amateurs. The 2007 was also very bad time for her, she broke a left arm at Polish Cup.

Todd about his match with Cadorette at UAL III

photo: TheUAL.com

On March 23rd, 2013 at UAL III in the main fight of the event Michael Todd won 3:0 over Jerry Cadorette and he became a new UAL World Champion in super-heavyweight division, right arm. Here is his what he said AO about this match:

Jerry Cadorette's comment after match with Michael Todd

photo: TheUAL.com

Jerry Cadorette's comment after his match with Michael Todd which took place at  the UAL III where he was defending his UAL world title in super-heavyweight division for right arm. 

UAL III - Supermatch results

Huntington Beach, CA, USA - March 23rd, 2013

Trec Nutrition Team - Victory at the Russian Championships

Denis Cyplenkov, Sergei Badyuk and Vladimir Stepanov in interviews at the Russian Championships 2013 in armwrestling and armlifting, they talk about some of the secrets of their training.

info: VISNIA

23 Mar 2013

Jerry and Michael meet at weigh ins

photo: UAL

A shot of Jerry Cadorette and Michael Todd taken at weigh ins before their fight for the UAL world title in super-heavyweight division (right arm) at UAL III on March 23rd, 2013.

Geoff "Haleraiser" Hale striking the pose - photo session before UAL III

photo: UAL

One of Geoff "Haleraiser" Hale's shots, the striking the pose taken during the photo session before the UAL III.

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21 Mar 2013

Jerry Cadorette - a car accident

The UAL posted information on facebook that Jerry Cadorette got into a car accident on his way to the airport but he is ok and will see him at the UAL III.

Roger Nowatzke vs Maxim Kodau & Niklas Nannestad vs Brent Rakers on Eurosport 2 this Thursday

Message from Neil Pickup on facebook: "Tonight's Show on Eurosport 2 is from the ARM WARS "HIGH STAKES" event in Las Vegas & IT IS QUITE SIMPLY "THE BALLS" !!! in the opener Super Series debutants Roger "HIGH NOON" Nowatzke of USA & Maxim Kodau of CAN go head to head Right Handed whilst in the Main Event Sweden's Steel Giraffe "AMBUSH" Niklas Nannestad goes to WAR with "THE OUTLANDER" Brent Rakers on the Left. DO NOT MISS THIS HEAT FILMED AT THE MR. OLYMPIA EXPO IN "SIN CITY" !!! "

Sarah Bäckman deadlifts 150kg - video

The newest video of Sarah backman in the gym doing deadlifts 150kg with body weight 69kg. First 3 reps with 140kg, then 1 rep with 150kg and at the end 5 reps with 120kg. Very Impresive !!!

info: VSIANI

The Monster has arrived....

Robert Drenk posted a photo of MONSTER Michael Todd in new UAL jersey.. 2 DAYS LEFT to UAL III !

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20 Mar 2013

Is PAL DISCUSSION GROUP WITH JOHN & ENGIN...this same how it used to be ?

I remember when I posted in 2011 a news titled: "Brzenk & Terzi's group on the facebook - Join to discussion !!!"

With the info:

"Good news for John Brzenk and Engin Terzi's fans. Now on facebook together with the LEGENDS your can express your opinion on the raised topics. Join to the Brzenk & Terzi's group here ...

Engin Terzi: "Last night I asked John to start a facebook group together to promote armwrestling and he accepted. He said he can not spend so much time but will write when he has time. Remember that this is a discussion group, not "Ask the Champion" type of advice sharing page "

UAL Promo Girl

photo: TheUAL.com

UAL has posted on facebook a photo from the photo session of new UAL Promo Girl who fans will see in action in three days on 23rd Martch at UAL III.

info: VISNIA

Sarah Backman 150kg deadlift

photo: Sarah Backman

Sarah Backman's comment on facebook: "3h deadlift- and leg workout completed, more dead than alive. But I LOVE it! Still strong, 150kg deadlift with bodyweight below 70kg #aldrigvila #deadlift #trainlikeagirl"

info: VISNIA

17 Mar 2013

Brzenk, Pushkar, Lupkes, Zoloev, Brown & Liliev pulling after Armfight 40

Brzenk, Pushkar, Lupkes, Zoloev, Brown & Liliev pulling after Armfight 40 in Vegas in January, 2012.

John Brzenk Session - Silverback's Armwrestling Club 2

"Day 2 of the Silverback's training session held at the House Of Pain training shed in Melbourne, Australia. John Brzenk takes on Duan Beckett, Paul Wild, Andrew Lea, Luke Iles, Amr El'Dash & Jesse Johnson after 3 hours of intense training, beer, bbq & conversation."

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Nowotarski vs Groch & Janczy vs Leszko at Podkarpacie Cup

photo: Hotel MALOPOLSKA

At this year's Podkarpacie Cup, held on March 23rd in Hotel MAŁOPOLSKA, Jaslo, Poland in the main fights of the evening will took place two supermatches, 5 rounds, right arm.

Undertow's form allowing the participating at UAL

Allen Fisher's comment posted under the Undertow's form allowing the participating at UAL: "Anyone who has signed Undertow Films "Appearance Release" for the "Game of Arms" read the following. You can request this from Undertow Films."

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Shannon Larratt passed away

"Shannon Larratt (September 29, 1973 – March 15, 2013) was the creator and former editor and publisher of BMEzine. It is the oldest and largest body modification website on the internet, [citation needed] as well as the companion online community site IAM.BMEzine.com. He also published several books, including ModCon: The Secret World Of Extreme Body Modification. He was an established online author, artist, computer programmer, film producer, and business owner." - Text from Wikipedia.

Here is a link to Shannon's blog.

15 Mar 2013

Gabi Vasconcelos - Bench Press - 102kg/224Lb

From the training, March 14th, 2013 at World Gym Campinas.

info: VISNIA

Todd vs Opperman in May in South Africa

In The Ridge Casio in Witbank Maphumalaga, 100 km from Pretoria and 110 km from Johannesburg in South Africa on May 11th, 2013 will be held a tournament event with two weight classes (90kg &  90kg) left and right hand. Also during the tournament in the main fight of the event the best armwrestler in South Africa, Terence Opperman will face one of the incons of supermatch format's, the ARM WARS Heavyweight Champion Michael Todd, in 6 rounds supermatch left and right hand. The event is organized by the President of South African Armwrestling Federation, Boeta Opperman and SAAWF's secretary Nanette Opperman.

Arkansas Armwrestling Practice (March 9th, 2013)

Part 1

Part 2

"A couple clips of our big quarterly practice: Michael Todd, John Milne, James Smith, Bruce Jones, Josh Wood and many others were present. Next big one is in June - any local guys are invited." - David Finkbeiner on NAMB.

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14 Mar 2013

RULES Jerry & Micheal Match

photo: www.TheUAL.com

At UAL III Jerry Cadorette will be defend his heavyweigt belt against Michael Todd, for many the styles which represents both pullers are controversial (the pushing shoulder roller VS lying tricep hanged outside) and for every referee this match would be a challenge. Bill Collins, a UAL co-founder will be refereed this match and to clarify the situation he posted on NAMB the rules which will be used during the match.

13 Mar 2013

Todd ready for the UAL

Michael Todd posted on facebook his newest photo with the comment: "Getting ready for the UAL!"... In less then two weeks he will get the UAL title shot against Jerry Cadorette, AO asked him about his present shape, "I feel like I'm in the best form of my career!"- said Todd. Good luck Champ !!!

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Sarah Backman in WWE


According to the information posted on Dive-Dirt.com, multiple World, Europe and National Champion, Sarah Backman, has been signed to a developmental deal and will be reporting to the WWE’s developmental territory. 

Mike Gould Classic 2013 - poster

More informations about event here...

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Chad Silvers - major leg surgery in April

photo: www.TheUAL.com

12 Mar 2013

Milne vs Eakman at MIKE GOULD CLASSIC


At this year's Mike Gould Classic which will be held on March 30/31st, 2013 in The Loaded Dog Sport Bar & Pub, Toronto, ON in Canada will took place a supermtach between Candian John Milne and Michael Eakman from USA. Best 2 of 3, right arm with the prize money $250 for the winner. Like every year, the event organized by Mikel Gould. More informations about the tournament you will find on Ontario Armwrestling Association Message Board.

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LUBO coming back to armwresting

Armpower.net informed today that the slovakian armwrestler, multiple World and Europe Champion, Lubomir Jagnesak is definitely parting with bobsleig and coming back to armwrestling! Lubo had a serious injury in his right arm a few years ago, but it seems like all is ok now and after the break he had from the table he is ready to fight. For more info visit armpower.net.

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Training of Armwrestling #18 (Hand and fingers) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train the hand and fingers using COMBINE FOR FINGERS – BIG (HORIZONTAL) . Enjoy !

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Robert Drenk in StacysCloset_ChaChing

Robert Drenk episode in new commercial: Stacy's Closet, together with his fiancee Stacy Tamburrino.

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Supermatches at TIETE PRO ARM FIGHT

At TIETE PRO ARM FIGHT which will took placa on March 16th, 2013 in TIETE ESPORTIVA CLUBE – TEC, San Paulo, Brazil will be held a seven supermatches, Best 2 of 3, left hand.

11 Mar 2013

Two more matches comfirmed at PULLDOZERS Challenge 2

The co-founder of PULDOZERS Challenge, Anssi Ainali informed AO that two more matches has been confirmed at the second event  of Finnish Supermatch League which will take place on May 25th, 2013 in Tampere, Finland. 

Testing the Earthquake Bar at the 2013 AC with Travis Bagent

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10 Mar 2013

PULLERVILLE 2012 Highlights

Pullerville.com put together some of their favorite matches from last year... guality as always.
Good job Brad & Fritz ! 

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Sarah Backman vs Gabriela Vasconcelos - revange match at Arnold Classic Brazil

photo: VISNIA PHOTOS,  design by M@Design

Sarah Backman message on facebook: "I'm happy to announce that I'm going to Arnold Classic Brazil on April 26-28th for having a revange match with brazilian 16 time World Champion Gabriela Vasconcelos. Best out of 5, right arm. Last time we met (Oct 2012), I won 5-1. I'm excited!"

/ Tomasz Wisniowski

FitX 2013 - John Brzenk $1000 Arm Wrestling Challenge Vs Lars Rørbak

John Brzenk in one of the $1000 challenge matches at FitX Sports and Fitness Expo 2013 in Melbourne, Australia against Lars Rørbakken. 

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Allen Fisher about Cadorette vs Todd's UAL World Title fight

photo: UAL

Less then 2 weeks left to the UAL III, where in the main fight of the event Jerry Cadorette will be defended a UAL World Title belt in Super-Heavyweight Division fighting with ARM WARS World Champion, Michael Todd.