28 Feb 2013

Fittest Armwrestler on Earth..ARM TV CONTEST

Are you in?

Using the CrossFit Games Open Standards... you must enter the open, compete all five workouts... highest scored armwrestler at the end of the Open wins 3 months to a CrossFit Box near you plus a Level One Training Seminar Entry: Total Prize package value approx 1450 bucks!!!

You must be a member of ARM TV during the length of the Open in order to collect the winning prize if you are the Fittest!!

Watching previous ARM WARS matches available now

After long waiting, the ARM WARS's fans finally can watch the matches from the previous events like: "Mighty Quest", "Island Law", "Powerplay", "Triple ExXxcel", "Legacy", "Sin City", "Ferocity" and "Acid Reign". All matches are available on www.ArmWars.com, unfortunatly the access to the videos isn't free but the price is worthy to pay to see in action the best pullers in one of the best PRO armwrestling league in the world.

info: VISNIA

27 Feb 2013

New items in UAL's on-line shop

Good new for armwrestling fans... UAL has presented a new stuffs in on-line shop, polo t-shirt and nike shoe's with the UAL logo on it are also avelabe now

Marcio Barboza: "I'm not sure if I will ever be as strong as I was in those days ..."

One of the 50 Greatest Armwrestlers in History, multiple WAF World and National Champion, the best Armwrestlers in the Brazilian History, The "Phenomenon" Marcio Barboza gave an interview to Armwrestlers ONLY.

26 Feb 2013

Gould vs Perron at Toronto Pro Supershow / Arm Melter 17

The Arm Melter just announced that on June 1st, 2013, at Toronto Pro Supershow, in Canada at Arm Melter 17, Mikel Gould will face Sylvain Perron. Both Canadians will be puling for National Ranking, currently Mike is #2 right handed, and #3 left handed. The match has the status of the MAIN EVENT.

Canada vs USA Women's Super Match Challenge

At this year's Southern Ontario Arm Wrestling Championships will take place four supermatches in women classes, all right arm, (best 3 of 5) with $250.00 prize for each winner. The Canada vs USA Women's Super Match Challenge will be held in Woodstock, ON, Canada on April 13, 2013. The event will be organized by Mark Zalepa.

Memories from Armfight 30 on Armpower.net

PeSzy, one of Armpower.net editorial staff has started very interested chapter ... Memories from the matches in the past. As the first he presented the story of Armfight 30, held in Yalta, Ukraine in 2007, the event was organized by PAL.

Supermatches from MY ARM TV on AO

AO would like to announce the soom will start publishing a supermatches from the MY ARM TV.  Gary Roberts, the founder of this biggest TV in amrwrestling wolrd said that some free videos also will be published together with the regular portions of the matches which are only avelabe for MY ARM TV 's members, all with the info WHO, WHEN, WHERE etc. More informations soon...

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Radu "Valahu" Georgescu vs Alain Lanique - VENDETTA on SPORT.RO

Another supermatch form the series: VENDETTA on SPORT.RO. This time Romanian Radu "Valahu" Georgescu fought with Alain Lanique from France in 5 rounds match (right arm). Event held on February 25th, 2013 in Bucharest, Romania.

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Supermatch Lanique vs Valahu / RESULTS

Vendetta on SPORT.RO
Bucharest, ROM - February 25th, 2013

25 Feb 2013


Lanique vs Valahu LIVE on SPORT.RO

Today in Bucharest, Romania will be held a supermatch between Alain Laniqure of France and Romanian pullers Radu "Valahu" Georgescu.  On SPORT.RO will be LIVE stream from this event at 22:00 (local time).

info: VISNIA

Rodder's Supermatches on ARM TV

Rodder's Supermatches
Jody Williams / USA  vs  Tim Tallmadge / USA
Robin Chandler / USA  vs  Jim Royal / USA
Paul Johnson / USA  vs  Darren Wartena / USA

Training of Armwrestling #13 (Biceps) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train Biceps. Enjoy !

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Eric Roussin sets a GripTopz WORLD RECORD

Yesterday I have informed you about the event organized by Eric Roussin, the GripTopz, which was an international event held in several locations around the world on the same day with the same equipment. There were six lifts in the GripTopz Championships, The event organized by Eric was held in Ottawa, Canada on Fedruary 23rd. 

24 Feb 2013

Claudio Rizza about the supermatches at SuperMatch 8

Armwrestling Federation's Prezident and the event founder Claudio Rizza comments the supermatches Opperman vs Lamparelli and Cappa vs Bieli held at this year's SuperMatch 8.

Cappa vs Bieli at SuperMatch 8

Opperman vs Lamparelli at SuperMatch 8

SuperMatch 8 / RESULTS

SuperMatch 8
Brescia, ITA - February 23th, 2013

Eric Roussin Grip Medley Run - February 23rd 2013 - Ottawa

Here's a video of Rric Roussin's run grip medley.The event named GripTopz was organized by Eric on February 23rd, 2013 in Ottawa, Canada. Competitors had limited time (4 mins) for completing 25 different feats.

23 Feb 2013

Devon Larratt about Cadorett vs Todd match at UAL III

photo: armpower.net

Devon Larratt has posted today a comment on fb expressing his opinion about upcoming match between Jerry Cadorette and Michael Todd at UAL III:

Passing of an Armwrestling Legend: Ray Darling

Yesterday Kevin Siska posted a message on NEAMBA that few days ago Ray Darling went into the ER and was dianosed with endocarditis (heart valve infection) and they had to do an emergency surgery and replace the valve again. He has been fighting throughout but things are not looking good. Please keep him in your prayers as this is all we can do at this point."

A few hours later came a message informing about the death of Armwrestling Legend: Ray Darling.

22 Feb 2013

Arm Wrestling in Petaluma by Petaluma Pete

Short clip that talks a bit about Bill Soberanes, the man who started wristwrestling contests in Petaluma back in 1952.

info: Eric Roussin

WAF WAR Website Contd.

This is sick what is going with the WAF's official website right now... this sicknees must be stopped. How long we will be watching this kid behaviour ?... Maybe during the years the activists get use to lead WAF in that way but is time to stop it. 


Yesterday on official WAF's website Mr. Alain Blanchard posted his explenation info to all this situation (I copied all info and posted below)... this only shows the pathology in this case... official body has now access to the official website of the sport he represents but person who updated the website use it to defend himself... 

I heard a lot of good opinions about Mr. Alain Blanchard and it looks like his name is entangled in the entire matter because he created the website and linked it to the domain which he got from the owner with the agreement between them two. Whatever the agreement was between Alain and the predecessor, it should have never been made. 


Michael Todd Vs. Arkansas/Oklahoma Team

Michael Todd wreaking havoc on Arkansas/Oklahoma Team on February 2nd, 2013 at an armwrestling practice/event.

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UAL III Event Shirt

UAL has presented a new shirt which will be using at UAL III on Martch 23th. Also do not forget about Pre - Register for UAL III .... You will get a free Shirt with each registration and avoid the long line at the event! More details on www.TheUAL.com.

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21 Feb 2013

Todd about his upcoming match with Cadorette!

Michael Todd just posted on facebook a clip where he talks about his upcoming UAL World Title match with Jerry Caddorette on Martch 23th. So if you are on facebook then just click on here... to see what he thinks about Jerry's style, about his confidence in this match and also watching the clip you will find out how much The MONSTER weighs right now. Thanks for the clip Champ !

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Radu “Valahu” Georgescu – promo video for the Vendetta against Alain Lanique

Promoting video of Romanian Radu “Valahu” Georgescu who will face Alain Lanique of France. The supermatch will be held in Bucharest in Romania on Martch 25th and will be avelable live on SPORT.RO. This match is also important for both coutries becouse at the moment the match score between Romania and France is 2:2 and after this supermatch the winner country will be fight against Italy. GOOD LUCK FOR BOTH COUTRIES!

Eric Roussin - 212-lb Anvil Horn Lift

In this video you can see Eric lifting an anvil by the horn, weight 172 lbs anvil + 40 lbs in plates. All together 212 lbs = 96,5 kg. How you can see, Eric is not only strong in the history of armwrestling but in the gym also. VERY IMPRESSIVE !!!

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Sarah Backman's muscle tights

 photo: Sarah Backman

Training of Armwrestling #12 (Triceps) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train triceps. Enjoy !

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20 Feb 2013

Stratton vs Haugland & Hale vs Khodau on Eurosport 2 this Thursday

Message from Neil Pickup on facebook: "This Thursday’s “ARM WARS” Show on Eurosport 2 is STRAIGHT OFF THE TOP SHELF filmed at the ARM WARS “HIGH STAKES” : LUPKES Vs. TODD Card, at the Mr. Olympia Expo, in Las Vegas, USA. In the opener Chase “PRESS” Stratton the U.S. National Champion returns to the Super Series to go Head to Head with Norwegian ARM WARS Flagship Puller “RELENTLESS” Frode Haugland Right Handed. Then in the Main Event, “THE HALERAISER” Geoff Hale, ARM WARS Lightweight Champion of The World, tries to defend his Left Handed title against an exciting debutant challenger in the form of Multiple Canadian National Champion Maxim Khodau.……TUNE IN & CHECK IT OUT GUYS !!!"

Rotorua arm wrestlers looking to take on world

"After just a year in the sport, Maateiwarangi Heta-Morris and Monty Corbett have won national titles and are looking to attend the upcoming World Champinships in Poland.

If you are on the facebook then click here to watch the video.



PULLDOZERS Challenge 1
Raahe, FIN - February 16th, 2013

Supermatches on Arm BEST TV

Few days ago Arm BEST TV has returned and now fans can watch matches from the tournament and supermatch events for free. 

John Brzenk - Very busy March

Last Thursday John Brzenk has resumed armwrestling trainings, the first practice tabel since Nemiroff World Cup 2012. His March schedule looks very busy this, first he goes to Australia for 10 days trip to promote armwrestling over there and in one of the days on the main stage at FitX Sports and Fitness Expo in Melbourne he will be have a $ 1000 challenge, then week later, after Australia he pulls at Senec, Slovakia and then at the end of the March he will face Krasimir Kostadinov of Bulgaria in 5 rounds supermatch in Turkey. 

19 Feb 2013

New ARM MELTER iPhone case.

The ARM MELTER founder Joe Gould published on facebook a picure of the ARM MELTER iPhone case. If somebody is interested to order one for the IPhone 5 with the logo of the Canadian league then contact Joe on the facebook. There will be also possibility to buy it at this year's Mike Gould Classic."I might have a couple for sale at the MGC if you're there. I'll see if I can get them for the iPhone 5" said Gould.


Video from the first PULLDOZERS CHALLENGE EVENT held on February 16th, 2013 on Raahe, Finland. This is a teaser video, the full event edited video with all the supermatches will be published soon.

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PULLDOZERS - New Supermatch League in Finland

"PULLDOZERS is the new armwrestling supermatch format league in Finland created and authored by Anssi Ainali and Marko Luoto.

We will bring PULLDOZERS Challenge league to big events where audience will have a chance to see supermatch format armwrestling and our great sport will get the attention it deserves.

WAF's drift cont'd.

Two days ago I had chat on face book with Marcin Mielniczuk. I asked him how at the present looks situation with the activists's access to the WAF's official website. He said that new WAF president Assen Hadjitodorov has NO ACCESS to the website and can not get it from the former president Fred Roy.

Can somebody explain me please... is that normal... head of the federation has no possibility to control so simple thing as the federation's website ?

Battle of the Atlantic XI / RESULTS

Battle of the Atlantic XI
Halifax, NS, CAN - February 16th, 2013

Training of Armwrestling #11 (Biceps) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans how to train. In this video you will find out how to train biceps. Enjoy !

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18 Feb 2013


To see more details about UAL III visit www.TheUAL.com.

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Simonova, Gladkaya, Karaev, Cyplenkov & Voevoda in Sergey Badyuk’s “All Inclusive”

Three parts of videos from the program “All Inclusive” with the famous Russian actor, athlete and master Sergey Badyuk. Sergei guests were... honored master of sports in armwrestling, 10 times WAF World Champion Irina Gladkaya and champion of Moscow Yuliya Simonova. Guests cheerfully and defiantly spoke in the gym, while not forgetting to give competent and useful advices.

In second part is interview with 7 times WAF World Champion, Multiple Europe Champion, No 1 Russian Heavyweight Alan Karaev. Alan says that he really likes that so many yong boys coming for training. The two meters tall Karaev says" I'm not this same like others if somebody see me first time alway is impresed about my size". Also he said that during his armwrestling career  he always won the matches very easy. Below the videos is a print screan of Alan Karaev and Arsen Liliev's hand. As a curiosity I add that in one of intervew legendary Cleve Dean, the biggest hand in armwrestling said, that Alan's hand was almost as big as his.

Training of Armwrestling #10 (Biceps) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans  how to train. In this video you will find out how to train biceps. Enjoy !

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17 Feb 2013

Tullier vs Ballinger at Michigan State Armwrestling Championships

At 22nd Michigan State Armwrestling Championships on April 20th, 2013 in Kalamazoo MI, USA during the tournament will be held a supermatch in Light-Heavyweight Division (198 lbs / 90kg) between Craig Tullier and Scott Ballinger. The match will be on the right hand, best 3 of 5.

16 Feb 2013

John Brzenk in March in Australia

Australian Armwrestling Federation holding their Championships at FitX Sports and Fitness Expo in Melbourne, Australia on Martch 8-10th. During the event, in one of three days in Melbourne Exhibition Center armwrestling fans also will be watch in action the living legend of this sport, John Brzenk who is holding a challenge for anyone to try to beat him - if you do you win a $1000 CASH! 

Armwrestling seminary with Khadzimurat Zoloev

photo: IronWorld

On February 2nd, 2013 at the Congress Hotel in Rostov-on-Don, Russia took place armwrestling seminary with Khadzimurat Zoloev, Ilya Ishmae and Marat Albertovich who together have tried to bring their experience, their achievements, their experiences related to armwrestling, vision for further development. Emotions, information, finally, a desire for constructive dialogue with the athletes and trainers. The event was organized by RROO "Armwrestling Federation".

Training of Armwrestling # 9 (Wrist & Biceps) More explanations (2)

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans  how to train. In this video you will find out how to train  wrist & biceps. Enjoy !

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UAL III new flyer

UAL III new flyer has be posted on fb. The evemt will be held on March 23rd, Tap House Huntington Beach Ca 92646, get more informations at www.TheUAL.com.

info: VISNIA

15 Feb 2013


Few days ago in the press came out the news about the sports which can be removed from the Olympics. One of them is wrestling which is an icon of Olympic Games, one of the oldest sports in the world, at the Olimics over 100 years, since 1896, and if the International Olympic Committee (IOC) wants to discard from the calendar such a discipline as wrestling is, then the dream that armwrestling become a part of Olimpics's family oneday is not real any more. If the armwrestling activitis were not able to do this in last 30 years then now they wan't do it also.

For amateur sport is time to get a new direction on SPORTACCORD...TIME TO STAR DO SOMETHING... WAF soulds appoint a person who will be lead discussions with SPORTACCORD Committee. BUT BEFORE THEY START ... they first sould carry out a reforms, like reduce the number of categories in senior classes, change the rules by taking out the things witch kills the beauty of this sport. If not then the raft named ARMWRESTLING still will be drifting and waiting for the wind that never comes.

Sarah Backman in the Sling Shot

Sarah Backman's bench press 295 lbs / 134kg (February 14th, 2013) with Mark Bell's equipment the "Sling Shot" from www.HowMuchYaBench.Net.

info: VISNIA

Sarah Backman vs Egle Vaitkute - 3th supermatch confirmed in Turkey

photo: Sarah Backman

Engin Terzi has annonced on fb that the 3th superrmatch in Nurcihan Gonul's event is confirmed already. At the event witch will be held on March 23th, 2013 in Kocaeli, Turkey, the Multiple WAF World Champion Sarah Backman of Sweden will face the legend of this sport, multiple WAF World Champion, Nemiroff World Cup Champion, Egle Vaitkute from Lithuania in 5 rounds supermatch with no weight limit, right hand.

Training of Armwrestling # 8 (Wrist & Biceps) More explanations

On video blog Igor Mazurenko shows armwrestling fans  how to train. In this video you will find out how to train  wrist & biceps. Enjoy !

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14 Feb 2013

Larratt's $1000 bet in supermatch Todd vs Cadorette

On March 23th at UAL III in the Super-Heavyweight division Jerry Cadorette will be defending UAL World Title against Michael Todd. This news came out just 2 days ago and the topic became so exciting for fans that discuss from: "who will win this 5 rounds supermatch" quickly turned to the betting.

In one of the comments on NEAMB, Devon Larratt has expressed his opinion saying - "awesome awesome awesome. This will be crazy. I bet Mike - takers?" 

13 Feb 2013

Boise Idaho Super Matches

On March 2nd, 2013 in The Drink Bar and Waterfront Grill in Boise, ID, USA will be organized the tournament with four supermatches away from the main event. All supermatches on right hand, Best 3 of 5, with the money involved.

NEW 2013 UAL Official Jerseys


UAL has presented the newest Jerseys for 2013 which with matching Black Pants with the faded UAL logos and stars running down the sides will also be a new item... "Event shirts come with entry and must be worn" - info from Robert Drenk.

Cadorette vs Todd for the UAL Super-Heavyweight World Title

photos: TheULA.com

The Ultimate Armwrestling League founder Robert Drenk announced on NEAMB that in the Main Event at UAL III current Super-Heavyweight Champion Jerry Cadorette will be defending his title against "Monster" Michael Todd in 5 rounds supermatch. Event will be held on March 23th in The TAP HOUSE in Huntington Beach, CA, USA and will be filming by Gurney productions.

12 Feb 2013


Lupkes vs Todd, Mackin vs Milne & Andersson vs Mitts on Eurosport 2 this Thursday

Neil Pickup's message on fb: "This Thursday’s “ARM WARS Super Series” Show on Eurosport 2 is another ABSOLUTE CRACKER !!! the action comes from the ARM WARS “HIGH STAKES” : LUPKES Vs. TODD Card, at the Mr. Olympia Expo, in Vegas & in the opener, Super Heavyweight debutant “DIESEL” Devin Mackin of the U.S. runs Head On into Canadian ARM WARS stand out & guest commentator “THE HAND MINE” John Milne. In the Main Event it is all about the Ladies, as returning Swedish FireFox, Erika “SAPPHIRE” Andersson TEARS IT UP against Canadian Super Series debutant & Former World Champion “WILD” Tamara Mitts! the result is YET ANOTHER, CAREER THREATENING, RED LINE DEATH WAR !!! ……DO NOT MISS THIS ONE GUYS !!!"

info: VISNIA

Brzenk vs Kostadinov Supermatch in Turkey (March 31st)

Next great news for fans of supermatch format in armwrestling... Engin Terzi informed on facebook that in Kocaeli, Turkey on March 31st, 2013 will be held supermatch event in one man and two women categories. The event is organized by Nurcihan Gonul, the 4 times Women's WAF Heavyweight Champion.

ArmBETS.TV is back!

Marcin Mielniczuk, the team member of ARMPOWER.NET informed yesterday on NEAMB that ArmBETS.TV is comming back and armwrestling fans can watch (supermatch & tournament events) for free and no registration is needed.

UAL III - Total CASH prize money $12,200.00

Message from Robert Drenk on NEAMB: "We have decided to increase the prize money at UAL III to help some of you from the east coast make the event! We want everyone to have a shot of getting signed by the UAL for our upcoming NATIONAL TV Deal with FOX.