30 Nov 2018

Help Oleg Zhokh

"Wednesday, November 14, 2018… Around 3 pm local time, it was reported that there was a terrible accident on the highway ‘Kyiv-Chop’. There were three passengers in the unlucky car. They were going to the airport to take part in the 18th International Tournament ‘Zloty Tur Cup’ in Rumia, Poland. But it was never meant to be. 

Oleg Zhokh, World and European arm wrestling champion, was seriously injured that horrible day. He fell onto coma and miraculously regained consciousness almost ten days after the accident. The car crash took lives of the other two. Andrey Pushkar and the driver, who was Oleg’s father, had no chances to survive. How hard it is to get back to this world and discover that your beloved dad and your best friend are gone. Despite the fact that Oleg is suffering from a number of aneurysms, hematomas and fractures, he behaves as a real fighter. But it is not without the help of his family, friends and fans.

Currently, Oleg is awake and waiting for the rest of the surgeries he has to undergo. It is extremely important to support him emotionally and financially in this critical life situation. Therefore, you are welcome to make donations to this fundraising platform or just leave a warm comment. Thank you!" - Svitlana Zhokh.