29 Oct 2018


ArmwrestlersONLY World Armwrestling Rankings as at 29/10/2018 
Ranking updated after WAF Worlds 2018.

Armwrestlers ONLY rankings list the Top 10 Armwrestlers from around the world in the Overall category for the left and the right arm.

Revaz Luditze and Krasimir Kostadinov leave the ranking for the right arm, and Evgeny Prudnik and Krasimir Kostadinov for the left arm.

Michael Todd draws in the ranking, as if I dismiss results based on non WAF / Euro Pro leagues, I minimize the effect North American pullers can have on world rankings.

Obviously Levan Saginashvili, Sasho Andreev and Vitalii Laletin winning WAF gold draws them in and in Levan’s case, raises him in the ranking. Sasho beating Prudnik advances him.

The reason why Rustam Babayev dropped in the world ranking is based on performance of Levan and Vitalii at WAF Worlds, my judgment tells me that both would beat him.

The world top 10 overall ranking is run by Chris Gobby. Much like his IN THE HOOK rankings, he encourages input and questions as ranking perfection is an anomaly. Please feel free add your opinions on IN THE HOOK RANKINGS.

See the ranking update history.

Men Top 10 Overall Right Arm:

1. Dave Chaffee / USA

2. Dmitry Trubin / KAZ

3. Andrey Pushkar / UKR

4. Denis Cyplenkov / RUS

5. Jerry Cadorette / USA

6. Michael Todd / USA

7. Devon Larratt / CAN

8. Levan Saginashvili / GEO

9. Vitalii Laletin / RUS

10. Rustam Babaiev / UKR

Men Top 10 Overall Left Arm:

1. Denis Cyplenkov / RUS

2. Travis Bagent / USA

3. Oleg Zhokh / UKR

4. Andrey Pushkar / UKR

5. Dmitry Trubin / KAZ

6. Devon Larratt / CAN

7. Levan Saginashvili / GEO

8. Vitalii Laletin / RUS

9. Rustam Babaiev / UKR

10. Sasho Andreev / BUL