21 Jul 2018

Allison Renoos Hutchings: A recap of TODDZILA's supermatch at WAL 404 & VIDEO

A short recap of Todd "TODDZILA" Hutchings supermatch with vs Ron "THE LEGEND" Bath by Allison Renoos Hutchings held on July 19th, 2018 at WAL 404: Supermatch Showdown Series in Norfolk, VA, USA.

"3-0 Todd wins. Ron injured on 3rd round. Todd was comfortable through most of it.

The announcer during the show had it very accurate. The grip was conducive to hooking so that’s pretty much what he did the whole time. He did try at one point to open Ron's hand with a toproll and then ended up inside in the end. He was comfortable and basically tried to bleed out Ron’s strength once he had the match in control." 

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski