13 Jun 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (55) - Rob Riggle vs Billy Zane

An American actor and comedian, Rob Riggle (as a Kentucky Buckets Colonel Sanders) arm-wrestles an American actor and producer, Billy Zane (as a Georgia Gold Colonel Sanders) in KFC Super Bowl Commercial Teasers from 2017. 

KFC Super Bowl 2017 Teaser

About KFC Super Bowl 2017 Teaser, 'Arm Wrestling' Feat. Billy Zane, Rob Riggle

"Pitted against each other in a feat of strength, the Georgia Gold Colonel and Kentucky Buckets Colonel settle their differences with an old fashioned arm wrestle. Vastly outmatched, Kentucky Buckets struggles to budge the golden arm while Georgia Gold casually chats on the phone. Watch their ultimate showdown in KFC's Super Bowl LI commercial Feb. 5, 2017 on FOX." - www.ispot.tv

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski