29 Jun 2018

Anna Mazurenko: "because my guests deserve the best"

SPORT HALL MOSIR in Rumia, Poland - it is here that PARA-Armwrestlers will compete for the primacy of the strongest in their category, as well as in the Open category.

After the PRO athletes, who will be competing in the Zloty Tur World Cup, and in the jubilee Vendetta #50 the Disabled will enter the stage. On November 18-19th, 2018, the strongest arms from all over the world will be compete at the most important event of the year, the Disabled World Cup Poland.

I have interviewed Anna Mazurenko, an organizer of Disabled World Cup Poland, who loves Disabled Armwrestlers like no other. Probably because her event is so great and lets athletes feel very special. 

How did it happen that PARA-Armwrestlers have such an event?

- I've always had this impression that disabled athletes are marginalized. I don't know why, but they always fight on the side, without audience and without the respect due to real warriors, who they are, without the slightest doubt. This is how the idea for the World Cup for Disabled was born. 

Have you arm-wrestle at the table? I'm asking because I've never seen you competing.

- I'm not a competitor, I have never arm-wrestled at the table. That's Igor's job. He perfected the table technically. I just thought that some armwrestler is going to buy it and put it in his living room, which I'm sure would make his wife very happy 🙂. So if it has to be there in the first place, let it be as beautiful as possible, colourful and impeccably manufactured. 

As an organizer, you take great care of the Disabled World Cup, raising it's standards every year. What can competitors and fans expect this year?

- This year, the Vendetta #50 competitors will also be guests at my event. I want every disabled armwrestler to have a chance to have a photo with the giant Levan Saginashvili, chat with Devon Larratt, be cheered on by Andrey Pushkar and Denis Tsyplenkov. The top Vendetta competitors are delighted with this idea, they want to be with us, give medals, be a part of the greatest para-event of the year!

That's why I put so much effort into the details, the beautiful setting; that's why the Miss World Wheelchair is welcoming everybody on-stage - because my guests deserve the best. I want them to feel comfortable. I make sure that the hotel bathrooms are wheelchair - accessible; that we have a sign language interpreter; that the taxis we have ordered for the event are large enough to fit a wheelchair in the trunk. 

So, in a few words, for you taking care of details builds atmosphere?

- Yes, those are just details, but they create the ambiance of the event. Every year I invite the neighborhood schools to my World Cup for Disabled. Teachers bring their students and they all together cheer the competitors and learn respect for differences.

During the five-day weekend in Rumia is currently helt the most important event in the armwrestling's calendar, a festival of this sport for professionals, disabled, and as well for fans.

- I think it was only logical: if not us, then who? I don't think anyone else has the right experience, possibilities, technical background and experienced and creative people. For many years now we have been setting up standards and showing the direction in which this discipline should be evolving. The technical solutions implemented by us, the new options for rivalry, make the bouts increasingly more balanced, and armwrestling itself become more spectacular, also involving the disabled competitors, for whom we, as first organizers ever, have set up financial prizes in the open category. I mean, only the best of the best fight in Rumia, so para-armwrestlers have to present too. Those gladiators want to come here, because they know that a win will gain them respect in the armwrestling world. 

Back to the unique character of our events - this year we'll have the first from a decade Vendetta for women. Next year we may also have a surprise for everybody: there is a possibility for a first ever Vendetta with disabled athletes. Because if not us, then who?

Anna, I wish you another successful event. Thank you for you time.

- Thank you. See you in Poland Tomasz!

/ Tomasz Wisniowski