1 May 2018

Larratt signed a contract to fight with Cyplenkov

For many years, there have been sensational reports on the possible fight between Devon Larratt and Denis Cyplenkov in heavyweight division. And although there were hundreds of such unverified informations, this time it can be assumed that armwrestling fans will finally see the desired fight.

Today on instagram, Devon announced the signing of a contract to fight Denis, so the never-ending saga of Larratt vs Cyplenkov is over.

To be completely sure, I contacted Devon asking him to confirm is it official that he will fight Denis on Armfight #50 during the Zloty Tur World Cup 2018. "Its on"- said Devon.

Bravo PAL, bravo Don King of armwrestling, Igor Mazurenko... impossible has become possible!
It's time to book the flights to Poland for November, to see the epic battle for the PAL World Champion belt.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski