7 May 2018

Larratt in Men'sHealth

Devon Larratt in on-line version of Men'sHealth in article by Mark Lelinwalla; How to Build the Super Forearm Strength of a Pro Arm Wrestler.

"When it comes to arm wrestling, forearm strength is crucial.

Devon Larratt proved that to Shaquille O’Neal during a recent appearance on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Despite giving up roughly 150 pounds to the NBA Hall of Famer, Larratt, the reigning World Armwrestling League heavyweight champion for righties and lefties, pinned O’Neal’s hand down in a way that would have Sylvester Stallone in Over the Top feeling nervous.

In awe, Shaq asked Devon the secret to his arm wrestling prowess. Larratt’s response? Simply pointing to his forearm, just above the inside of his elbow. “It’s this," he replied. "That’s where it comes from.”

Larratt was referring to his pronator teres, the muscle located on the palm side of the forearm just below the elbow.

“The pronator is really what starts to set arm wrestlers apart,” Larratt tells MensHealth.com. “It’s your best sword, your best weapon. I can say with 100 percent conviction—you can train your forearms every day, multiple times a day and get fantastic gains.”

Now, we might not necessarily endorse that sentiment for everyday guys at the gym—but for Larratt, the sport-specific training has clearly paid off. The man called “No Limits” by his fans has been the gold standard for World Armwrestling League dominance in recent years, winning the heavyweight championship for lefties and righties two years in a row, with a three-peat in his sights. Before that, the 6-5, 225-pound Canadian was the southpaw champ from 2014-15."... www.menshealth.com

/ Tomasz Wisniowski