5 Mar 2018

"Over the Top" Armwrestling Trivia By Lori Cole

If you are on facebook, I recommend the public group named: "Over the Top" Armwrestling Trivia By Lori Cole. Many iconic images, info related to Over The Top. Also, it is great place to meet old Champs who were more or less involved in OTT.

IMO, when it comes to Over The Top, Lori is the best source of information. She helped me a lot (with informations about the event and contacting people) when I was collecting info about the event to article, Over the Top: THE ICON OF ARMWRESTLING, which I wrote in 2011, for the 25th anniversary.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski

One of the articles shared in this public group

"Picture the scene: a burly American steps up for the ultimate contest of manly strength with the scariest Russian since Ivan Drago. This is what arm wrestling could bring to the Olympics. The world's hardest men violently holding hands for a brief period of time. There will be no need for world wars with Arm Wrestling at the Olympics. All geo-political disputes can be settled by men with one arm significantly bigger than the other." - www.esquireme.com