13 Feb 2018

Natalia Glumova: "I want her to know how to lose and regain self control and go on working with double effort.."

photo: Disabled World Cup - Poland

An interview of Natalia Glumova, a mother of para armwrestler junior girl Nadezdha Vnenkovskaia from Russia by Anna Mazurenko.

"Anna Mazurenko: What does the champion's mother dream about?

Natalia Glumova: Like all mothers of the world, I dream that my daughter grows up to be a real person, kind, sensitive, grateful, purposeful. I wish her not to be afraid of difficulties and look for solutions instead. I want her to know how to lose and regain self control and go on working with double effort, achieve all that is dreamed of both in sports and in personal life. 

Champion at any age remains mother’s and father's daughter, but one should have friends at any age, friends with whom you can talk about everything without looking back and choosing words.

Anyway, as mother of the champion, I really want to go for vacation. From the moment my daughter started to armwrestle (2012) we spend all my vacations at competitions. Instead I would prefer to lie back somewhere at the seaside doing nothing! !! ;))

Anna Mazurenko: Natalia, what does the champion's mother struggle with?

Natalia Glumova: First of all, of course, you have to struggle with yourself, training four days a week. After my main work from 8:00 to 17:00, the office is located 27 km from home, go home ... prepare Nadezhda and then overcome same distance to the gym! 

Before all international competitions we are searching for funds for the trip. The Ministry of Physical Education and Sports shifts the responsibility to the PODA Federation and the PODA Federation - to the ministry. We have to write angry letters, apply to the mass media (television, newspapers). The first year (2015) was especially hard for us, we had to raise funds all over the world through the Internet. The world was not without kind people, we collected a lot and then, after publication on TV, the Ministry of Sports came up and paid the remaining amount. 

Last year, because of the staff rotation in Perm region Ministry of Sports the expenses compensation was delayed for 11 months. Russian athletes with disabilities, mostly exist on a pension, the size of which does not allow to collect money for a trip, anyway, we go to sponsors, friends and indifferent people.

To date, all expenses for the year 2017 have been reimbursed.

In general, I follow the principle "Under a recumbent stone, water does not flow!", meaning if you sit, fold your hands and cross your legs ... no one and nothing will help you to achieve any goals. You need to act and you will get a lot.

The bureaucratic machine works properly, so when a question arises, we solve it by official letters!

Anna Mazurenko:: You are very active in social networks and do the reports from the trips of your team to the competitions. Why, in your opinion, is it so important to show a lot of such reports on social networks?

Natalia Glumova: Social networks are probably the most accessible information platform for everybody. I want people, first of all with disabilities, to know and see that nothing is impossible in life while you are alive! I want them to know more about us - people with unlimited abilities, about our sport, interesting and exciting, what kind of people are engaged in it and how they live by this sport. 

I want others to feel the great atmosphere in which our athletes compete and train, so I write my reports, if they can be called so, in plain and understandable language try to express my emotions, which are sometimes so extreme to tremble in my lap. I want my readers to get infected by an active style of life!

Anna Mazurenko: No team in the world has such beautiful hairstyles as girls from the Russian team. Does your team ride with his hairdresser? Who braids them with hair?

Natalia Glumova: Most of the girls make their hair themselves, but those who can not do it themselves are assisted by the accompanying people (that's why we need attendants in each team). In our case, I plait the braids myself for three years. I like girls look neat and up, like at a holiday. After all, each trip to the competition for them is a holiday!!!"

Source: Disabled World Cup - Poland

/ Tomasz Wisniowski