16 Feb 2018

Armfight live on ImpactTV

photo: FNSARM

Like any sport federation, Federația Națională Sportivă de Armwrestling din Republica Moldova (FNSARM) has one of the objectives to make Armwrestling more recognized in the general population and to display it as attractive as possible for those who are looking for a sport to be practiced personally or by their acquaintances. The emergence of the video content on TV, which renders the essence of this competitive sport, is still one of the most effective methods of advertisement. FNSARM considers that it is a special opportunity that the President of the Federation, Mr. Marcel Darie, managed to make an extraordinary investment in the organization and development of the television channel with Impact TV with national coverage. That's how we got an extraordinary partner who makes the federation's activity known as a whole, but it also mediates the success of our athletes.

In addition to the live sreaming of all the championships organized under the aegis of the Federation, we thought to make a sports-show under the Armfight brand so that every weekend we broadcast a 6-round match from the ImpactTV studio live (usually 3 left and 3 right ). We had the first match on December 9, 2017 and there were 8 episodes, including one female armfight. In order to make these episodes more spectacular, for each of them we find a representative name, the athletes are attributed nicknames. And to enhance the atmosphere of the show, we have the producer of the show Sort Life, Grigore Taran, joining us as the commentator of the show. Within each armfight the participants are awarded with money prizes and the winner receives a cup. The participants also have a chance to challenge other armwrestlers to an armfight for future episodes.

So far, these were the pairs of armwrestlers that participated in the show:

1. Dima Breahna vs. Igor Crăciun  2:4 

2. Ghenadie Ababii vs. Alexandr Rudakov  4:3 (after and additional round) 

3. Ivan Șoșev vs. Vladimir Butucea  6:0 

4. Andrei Mînăscurtă vs. Vadim Stavilă  4:2 

5. Valeria Chipăruș vs. Natalia Șkuratkova  6:0

6. Alexandru Radu vs. Damian Butmalai  6:0 

7. Victor Bejenari vs. Nicolai Bârladeanu  4:2

8. Oleg Tudorean Vs Tudor Costeniuc  5:1

It is important to mention that Armwrestling is increasing in popularity among the general population. Many sport and fitness centers that were far away from armwrestling are now interested in the specifics of training and competitions, while fitness club managers demand and organize the purchase and installation of armwrestling tables.

In the future, many athletes, including guests from abroad, are expected to participate in our show. Since we are preparing for the National Armwrestling Championship of Moldova, we take a break, and after March 17 we will continue the project "Armfight live on ImpactTV"!

/ Alexandru Grumeza