16 Jan 2018

The arm battle of Sweden 2018 – womans classes

During last weekend the competition “The arm battle of Sweden” was held in Brickhouse training center in Kallhäll, Sweden. It was the armwrestler Mattias Zografos that arranged this competition. I helped a little bit, especially with the womens class.

For the mens classes he invited some armwrestlers from abroad to challenge armwrestlers from Sweden. It was great matches. But I will focus on the womens classes.

In the womens classes we pulled “Round Robin”-style (all the armwrestlers met the others once, and then you see who has won most matches in the end). We had from the beginning invited several armwrestlers from abroad also for the womans. But most of them cancelled due to either health problems or other things. So we had a pure Swedish class, EXCEPT for the excellent Brigitta Ivanfi from Hungry.

In both left and right the world champion (-65kg) Fia Reisek won. In both of the finals she won against the Hungarian Brigitta Ivanfi. That, by the way, now is number 2 in the world (-70kg class) after Trubina, who had the silver medal at the worlds 2017 in her hands for a brief moment, tested positive for doping (A-sample).

Me myself placed 3rd in both hands. Am I happy? Not with my right arm, since I didn´t feel like I was in the zone in the beginning of the competition. But I am happy about my left hand, since I am not usually so good with it. Unfortunately my team mate from “Armed by Eklund” Victoria Karlsson got injured in our fight against each other.

I am also happy that I could find the focus again with a little help from Fia Reisek who took me away from the competition and helped me to reset and focus, and also Janis Amolins that helped me to clear my mind. Isn´t that wonderful? Another competitor in my class (Fia) is helping me to refocus! That´s why I love the sport.

I want to thank Mattias Zografos who also promoted womens armwrestling!

Here is the result of the women:

Left hand:
1. Fia Reisek (Sweden)
2. Brigitta Ivanfi (Hungary)
3. Malin Kleinsmith (Sweden)
4. Kristina Jonsson (Sweden)
5. Lovisa Wahlström (Sweden)
6. Victoria Karlsson (Sweden)

Right hand:
1. Fia Reisek (Sweden)
2. Brigitta Ivanfi (Hungary)
3. Malin Kleinsmith (Sweden)
4. Lovisa Wahlström (Sweden)
5. Victoria Karlsson (Sweden
6. Kristina Jonsson (Walk over, Sweden)

/ Malin Kleinsmith