23 Jan 2018


"We are sure that every participant of the Professional World Cup and a Disabled World Cup pay attention to the armwrestler from Armenia Sargis Stepanyan and admired the strength of this athlete.

A soldier defending the border of his country returns to save a friend, but gets on the mine and receives serious injuries. Sargis Stepanyan becomes the National Hero of Armenia.

Anna Mazurenko: Is it difficult to be an example for others?

Sargis Stepanyan: No, by my example I want to prove that I'm not a superman. I am an ordinary man just like thousands of people around me who can repeat my achievements. It is only necessary to inspire their faith in themselves and their will to win.

Anna: Does the hero also have moments of weakness? What are you doing at such moments?

Sargis: I do not have moments of weakness. I always try to pull myself together, because I'm alive, because I still can do a lot. Just now it's a bit harder, I have to train a lot. I do everything with one hand - all household problems fall on this only hand.

It is already overloaded and it hurts all day, but I endure this pain. Physical pain is nothing against mental pain. "

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski