9 Jan 2018

Malin Kleinsmith talks with Louise Bornhall about The Arm Battle of Sweden

In today's StockholmDirekt.se Malin Kleinsmith talks with Louise Bornhall about upcoming event, The Arm Battle of Sweden, which will take place this weekend in Kallhäll, Sweden.

English version, translated by Malin Kleinsmith:

"Do you armwrestle during school break? Or maybe at lunch break at work? This weekend "The arm battle of Sweden" will be held in Kallhäll, where World champions and participants from several countries like Russia, Romania, Ukraine and Latvia will participate.

"28 men and 6 women will compete, everyone is hand-picked professionals," says co-organizer Malin Kleinsmith, who is in the Swedish national team in armwrestling and also competes at the competition this coming weekend.

"Unique competition"

The main organizer is the armwrestler Mattias Zografos, and the goal is that the competition will be organized every year.

In regular armwrestling competitions, the contestants are divided by weight class, but this weekend it will be different. In the men's class, a Swedish and a foreign armwrestler  will compete against each other for five matches,  the best of five wins. In the women's class, all six women will meet each other, and the one who wins the most matches will go home with the gold medal.

"It's a unique competition. I do not know when Sweden last arranged this kind of a competition in Sweden,  Malin Kleinsmith says.

"Try out armwrestling"

She started herself with armwrestling at the age of 15 after trying out the sport in a youth club. 23 years later, the adrenaline kick, the people in the sport and the smell of liniment is why she is still in the sport.

"Everyone can armwrestle. Parents who isn't able to pay for expensive sports can afford armwrestling. You only need an arm," says Malin Kleinsmith.

Saturday's competition is open to anyone who wants to come and watch. There will also be an opportunity to try out armwrestling for those who feel brave enough! "

More info about the event on The Arm Battle of Sweden facebook page, or contact Malin Kleinsmith on malin.kleinsmith@gmail.com

Posted by Tomasz Wisniowski / VISNIA