31 Jan 2018

Fia Reisek - nominated as the "Role model of the year" 2017!

 Picture: Sveriges radio

Congratulations Fia, you have gotten nominated as "the role model of the year" by the Swedish "Budo and martial arts federation". How does it feel?

- It feels fantastic. I feel honoured. It´s the biggest thing you can do, to inspire others.

In what way do you think that you are a good role model?

- It´s hard to say. Maybe it is inspiring that I haven´t always been in the top of armwrestling. That it is during the last years that I have started to win more and more. That since I had children my training and competition has improved. Me myself get inspired by peoples development and their way to get there, and also when you balance working out and competing, with your daily work and having a family to take care of.

Do you have a role model in your life?

- I have many role models, it´s different if it is in normal life or in your sport. In life I get inspired by single parents or parents to children with different difficulties, that despite all odds proves that everything is possible. I also find it inspiring in sports, when someone makes it to the top, even if they don't have the right conditions to do so. That they overcome these obstacles and makes it, despite everything.

You have had a wonderful armwrestling year, 2017. You won the Swedish nationals with both arms. You placed 1:st and 2:nd at the world championships in Hungary, in the -65kg class. Congratulations to that, how does it feel?

- Thank you! It was a good year in many ways. The only disappointment was that WAL got cancelled, that I planned to go to in June 2017. With that said, everything else mostly went as I planned.

In Sweden you don't get any money from the government if you win a big championship. What drives you to keep on improving yourself in armwrestling?

- It is the feeling that I still can develop, and that I still get better and better, and stronger and stronger. That drives me to keep on doing this.

In Sweden we have a lot of women that trains and competes in armwrestling. You started in the early 90´s, do you see any differences being a woman in the sport today, compared to when you started?

- All ready back then it was easy for me as a woman to start with armwrestling. The difference from then to now is that we have a whole lot more women that is active in armwrestling in Sweden, which gives us women more attention and status than earlier on. Another difference is that it´s not as hard for a woman to instruct men in armwrestling today that it was back then. Back then some men didn´t think a woman could teach them how to armwrestle.

Do you have any final words?

- I just want to say that it´s a privilege to be a part of our fantastic armwrestling world.

Me, Malin Kleinsmith, and the whole of  the "Armwrestlers Only"-crew, cross our fingers that Fia Reisek will win the prize "The role model of the year 2017" at the Swedish martial art gala the 17th of march 2018.  She is a true role model, not only as an armwrestler but as a friend, mom, hard working woman and team mate! GO GET IT FIA! / Malin Kleinsmith