18 Jan 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (35) - Dolph Lundgren vs Steve Swienckowski

Sports Reporter, Steve Swienckowski arm-wrestles a Swedish actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and martial artist, Dolph Lundgren, WHO-TV, Des Moines, 1986.

While setting up for the fight, Steve wanted to armwrestle with Dolph in the way armwrestlers used to do for many years during the World Wristwrestling Championships (WWC) in Petaluma, CA, where participant held the second hand of his opponent during the match. Dolph, who watched Over The Top, and talked to Sylvester Stallone, suggested different setting for the hands, the one he seen in the movie and learned from Stallone.

This part of their conversation is cool:

Dolph: Do you remember Over The Top?
Steve: O, rigth.., right.
Dolph: Well.., he showed me few secrets.
Steve: Ooo, he did ?
Dolph: Just in case.... you go OVER THE TOP...

The date of interview (1986) maybe is confusing, because the movie appeared in cinema in the middle of 1987.

To clarify this, Armwrestlers ONLY has contacted Steve Swienckowski.

Steve - "I think he was on the road promoting the film at that time. I did not watch the film with him.".

It looks like the article Over the Top: THE ICON OF ARMWRESTLING needs to be updated, Lundgren was involved in it too   :).

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski