16 Oct 2017

Edwin Gonzalez vs Mike Ayello

photo: Mike Ayello / instagram

Story of image Gonzalez vs Ayello.

  • Mike Ayello: "I came across this pic of Edwin Gonzalez. His dad contacted me and Team NYC from the show Game of Arms, said hes a huge fan of the show and would mean the world to him if he met us. I remember walking into his hospital room and him going OMG it's Mike Ayello!!! The kid just had chemo and radiation and was happy to meet a douche bag like me? Weird feeling. Anyway keep doing good shit and working hard bc ya never know who your inspiring and who's watching. Your kids, Kids like Edwin. Just a reminder to everyone having a shitty Monday morning. Cheer up 👊 See post on Instagram.

By Tomasz Wisniowski