10 Jan 2013

Welcome to Armwrestlers ONLY

Welcome to the Armwrestling ONLY, a site devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. It was founded by Tomasz Wisniowski in January 2013.

Armwrestling 24h + AHC = Armwrestlers ONLY 

Since 2010 Tomasz run several websites devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. Sites; Armwrestling 24h and Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) are not existing anymore, and all most important informations and articles has been moved to Armwrestlers ONLY.

Tomasz was a founder & editor of Armwrestling 24h (2010-2012), and co-founder & editor of Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) (2012-2013).

In April 2014, an enthusiast of armwrestling history research,  Eric Roussin had joined AO, where he published his works for over a year. Since September 2015 Eric has started run his own website devoted exclusively to the sport's history: The Armwrestling Archives, where he publishes all his work.

At the beginning of 2018 Armwrestlers ONLY has changed it's character. From a personal blog it's turning into a GROUP / TEAM promoting armwrestling under own names.

Malin Kleinsmith, a multipl armwrestling champion has joined the blog to promote female armwrestling!