10 Jan 2018

Tomasz Wisniowski

Passionate about armwrestling 

Tomasz Wisniowski is a founder, writer and editor for Armwrestlers ONLY. 

Since 2010 he run several websites devoted to all things related to the organized armwrestling. Sites; Armwrestling 24h and Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) are not existing anymore, but most important informations and articles has been moved to Armwrestlers ONLY.

Tomasz was a founder & editor of Armwrestling 24h (2010-2012), and co-founder & editor of Armwrestling History Channel (AHC) (2012-2013).

His goal in armwrestling has always been to promote the sport by informing about it, showing the beauty and the dedication.

Photographer on a mission 

Another passion of Tomasz is photography. He specialize in commercial, editorial, portraiture, documenatry and combat sport photography. A significant part of work in his photography is ARMWRESTLING.

"As an armwrestling photographer my mission has been to capture the expression, sweat and tears of the tense moment when a man can become a mouse upon the victory of the brutish winner who has dominated.” - VISNIA PHOTOS.

During the years he had several publications related to this sport. 

In 2017 his work; "DEDICATION an inquiry into modern masculinity" was exhibited on three group exhibitions in The UK. The work features, very successful sportsman, armwrestling legend, Devon Larratt.

Tomasz is available for travel and private commissions (portraits, events, armwrestling shows, seminars & special projects), please contact at www.visniaphotos.com  I  Instagram  I  Facebook  I  Linkedin.