12 Jan 2013

The gladiator Sarah "Spirit" Bäckman in Aftonbladet, the Sweden's one of the biggest newspaper

Today Sarah Bäckman can be seen in Sweden's biggest newspaper Aftonbladet, and on their website the article about her is on SECOND place in the widget "Most read today", which is not only remarkable but totally unbelievable since Aftonbladet has 2,6 million readers every day...

And perhaps a bit temporary... here the article is in english, Google- & Charlie translated:

"From ostracized and bullied to eight-fold world champion in arm wrestling.
Sarah Backman, 21, is TV 4's new gladiator.
- I often hear that you can not look like I do, she says.

The phone calls from TV4 and a childhood dream come true for Sarah Bäckman.
Everything is moving at a furious pace.
The Gladiator "Stinger" has cancelled her participation and Sarah replaces her at the last moment.

- I just dropped everything and went to the stadium, it went in one day. I always watched "The Gladiators" when I was little, it was the best I knew - you wanted to become one of those gods. So this is an old dream of mine who live by the principle that to be feminine and strong, she says."

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