3 Jan 2019

WAF weight classes name proposal


Boxing, as a Nr.1 in combat sports family, in both Amateur (the other name, Olympic Boxing), and PRO (top four federations WBA, WBC, IBF, WBO) have use the "name" instead of "kilograms" for each individual weight category, which is much more prestigious way to present the champion, runner up, or other pretenders.

Men's weight classes  in Amateur Boxing

Progressively developing MMA, a much more younger member of combat sport family then arm-wrestling is, from the beginning has adapted the names from Boxing and used it with own weight limits.

In amateur sport, arm-wrestling as a part of combat sport family is probably the only one member, or one of the very few still using the "kilograms" instead of "name". The official representative of sport of armwrestling around the world, the World Armwrestling Federation (WAF) still uses it, in both, women and men divisions.

Most of the PRO events in armwrestling title own Champions using the names instead of kilograms, but not WAF. Why...

It's more respectful way, which gives the title more prestige when you are call a World Champion, fe. in Heavyweight class, the WAF Heavyweight Champion instead the WAF Champion of 110kg, even if both has the same weight limit.

Below is my proposal of the weight names, after the research I did, analizing other (major) members of combat sport family.

The proposal for the name of the WAF weight classes:

Flyweight: 50kg
Bantamweight: 55kg
Featherweight: 60kg
Lightweight: 65kg
Middleweight: 70kg
Light Heavyweight: 80kg
Heavyweight: 80+kg

Flyweight: 55kg
Bantamweight: 60kg
Featherweight: 65kg
Lightweight: 70kg
Super Lightweight: 75kg
Welterweight: 80kg
Middleweight: 85kg
Super Middleweight: 90kg
Light Heavyweight: 100kg
Heavyweight: 110kg
Super Heavyweight: 110+kg

/ Tomasz Wisniowski