6 Jan 2019

Vitaly Laletin plans to move to Super Heavy in 2019

Photo: Vitalii Laletin

WAF Heavyweight Champion (110kg), Vitaly Laletin said Armwrestlers ONLY at Zloty Tur World Cup / Vendetta 50 after party, that his is going to move to Super Heavyweight division in 2019. He plans to gain around 15kg in weight.

"Even it means that I won't be a Champion in Super Heavyweight, I still want to do it". - said Laletin.

IMO, 125kg version of Vitaly, could easyly be considered as one of the favourites for top spot in 2019, and would be a big deal for all top pullers, including Denis and Levan on right, and Denis and Travis on left.

Can't wait to see him in action in 2019!

/ Tomasz Wisniowski