10 Best Pound-For-Pound Men's Armwrestlers of All Time by world level experts

Who is the world's best men's arm-wrestler of all time, regardless of weight class?

It was the idea of Tomasz Wisniowski, he asked Engin Terzi and Eric Roussin to prepare the list but such list required the views of west and east, the eyes of yesterday and today. So Engin choosed to ask mostly to the people who have been around world wide as an athlete, coach, official and even expert level fan. There are experts who have been around world level for over quarter century such as Andrew Cobra Rhodes, Niyazi Kurt, Neil Pickup, Erekle Gurchiani, Atilla Csabai, Marian Capla, Haydar Gildil, Kazbek Zoloev, Marcio Barbosa.. and many of these are multiple times World Champion athletes. Also athletes and trainers who are near 20 years with Top of the World level pulling such as Devon Larratt, Janis Amolins, Krasimir Kostadinov, Ivan Matyushenko, Vladimir Petrenko. Then armwrestler or-and experts such as Eric Roussin, Kiril Bogdanski, Fabio Nimis, Tomasz Wisniowski.

We let them to apply their own criteria to select the Top 10 P4P Best Armwrestlers of All Time.

Top 10 names with the highest number of votes received;

John Brzenk (19 votes), Engin Terzi (19 votes), Cvetan Gashevski (16 votes), Hadzimurat Zoloev (14 votes), Rustam Babayev (13 votes), Andrew COBRA Rhodes (13 votes), Andrey Puskhar (8 votes), Jambul Vibliani (8 votes), Oleg Zhokh (8 votes), Devon Larratt (5 votes).

Top 10 P4P world's best men's arm-wrestler of all time

1. John Brzenk / USA

2. Engin Terzi / TUR

3. Cvetan Gashevski / BUL

4. Hadzimurat Zoloev / RUS

5. Andrew COBRA Rhodes / USA

6. Rustam Babayev / UKR

  7. Jambul Vibliani / GEO

8. Oleg Zhokh / UKR

9. Andrey Puskhar / UKR

10. Devon Larratt / CAN