28 Dec 2018

MOLDOVA ARMWRESTLING OPEN CUP 2 - The highest tournament payout of 2018

Eric Roussin of The Armwrestling Archives has updated the list of tournament events with the BIGGEST PRIZE MONEY, which includes a winner of each calendar year since 1972.

In this year the winner became Moldova Armwrestling Open Cup 2: Men's Edition, which offered a prize money of over €60,000. The tournament took place on September 14th, in Chisinau, Moldova and it was organized by Moldavian Armwrestling Federation.

The September event from Chisinau joins the elite list, as a winner with the cash prize purse of $77,000 (€66,000).

See the list of each year winners on The Armwrestling Archives.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski