31 Dec 2018


ArmwrestlersONLY World Armwrestling Rankings as at 31/12/2018 
Ranking updated after Zloty Tur World Cup 2018, Vendetta 50 & WEA GP 2018

Armwrestlers ONLY rankings list the Top 10 Armwrestlers from around the world in the Overall category for the left and the right arm.

Andrey Pushkar, who died in car accident on the way to Poland, where he was scheduled to fight Denis Tsyplenkov at Vendetta 50, leaves the ranking for the both arms, R.I.P. Champ. Your legend will never die. Oleg Zhokh, who survived the car accident, (because of his current health condition) also leaves the ranking for the left arm.

Levan Saginashvili spectacular victory over Dmitry Trubin at Vendetta 50, raises him in the ranking. Dmitry Silaev winning left arm of +105kg & Open class at Zloty Tur World Cup enters the top 10.

Winners of FINAL 8 TOURNAMENT at WEA GP 2018, Alan Makeev (left) & Petro Marharint (right) take 10th place in the ranking.

Chris Gobby of IN THE HOOK rankings, after two updates of World Ranking he has resigned. The world top 10 overall ranking is run by Armwrestlers ONLY TEAM.

See the ranking update history.

Men Top 10 Overall Right Arm:

1. Dave Chaffee / USA

2. Denis Tsyplenkov / RUS

3. Levan Saginashvili / GEO

4. Dmitry Trubin / KAZ

5. Jerry Cadorette / USA

6. Michael Todd / USA

7. Vitaly Laletin / RUS

8. Devon Larratt / CAN

9. Rustam Babaiev / UKR

10. Petro Marharint / UKR

Men Top 10 Overall Left Arm:

1. Denis Tsyplenkov / RUS

2. Travis Bagent / USA

3. Levan Saginashvili / GEO

4. Vitaly Laletin / RUS

5. Dmitry Trubin / KAZ

6. Devon Larratt / CAN

7. Dmitry Silaev / RUS 

8. Rustam Babaiev / UKR

9. Sasho Andreev / BUL

10. Alan Makeev / RUS