2 Nov 2018

The 5 tier system of arm wrestling explained.

LEVEL ONE. This tier is essentially you’re beginners. Those who still are learning the basics and pulling in the lowest skill category available at competitions. These pullers can either struggle to win in a novice class or can compete to win it. They are not dominating however. 

LEVEL TWO. This tier represents the amateur puller who will win a novice class easily and pulls among the amateurs. Consistently finishing high. This puller would have virtually no chance in winning matches in a Pro Caliber class. (When I say pro class, I DO NOT mean Kentucky state championships. I mean top tier tournaments like WAL, Arnold’s etc. Essentially where good $$ is being offered). 

LEVEL THREE. This tier is arguable the most common seen. This puller will easily win an amateur class, take down wins in a pro class but probably won’t cash out. Although it’s conceivable based on who is present & draw. 

LEVEL FOUR. This is generally the beginning to the elite pro pullers. This puller will consistently finish top 3 in a pro class and can easily win. 

LEVEL FIVE. This is the highest and most elite tier. These are the pullers that others dread to see in their class. These pullers are a massive favourite to win a class and often dominate the preliminary rounds, basically any one ranked top 10 overall in the world.

Although these tiers are clearly defined. You can easily find pullers that are sitting in one yet trending strongly towards the next one. Example, Paul Linn is a 3, soon to be a 4 by simply observing his dramatic plain of progression. A puller is placed in a tier based on what he has done/proven, not based on what he may to hypothetically.

/  Chris Gobby

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