5 Oct 2018

Trip to the tournament MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018 by IZMAN PRO - Part 2

The second part of MOLDOVA OPEN CUP 2018 by vloger, IZMAN PRO / Illia Izman.

In this episode Illia analizes the match between Evgeny Prudnik and Todd Hutchings, he asks Dmitry Trubin about his favourites in the lower categories, also he shows a match between: Sasho Andreev in a duel with Alan Makeev. Watching this episode you will also find out what wakes up TODDIZLLA during the competition, why Dmitry Trubin did'nt compete in the OPEN category for right hand, and at the end a few words from Oleg Zhokh, the winner of the Open category for the left hand.

/ Tomasz Wisniowski