29 Oct 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (74) - Robert Fuller vs Burt Reynolds

photo: www.metv.co

An arm-wrestling match between Robert Fuller, an American horse rancher and retired actor, & Burton Leon Reynolds Jr., an American actor, director and producer. Photograph taken during the Reynolds visit on the set of TV Western, on July 28th, 1958.

"When the cameras were not rolling, stars like Clint Eastwood found time for chess and, er, "horseplay".

For any kid who every played cowboy, being on the set of a TV Western must have been the next best thing to being in the actual Old West. Well, honestly, it was probably better than time-traveling to the 19th century. Filmed in majestic ranches and parks in still-undeveloped Southern California, these television sets look as genuine as can be. Plus, they had cars, telephones, televisions, catering and antibiotics. So, advantage 1950s...

A friendly wrestling test gets under way as actor Burt Reynolds, right, visits his friend Robert Fuller on the set, July 28, 1959, where the new TV Western is being filmed. Reynolds is starring in another TV series, Riverboat, being filmed on the lot. Fuller is one of the four co-stars of Laramie. " - read all article on www.metv.com

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/ Tomasz Wisniowski