26 Sep 2018

Best Polish Puller by Year - Overall

A list of the top overall right and left hand Polish pullers through history based on the results of Polish Armwrestling Cup, completed by Tomasz Wisniowski of Armwrestlers ONLY.

The history of Polish armwrestling began in 1999. It was then that Igor Mazurenko, who then was involved in a powerlifting, received a proposal from the Ukrainian Armwrestling Federation to conduct a match between Poland and Ukraine. The event was aimed at popularizing this sport in Poland. During the bodybuilding competition, the first armwrestling tournament in Poland was held under the slogan "Duel of The Gigant". From five matches between both countries, the Poles did not win a single one.

In March 2000, the first Polish Armwrestling Sport Club "Zloty Tur" was officially registered in Gdynia by Igor Mazurenko, a Founder and President of the Polish Armwrestlig Federation. Currently, over 40 clubs are registered in Poland.

Big Events

On 20th February 2000 in Gdynia, was held  the 1st Zloty Tur Cup organized by Igor Mazurenko. After three years the tournament has been given status of the World Cup, so in 2003 the tournament was held as a 4th annula Zloty Tur Cup and also it was the 1st  World Cup. A year later the name was changed for Nemiroff World Cup. After eight years, the name was changed to Zloty Tur World Cup.

On June 26 - July 2, 2000, Poland organized the X European Armwrestling Championship (also known as EuroARM), which took place in Gdynia. The same year Country on the Vistula became a member of the European Armwrestling Federation. Next year, in December Gdynia hosted also the XXII World Armwrestling Championships (also known as WAF Worlds). During the years Poland had organized yet: EuroARM in 2004, EuroARM 2012, WAF Worlds in 2013, and EuroARM in 2017.

Nationals and National Cup

Every year, Polish Armwrestling Championships are held in the first half of the year, which apart from national titles, are also an official qualifiers for the World and European Championships.

Poles compete in many national and international event, but to be recognised as the Strongest Arm in Poland you have to win the Open category at Polish Armwrestling Cup.

Every year, since 2000, at the end of the calendar year (October/November), the armwrestling season in Poland ends the Polish Armwrestling Cup, where in the OPEN category armwrestlers compete for the title of the Strongest Arm in Poland, for the right and left arm, both women and men are confronted.

Updated: 07.10.2018

Best Polish Puller by Year - Male:

2018 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Natan Kajdas,
2017 - (L) Alex Kurdecha, (R) Alex Kurdecha,
2016 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Rafal Wozny,
2015 - (L) Alex Kurdecha, (R) Michal Wieglicki,
2014 - (L) Alex Kurdecha, (R) Piotr Bartosiewicz,
2013 - (L) Natan Kajdas, (R) Natan Kajdas,
2012 - (L) Natan Kajdas, (R) Natan Kajdas,
2011 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Lucjan Fudala,
2010 - (L) Marcin Skalski, (R) Piotr Bartosiewicz,
2009 - (L) Dariusz Muszczak, (R) Grzegorz Nowak,
2008 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Grzegorz Nowak,
2007 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Marcin Lachowicz,
2006 - (L) Lucjan Fudala, (R) Artur Glowinski,
2005 - (L) Marcin Kreft, (R) Marcin Kreft,
2004 - (L) Zbigniew Chmielewski, (R) Zbigniew Chmielewski,
2003 - (L) ...,  (R) Marcin Kreft,
2002 - (L) ...,  (R)...,
2001 - (L) ...,  (R)...,
2000 - (L) ...,  (R)...,

Best Polish Puller by Year - Female:

2018 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2017 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2016 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2015 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2014 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2013 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2012 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2011 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2010 - (L) Marlena Wawrzyniak, (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2009 - (L) Malgorzata Ostrowska (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2008 - (L) Malgorzata Ostrowska (R) Marlena Wawrzyniak,
2007 - (L) Katarzyna Banach, (R) Katarzyna Banach,
2006 - (L) Malgorzata Ostrowska, (R) Katarzyna Banach,
2005 - (L) Beata Kutnik,  (R) Beata Kutnik,
2004 - (L) Walentyna Zaklicka, (R) Walentyna Zaklicka,
2003 - (L) ...,  (R) Anna Kijewska,
2002 - (L) ...,  (R)...,
2001 - (L) ...,  (R)...,
2000 - (L) ...,  (R)...,

(L) - Left arm
(R) - Right arm