10 Jul 2018

TODDZILLA vs Ron Bath: WAL 404

"Next up: Todd Hutchings vs Ron Bath
July 19th Norfolk, VA Supermatch Showdown Series 404 👊. 

Come on down to the NorVa (317 Monticello Ave) and watch or download BR Live. 1st tournament since detaching his bicep less than 3 months ago. Todd normally competes (wins) at 195, but WAL reached into the 225s to find a worthy competitor. This will be a phenomenal match up." - Allison Renoos Hutchings.

"One different Google search result in the early 2000s and Todd “Toddzilla” Hutchings wouldn't have become the force in the armwrestling world that he is today. The Michigan native was looking for archery tournaments online, only to chance upon a local armwrestling event instead. The rest is history...." - World Armwrestling League.

See WAL404 fight card on www.walunderground.com

/ Tomasz Wisniowski