28 Jun 2018

Arm Nation’s Sneak Peak at the Canadian Nationals!

You might have heard about Arm Nation, the new arm wrestling documentary TV series that will be launching on APTN in Canada in the fall 2018. But you might not have known Arm Nation will also be releasing a free arm wrestling mobile game app. And those attending the 2018 Canadian National Armwrestling Championships will be among the first to try it out!

Arm Nation will have an information kiosk set up for part of the day on both Saturday June 30 and Sunday July 1. People can try out the Beta version of the game and get tips on game play.  Once the free app is officially released and widely available in mid August, it  will initiate newcomers to the sport while also being a fun (and addictive!) game for those well acquainted with the sport. 

The TV series will also be launching its first video trailer for the show during the Canadian Nationals’ opening ceremony Saturday morning  June 30.  This will be the first sneak peek into the series, before the trailer hits social media later in the summer. There will also be some first press series t-shirts for sale for pullers, their supporters and the arm wrestling fans in attendance. 

/ Maureen Marovitch 

Screen grabs of the Beta version of the game

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