29 Jun 2018

Anna Mazurenko: "because my guests deserve the best"

SPORT HALL MOSIR in Rumia, Poland - it is here that PARA-Armwrestlers will compete for the primacy of the strongest in their category, as well as in the Open category.

After the PRO athletes, who will be competing in the Zloty Tur World Cup, and in the jubilee Vendetta #50 the Disabled will enter the stage. On November 18-19th, 2018, the strongest arms from all over the world will be compete at the most important event of the year, the Disabled World Cup Poland.

I have interviewed Anna Mazurenko, an organizer of Disabled World Cup Poland, who loves Disabled Armwrestlers like no other. Probably because her event is so great and lets athletes feel very special. 

28 Jun 2018

Arm Nation’s Sneak Peak at the Canadian Nationals!

You might have heard about Arm Nation, the new arm wrestling documentary TV series that will be launching on APTN in Canada in the fall 2018. But you might not have known Arm Nation will also be releasing a free arm wrestling mobile game app. And those attending the 2018 Canadian National Armwrestling Championships will be among the first to try it out!


"The European Championship for the Disabled is far behind, but still we receive letters from its participators with their impressions. Armwrestling gives hope, goal and second life to most of the athletes with disabilities and even long after each event they keep sharing their thoughts. Here is one open letter to Anna Mazurenko from Turkish National team member.

24 Jun 2018

Beat him in a practice means absolutely nothing

I saw a few trainings with Devon Larratt, and each one of them had some patterns.

In each time the strongest try pull Devon first, then the Rest Guys. Everyone wants to have him in their portfolio, The "pulling" of the Champ with magnetic name.

At the beginning, when he is fresh, nobody record, nobody take pictures. After countless attempts, pumped arms gives way to another one who wants to try. Guys are changing every few mins. but on the Devon's site only the pads are changed for left, or right arm. Sometime you can hear: "Devon, give me a challenge".


"This year, the most prestigious event in the world of professional arm-wrestling is awaiting a serious transformation. And as it usually happens on the eve of revolutionary changes, diametrically opposite opinions about the future of the main event of the year are floating inside the armwrestling community. Pessimists say that with the departure of "stars" to the armfights, the image of the Professional World Cup lose the significance it had before. Optimists and ambitious pullers are already packing their bags and rubbing their hands, looking forward to taking advantage of the opening opportunities. Now, looking from the outside, one thing is clear: serious changes in the organization of the Professional World Cup are on their way and only Igor Mazurenko knows about the surprises awaiting professional arm wrestling this year. So we addressed this question to the main promoter and owner of the Professional Armwrestling 

Igor Mazurenko: "To start, I would say the main thing: those who hope that the “Zloty Tur” will slide down to the level of an ordinary tournament will already be very disappointed in the beginning of autumn. Yes, PAL has a completely new strategy, but I will not disclose all the cards - everything has its time. All I can say: in the beginning of autumn, professional arm wrestling will reach a new level. If we talk about the prospects of the Zloty Tur, it is very important to understand the essence, nature of this tournament or rather - event, to know its history. The Professional World Cup is not just something just invented by me. This is an event that took off organically, I emphasize, organically from a small Tournament in 2000, with participants from 2 countries (5 Ukrainians and 25 Polish guys), to the real convention of champions, a sports festival with two competition formats and participants from more than 23 countries.

22 Jun 2018


"Dmitry Shubaba is a regular participant in major international arm wrestling tournaments for people with disabilities. Dmitry fights in the class of the deaf and represents the Republic of Kazakhstan. Today he told us about his way in arm-wrestling and about what helps him to fight and win.

I started arm wrestling in 2014. Before that, I already went in for sports, went to the gym, where I met my future coach Ilya Ilyin. Ilya invited me to try myself in arm wrestling. I immediately liked this sport. Armwrestling is the power of the hands and the desire to win.

17 Jun 2018

John Brzenk: "Got close to a armwrestling table today ... felt good .. second wind ???"

John Brzenk has posted today on Istagram a picture with Travis Bagent, with the comment: "Got close to a armwrestling table today ... felt good .. second wind ???"  The image was take after his match with Bagent for 10.000$.

16 Jun 2018


An inteview on Armpower.net with Lebanese Armwrestling Federation (LAW) founder and President, Mr. Karim EL Andary

"Almost a year ago the Lebanese Armwrestling Federation was founded. Since then the Lebanon armwrestling made giant steps forward. The first in the Arab world armwrestling tournament ever - the National Armwrestling Championship (LAW) - was organized and had a huge success. After that the Lebanon National team won 2 gold medals on the professional series of fights “Vendetta” in Italy. Today we are talking to the person who made it all happen, LAW founder and President, Mr. Karim EL Andary. 

13 Jun 2018

Celebrity Armwrestling Pics (55) - Rob Riggle vs Billy Zane

An American actor and comedian, Rob Riggle (as a Kentucky Buckets Colonel Sanders) arm-wrestles an American actor and producer, Billy Zane (as a Georgia Gold Colonel Sanders) in KFC Super Bowl Commercial Teasers from 2017. 

10 Jun 2018


An interview with WAF referee, Judyta Wiercinska by PeSzy.

"She has been a referee for twelve years, that is one more than third of her life. She refereed her first Europeans in Moscow (2010).

From this time she has been invited to eight EuroArms and four World Championships. Let us talk with Judyta Wiercinska.

Privately she has a very interesting and serious profession, requiring skills both in hand and in mind. She is a medical physicist at Oncology Center, and working on her PhD in medicine. Admit it - it is impressive. Work, doctoral studies, research and writing a PhD is her everyday reality. That's why she likes trips to competitions, it's always a moment to take a deep breath and enjoy the atmosphere she loves!

Tell me, how was the referee work in Bulgaria?

- There were some very experienced referees missing from the team, like Monika Duma, Camilla Kattstrom and Ivan Gregoricka. It was not easy to work in a limited team, especially since there were many young, promising referees, but who needed some attention and training from more experienced referees. Unfortunately, we had more protests than usual this year and half of them were considered justified! It's hard to say whether the number of protests was influenced by the greater awareness of the athletes, or too many young referees. For sure, however, athletes could see that the referees knew when to admit their mistakes, and this is a very important issue. Maybe it will affect the prevailing conviction that there is no reason to submit protests, as they will be rejected anyway.

8 Jun 2018


"Malin Kleinsmith, the Armwrestling Champion of the World and Europe, Champion of Sweden, will take part in the anniversary series of armfights "Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50" in November 2018. This event will not only be the most "starry" in the last decade, but will also be the first tournament in which the women armwrestlers will take part. And this decision was not easy for Igor Mazurenko.

On "Vendetta ALL Stars - Armfight # 50" Malin will accept the challenge of the outstanding Polish armwrestler - the winner of the Professional World Cup, the Champion of Poland, the European Champion Marlena Wawrzyniak. This will not be the first Malin’s professional arm wrestling tournament, but, nevertheless, the upcoming match brings her a storm of conflicting emotions.